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What is Passive Income?

The common definition of passive income is income that you earn without being actively involved.

That typically means that you continue to make income with no or very little effort on your part to maintain that cash flow.

For the purpose of this article, we are going to lump passive income and portfolio income into the passive category, and active income into the non-passive category – although the IRS categorizes and treats each type of income differently.

You can see why the idea of passive income would be appealing. Typically when someone needs additional income, they get the stereotypical suggestion to “get a part-time job.”


10 Passive Income Ideas That Will Legit Make You Money While You Sleep:


1. Start a blog.

The most important method for generating passive income is to start a blog. Blogs can generate a tremendous amount of income, but not quickly. If you plan to start a blog, understand that it’s going to take a vast amount of work and time to succeed.

Regardless of your niche, as long as you have a clear understanding of things like searching engine optimization, social media marketing and the ability to write high-value content, then you will succeed with a blog. Once your blog becomes popular, it provides you with the platform and audience to generate multiple streams of revenue by marketing relevant products and services to your visitors.

2. Write and publish an ebook.

Another great method for generating a respectable amount of passive income is to write and publish an ebook. Non-fiction ebooks that help to educate your audience on topics such as online marketing, business or other self-development areas, are going to sell far better than fiction books at the outset.

Clearly, fiction can make tremendous amounts of money, but it’s also highly competitive if you’re not an already-established writer with an existing following. Utilize the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform and publish ebooks that will fill an existing need in popular niches where you have some level of expertise.

3. Create an online course.

Have a technical skill? Want to convey that skill to others out there while generating a healthy passive income stream? Creating an online course on Udemy is a great way to automate some of your cash flow. However, like any other income stream that’s passive, it takes a significant amount of effort on the front end.

There are so many things that can be taught through an online course. I opt to teach technical skills in my courses such as how you can become a web developer or learn search engine optimization, but you can also opt to teach other skills such as playing an instrument, learning a new language, becoming a photographer and so on and so forth.

4. Produce an audiobook.

I’ve been in the audiobook business for some time now and it’s an incredible stream of passive income if you do things the right way. Leverage Audible’s ACX platform to push out your audiobooks to the world’s most robust platforms such as Audible and iTunes.

If you have specialized knowledge or advanced skill sets in some area, you could opt to teach them through audiobooks. However, you have to focus on delivering an enormous amount of value and ensure that you have a high-quality production. Don’t try to slap things together and expect to earn any money online.

5. Become an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is likely one of the most powerful ways that you can produce multiple passive income streams. However, this isn’t easy by any measure. To succeed at affiliate marketing, you need a large following of users. In other words, you need a big platform and audience.

amazon and bluhost Affiliate marketing is the best for home based income.


6. Build a sales funnel.

Anyone in the marketing business understands the concept of sales funnels. Sales funnels conceptualize the process of take prospective customers from browsers to buyers. However, building the proper sales funnel is no easy task. It requires a serious amount of upfront investment of your time, and it also requires lots of browsers to drop into the top of the funnel.


7. Questra World 

Questra World is an international business opportunity for individuals and companies. The advertising agent of Questra World offers 2 ways to make money from its investors for a return in profit very important.

Questra World is an international business opportunity for individuals and companies. The advertising agent of Questra World offers 2 ways to make money from its investors for a return in profit very important.

visit. wwww.questraworld.es


8.YouTube Channel

Setup Your Own YouTube Channel And Take The Adsense Share

Hang on, I said that relying on Google adsense is mental above.


9. Rent A Room, A Space in AIRBNB

We’re getting desperate with this one.

But who cares, I want this list to be comprehensive and all encompassing.


10.  Design Tshirts, Mugs, Shot Glasses, Whatever And Sell on online

If you’ve got any design talent at all, this can be a very cool idea.

Sites like Cafepress make it super simple to submit designs, which means just like with the stock photography idea above, you can pump out a ton of designs in an afternoon and leave them up there waiting for people to buy


Tshirt sell on following this site

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