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Travel Checklist 2017

Being a travel blogger means that you must be ready to venture away from home in order to get as much material for your blog content. Sometimes a travel bloggers inevitably must backpacker traveling in his activities as a condition and a difficult situation.

In the normal traveling alone would indeed many of the challenges that may face blogger, due to several factors, especially factors beyond our control. The ambience is wonderful and fun when viewing the attractions that we will make the purpose of traveling often we should go with a lot of sacrifice, drained of energy, consumed a lot of time until the huge costs we have to spend. we should always  try to keep in mind Travel Checklist.

And that is certainly the way to the location could have been directly away from the image or video tours that we saw in #media social or other Internet media. Activities that will be traveling often done by travel bloggers with challenges, obstacles, and this sacrifice will necessarily require persistence and fortitude of the bloggers themselves. But blogger who is also a human being, it will eventually need the supporters to travelingnya activities run smoothly and successfully and smoothly.

In addition to the support and help of others, fixtures and fittings also have a crucial role which must be completed and brought the travel bloggers before actually went to the location. So what are the goods and equipment that must be prepared and taken by travel bloggers in its activities this traveling? Here’s his review.

1. Smartphone

The first fixtures that should never be left behind is a smartphone. #Smartphone Which has many uses of this course will help the travel bloggers in his traveling activities. Many things can be done with this smartphone from calling for help in emergency conditions to repel boredom while waiting for the plane, bus or train arrives.

Smartphones are getting increasingly sophisticated with a variety of these applications will certainly make it easier for travel bloggers in traveling to blogging itself. With a smartphone, you can book travel tickets and hotel accommodation. With a smart phone, you can document the trip and objects which you visit and bersosial media.

2. Cash

Although you have prepare or prepare everything like ticket, accommodation and food and beverage stocks, you still have to carry cash. Amount yourself you can customize based on the need for distance, access to the location and the length of time you’ll spend at the site. Even if you have an ATM card, cash also still be asked to provide emergency funding and preparation if the place you visit reveals no ATM machines.

3. Water

Water is the next fixture that you should not miss. The white water which serves as a thirst-quenching this will be something that is important for travel bloggers when outdoor activities are certainly very vulnerable thirst and dehydration. Especially if you are traveling during the dry season and to the place far from urban areas, of water should you need to provide more.

Of water you take will be your helper while you are having an emergency like something got lost, ran out of food or may faint. Plain water is an important item to be taken and even mandatory for the travel bloggers who will do the traveling to places such as mountains, the sea or somewhere else away from the population.

4. Power Bank

Power Bank or portable charger is a device that stores power saving function that will be used to recharge #gadget us who are lowbatt. Power Banks are practical and easy to carry everywhere is certainly going to help the travel bloggers who are traveling far that might be to the point that there has been no electricity facilities.

Although the goal is an urban blogger who incidentally have adequate electrical service, but several other factors such as the occurrence of power outages can not be avoided, it can only make you confused because they can not download another device charger that is urgent for immediate use.

5. Camera

The last device is important and must be taken a travel bloggers is the camera. Although smartphones have had a dual function to take pictures, but the presence of the camera is also very important to carry. Why? This is because smartphones have limitations on the battery and resolution, making the camera is always irreplaceable photographs to produce the best quality. With photographs of this quality will certainly further increase the good image of your blog when viewed by visitors to your blog.

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