5 Reasons the Amazon affiliate is perfect to start earning online

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The Amazon affiliations are one of the best ways to earn money with a blog , and there are 5 very good reasons.

# 1 Amazon has produced for almost every market niche

If you know the website you know what I’m talking about! Even if in the past giant started with just books, now it sells virtually everything that makes sense to ship, from clothes to electronics to food.

# 2 You have all the tools available for free

With a simple click you can generate links to any amazon page (both text and links clickable images). Plus you get a whole range of banners to general categories, and you can add them to your site with a simple copy and paste.

# 3 There are no limits on Amazon commissions

The advertising commissions (ie the money you take home will) vary between 1 and 10% depending on the product category. They are not high, ok, but your earnings are dependent on the price of the product, and can be really good …

An example? Ok, on clothing the commission is 10%, then you earn 10% for each object that is buying from Amazon moving from your affiliate link.

commissions limits amazon
10% … so … $190 , $49, $ 53, $ 49.5 … would not suck sell 2-3 a day right?

You think they are too expensive to be purchased? MISTAKEN! Remaining in the niche of our example, if there are stores such as La Rinascente, however, it means that, every day, there’s lots of people who spend money in mooooooolti clothing, and that these prices really are NOT high for these people. You just reach these people thanks to your blog … and persuade them to buy from Amazon.

In any case, remember: 10 sales from $5 make you earn as much as a $50 , you do not need to jump on expensive products.

# 5 Amazon is a Brand

The times are changing, people today no longer have the fear that haunted our mothers until a few years ago: “I do not put your credit card on the internet or steal my money”! And if this new confidence in technology applies to e-commerce in general, try to think of a brand known as Amazon.

Well … if someone wants to buy online, because Amazon confidence is always first on the list.

# 6 People buy more than one item at a time

This news is a real bomb! You must know that very often when someone decides to make “up” and buy something on Amazon, it is content not only the object it needs, but it also buys other.

Some do it to get it over ( “While we’re at …”), some say that they too need something … some are bribed by the up-sell and cross-sell mechanism of Amazon, which is the mecanismo that shows you related products that you are interested.

This mechanism takes advantage of the psychological mechanism of social proof: if the others do, then that’s fine.

Ok, Amazon is designed to make sure that the people acquire more than one product at a time …

… But why should so much interest?

Well, simply because when someone comes on Amazon from your affiliate link, guarantees you a commission on ALL that buy, not just the object that you suggested in your article or email. Put simply, if the person who goes through your link purchases 10 products you perceive 10 different committees.

Well, the reasons for starting to launch your online project definitely no shortage …

… But if you are not convinced of the Amazon program, here’s another reason: Amazon pays FOREVER! Every month you reach your solid (transfer), no excuses, no delays.

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