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How to acquire links from authoritative sites? With today’s article I will describe some strategies tested in recent years in the first person, for personal projects and editorials of our customers projects.
In recent years we have worked on projects of Digital Content Marketing and PR in different niches of the web and noticed that there are workable strategies that have characteristics in common in all areas in which they are applied.

First of all what is meant by an authoritative site?

An authoritative site is a site primarily recognized as a brand, in the sector and not only, and that at least the national visibility.
In terms of on-site metrics, develops considerable volumes of traffic, has excellent SEO metrics (you could look to the Domain Authority, or other tools that simulate the PageRank metric) and the best sites from where you could get links, because they are considered very “trust” for Google.

Very often, in fact, the most authoritative sites are those that produce more overall traffic and, incidentally, are often represented by online newspapers, especially those recognized at national level.

Reaching such sites is very difficult for at least two reasons:

  1. most of the time not link (or merely mention the brand);

  2. if link is because they are selling some sort of advertorial.

However, there are situations in which, also depending on the editor / reference journalist who examines the news or content submission, the links may be granted.
The constant, however, is only one: these links are earned.

Below I expose five strategies that we could test in recent years and that allowed us to get good links. The example I will take you to this site, Webinfermento.it.
First things first.

1. Produce News.

It may seem trivial, but for many it is not. Because we always recommend investing a lot in the company blog?
Because much of the benefit they will get from the blog . If the blog is treated in an exceptional way, with an editorial staff and editorial quality plan (original content first), with careful management of social media and inclined to the development of relations with the community and industry blogger, the results we will.

Among the results are within the many possibilities that the articles receive links from other sites. These sites can be of low quality, but also very high. Why bet the originality of the content? Because the originality of the content is what really makes the news . A real news and founded widespread before the other has a higher propensity to be picked up by other sites.
The emulation and repetition of the news on other sites, in contrast, will never have the same response.
In each sector, the preparation should equip itself with an editor or journalist able to “sniff” the news, able to understand trends to turn into news and spread it before the other sites.

In the past, in this blog we have always tried to monitor reference trends and news related to the social world, some of these have been able to spread in the network, generating many shares in the company and get the attention of some of the sites editor also important, as this link received from HuffingtonPost following the launch of version “mode timeline” of Facebook, a few years ago, of which we talked about in this blog.


2. Report news to the most influential sites in the industry.

This strategy is in some way related to it. Monitoring industry news, check that no one has already spoken / written, identify the most influential sites in the industry (those who publish news also reported by users) and contact them to make the reporting of the news.
If you are lucky and the news is really new and relevant, it will also be published. If you have even more luck, you’ll also receive a high quality link.
As this link received by the then news site on the social web “Social Times”, since acquired by the prestigious Adweek and now has a Domain Authority of 92 .


3. Participate in the contest (and win).

Contests and competitions are always good opportunities for PR strategies and in general to cover a news story. This potential increases especially if you are to win that contest.
There are now several contests that allow companies to annually elect and / or virtuous projects, often distinguishing them by sector. We just have to locate them and find out how to participate.
Of course, if you win them, the return is not only in terms of visibility, but also in the specialist press coverage and, therefore, there’s also good links, as when in 2013 we won a small contest organized by the Be-Wizard, getting a good coverage by the local and national press.


4. To develop and / or participate in online initiatives

The magazine and journalists are always looking for news, original news, breaking the patterns that create scandal and today, very often, even buffalo.
Participate in unconventional initiatives leveraging social can afford to achieve a considerable buzz up to get noticed by bloggers and journalists.
A few years ago, along with some colleagues, we pushed the #nofreejobs hashtag on Twitter, as a protest against unpaid jobs, a practice still widespread today.
The hashtag became a trending topic in a short time, and users have adopted it to report any indecent proposals received. It was also born a site that collected the stream of Twitter with their indecent proposals.
Even in this case, and even if indirectly, there was a benefit in terms of acquired links.


5. Make meme for Social exploiting the Real-Time Marketing

The Real-Time Marketing is a very common practice today in the Social. Ceres and Taffo agency funeral have already set much of their communication on meme and irony, guaranteeing goals to be reckoned with in terms of engagement.
If the meme is contextualized in a trending topic and is part of the Real-Time Marketing strategies , it can also secure some cover in the hours and days immediately following its publication.
This is a viral meme that we realized and we published on our Facebook page, a few years ago, as a result of changes to the button “Share” Facebook and irony that he was born and that, among other things, also allowed us to acquire a great link to Webnews. Those described above are only some of the strategies tested in recent years and which have enabled us to get high quality links. Of course, very often these strategies are not applicable to all sectors, but the creativity and intuition are often able to turn into a weapon that makes the difference. However, the best strategies to acquire high quality links are always the ones that provide for the production and dissemination of great content with new, and be able to touch the users’ emotions and will refer you to read this post that tells how a viral content has been able to receive more than 200 publications (to date) and the subsequent results.

I am a Founder of Techloge.com- my aim is to write about tech, Affiliates, and digital marketing to spread the knowledge among my read .

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