Best way to learn seo step by step

step by step SEO

Keywords in <title> tag Whatever is written in the title tag, the title of your page as it will appear in search engine results. Therefore it is extremely important to use the right. Remember that a total of six or seven words of title tag keyword in it early and have been used only in part.
2 .Keywords in URL

Use the main keyword in the page URL of your pageRead More

How do restore my whatsApp backup ?

whatsapp backup restore

We do a variety of things on WhatsApp. Chat important issues ranging from general office. Many things are so important that you came and continue to look for them later. If you lost your phone or you may have to format it for some reason have to reinstall WhatsApp. So your old chat will disappear. But you know, make a backup of WhatsApp will not face this problem.

how to restoreRead More

Off Page SEO : How to do increase traffic in your Blog

Off PageSEO technique

Today we are going to tell you that the Off page SEO and OFF Page SEO .  We all know how to do SEO for a blog or website is important. And it would seem that the seo blog is complete in two ways, which are in this post we are going to tell you. There are many search engine optimization blogger can not in the proper way so they doRead More

How to use H1 to H6 Heading and Subheadings tag in your Article ?

Tips for using H1 to H6 right way :

Hello friends, today, in this post we are going to tell you that How to use  H1 to H6 Heading to your Blog Post. Or How to use heading and subheadings in blog post.  If you carefully read this post until the last H1 to H6 tag away from the predicted related approx all confusion.

H1 to H6 Heading and Subheadings tips to make your blog 10 time better :

The headingsRead More

How to easy way get High Quality Backlinks ?

High Quality backlinks

Today in this article we are going to tell you that Hoe to make high quality backlinks For your Web site ,  On page SEO is not only in that they make mistakes, but he is the biggest mistake in the Off page SEO.

How to get high quality backlinks for your blogs?

Every blogger that his blog or website’s thinking has become popular and good traffic coming soon, so start adsenseRead More

How to become SEO experts and live Happy in 2017

SEO Expert

The writing of this article comes from a factual statement of the SEO market: the discipline of SEO and the SEO profession is “by clearing,” it is crossing the boundaries that until now encompassed the discipline and the professionals who practice it, including those known activities and practiced by a few people (even in the broader information technology), bringing it to be a profitable trade and that, in our country itRead More

5 Useful strategies and working to get links from authoritative sites

Best authority site

How to acquire links from authoritative sites? With today’s article I will describe some strategies tested in recent years in the first person, for personal projects and editorials of our customers projects.
In recent years we have worked on projects of Digital Content Marketing and PR in different niches of the web and noticed that there are workable strategies that have characteristics in common in all areas in which they areRead More

All the differences between poor and risky Link Building and Link Building Quality

Link Building Quality

My first article of 2017 is dedicated to one of my favorite topics: the link building. But eye, I will not speak in this article by earning links and digital PR, but of classic link building. So we know that we are always in the soil “gray” of activities that, according to Google guidelines, should not be carried out. But you can imagine very well that, without linkRead More

5 Equipment Required The Traveling Blogger

essential things to pack for travelling

Travel Checklist 2017

Being a travel blogger means that you must be ready to venture away from home in order to get as much material for your blog content. Sometimes a travel bloggers inevitably must backpacker traveling in his activities as a condition and a difficult situation.

In the normal traveling alone would indeed many of the challenges that may face blogger, due to several factors,Read More

Use Deep Freeze to Restore Your PC on Boot

Ever wish you could undo all the changes your kids have made to your PC at home? Or maybe you would like to install some software on your system to test it before purchasing, but you don’t know exactly what it will do to your system?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just restart your computer and all the changes made were simply wiped out? Luckily, there is a wayRead More

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