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Keywords in <title> tag Whatever is written in the title tag, the title of your page as it will appear in search engine results. Therefore it is extremely important to use the right. Remember that a total of six or seven words of title tag keyword in it early and have been used only in part.
2 .Keywords in URL

Use the main keyword in the page URL of your page to come. It is extremely beneficial for SEO remains. However, if you anywhere on the page keywords are not being used, you might not receive any special benefit .
3 Keyword density in document text

Also note that the content of this page in how many times the keyword has been used. Using the same 3 to 7 percent are beneficial for SEO. Keyword Stuffing survivors. Remember, according to the latest update to Google, it can be bad for your website.
4 Keywords in anchor text

Used on inbound links to your website using keywords in the anchor text to. Remember, these links to your website in favor of the website are made by a vote count like.

Tips for using H1 to H6 right way :



5 Keywords in headings (< H1 >, < H2 >, etc. tags)

Headings were important keywords on your page to use is another important place. But also note that you brought into use under the heading of keyword must also share some valuable content to.

6 Keywords in the beginning of a document
Use keywords in your content to the beginning. However, as previously mentioned methods are not effective, but it can also get good mileage.

7 Keywords in tags
Google search engine spiders can not read your page so upon images, but those images get to know their textual description. Use alt tags for the images to come.

8 Keywords in metatags
If you Google for certain keywords that are not more important, even if you can use them here in meta tags. Remember that keywords, Yahoo and Bing than Google can help you get good rank.

9 Keyword proximity
Keywords proximity to a standard that is close to know how many keywords in the text. It is much better that they have with each other instantly, among them there is no other word. For example, if you have “dog food” with him in the middle of a word by typing or writing, these would be much better to write separate paragraph. Keywords proximity applies to those keywords phrases that are made up of 2 or more words.

10 Keyword phrases

When using the keywords you optimize for keyword phrases consisting of many words can. For example, “SEO services”. It would be better to optimize for keyword phrases that you have to select those keywords which are popular.
11 Secondary keywords
Secondary keywords to optimize the equivalent of a gold mine, maybe because when everyone is more optimize for popular keywords, then there is such competition for keywords on the pages are reduced.

12 Keyword stemming
For the English, it’s not a big factor, because all the words associated with a root are considered independent of each other. On your page, then you use the word dog to doggy dogs and hits come. However, in the other languages ​​keywords stemming could be an important issue because the stem attached to the different terms are considered to be independent of each other. So you have to optimize for those keywords.

13 Synonyms
Along with the main keywords to optimize for synonyms of the target keywords to use. These websites were in English for better ranking of sites because the search engines are required to do is take a very prudent use synonyms. But in many other languages ​​synonyms for calculating rankings can be brought into use.

14 Keyword Mistypes
Spelling errors can be extremely common misspellings or alternative spellings and you know that as your target keywords have been extremely popular, you should try to optimize for those forms. Yes, the more traffic you can get. However, due to mistakes in spelling Remember that your website does not make a good impression. So, better if you do not use it or use it only brought in meta tags.

15 Keyword dilution
You will optimize for those keywords are excessive amount of connections to your content, so they can get all your main keywords is also affecting profits.

16 Keyword stuffing
Keyword stuffing artificially content of 10% or more keywords are to use. Remember, these are prone to ban you from search engines produces.


Links – Internal, Inbound, Outbound

1 Anchor text of inbound links
As mentioned in the keywords section, it is one of the important factors to get good rankings. It would be great if your keyword, anchor text is in, but not so well. However, again, do not use the same anchor text because Google may penalize it. Synonyms, keyword stemming, or to use the name of your site.

2 Origin of inbound links
Remember, anchor text than it is necessary that the site you are connected to the site, it is reputable or not. The sites are generally a better Google PR are considered reputable. Poor sites and links from link farms can harm you too, so somehow they survived.

3 Links from similar sites
Often links to, the more so that they are better understood. But compared to the number of links you to sites linked to the site’s reputation is more important. And anchor text, keywords in the anchor text used lack / presence, link etc. The age is also very important.

4 Links from .edu and .gov sites
These links are very valuable because the .com, .biz, .info domains more than .edu and .gov sites are considered more reputable. However, such links are hard to obtain.

5 Number of backlinks
Often for such links, it is understood that the more the better. But compared to the number of links you to sites associated with the reputation of the site is more important. And the anchor text is also important. Keep in mind, it is a keyword or not they are so old, and so on.

6 Anchor text of internal links

It is also important, but not so much that the inbound links anchor text.
7 Around-the-anchor text
Anchor text next to or behind the text is important because it also demonstrates how the link associated with the site to which they are connected. The link was artificially created or are in accordance with the natural flow of the text.

8 Age of inbound links

Be much better than the old. Too many new links to buy them is deemed to have attained together.
9 Links from directories
These tactics will work or not, a little difficult to say because it depends entirely on how these links to directories is met. DMOZ, Yahoo Directory and be listed in directories such as these can be very beneficial to your ranking is. However, PR 0 directories are useless because many links, if you have hundreds or thousands of such links may also be considered if it would link spamming.

10 Number of outgoing links

on the page that links to you The less it is equally good for you because this is your links appear more important.
11 Named anchors
Named anchors are known to be beneficial to the Internal Navigation. However, SEO is also quite beneficial because it shows that a particular page, paragraph or text is important.

12 IP address of inbound link
Google often denies that he links those who come from the same kind of IP address or C class, no discrimination is. Therefore can be considered that Google, for all inbound links used IP address does not have any particular significance. However, Bing and Yahoo to links connected to the same IPs or IP classes can discard. Therefore always better to get links from different IPs lives.

13 Inbound links from link farms and other suspicious sites
It is possible that this may not affect you until, links are not reciprocal in nature. The assumption here is that anything about links from link farm so you are not possible to describe. So you will not get punished. Some come in the last Google algorithm change is contrary recommend. Therefore, you should always stay away from link farm and other suspicious sites. If you see that they are keeping links you get in touch with their webmaster to remove the link snapped.

14 Many outgoing links
Google does not like pages with many links, so you should keep at least 100 on each page. Too many outgoing links to good ranking, you can cause no benefit to them but also the status of your website and may be useless.

15 Excessive linking, link spamming
If you have a lot of links from such sites, so it is not good for your rankings because it seems that the link has been purchased either spamming again. In fact, only a few of them links to your website will be consider for SEO rankings.

16 Outbound links to link farms and other suspicious sites


17 Cross-linking
Cross-linking occurs when site A, site B connect to, site B, site C connect to a site C, site A connect to. This is the simplest example but more complex schemes are also possible. Cross-linking at all seen as reciprocal link trading and it may take penality.

18 Single pixel links
If you have a link which is just as big a pixel or the human eye could not see him, so nobody will click on it and of course that these links will be used only to manipulate the search engines.

Meta Tags

1 <Description> meta tag
But if the need is constantly perfecting meta tags then there was the importance he is interested, it is few and metatags. metatag use in your site, please write a great description. But the reality is that meta tags, Bing and Yahoo is still important, metatag another advantage-the search results that sometimes comes as a description of your site.

2 <Keywords> metatag
Tags metatag also necessary. But, like all metatags on behalf of Google and Yahoo and Bing too little attention is given to the focus. metatag according to the needs of approximately 10 to 20 keywords housed. tag does not use those keywords in your page that you do not use, it will be bad for your website’s rankings.

3 <Language> metatag
If your site is language-specific and not let it be this tag blank. Search engines to determine the language of a page, metatag addition to relying on the many effective ways, but they do consider this.

4 <Refresh> metatag metatag,

visitors to your site is a way to redirect to another site. Only then do you have so recently been migrate your site to a new domain for some time and you need to redirect your visitors to keep. Once in use for much longer, metatag use of unethical practices is counted. And the ratings of your website can affect badly. In any situation is better to redirect by 301.


1 Unique content

More and more of the content to be different from any other website, the rankings of your site increases exponentially.
2 Frequency of content change
Repeatedly changing course content is preferred. It would be great that you continuously add new content. However, it will not do much good if you have entered content, old content has been made only by a few small update.

3 Keywords font size
Of a keyword in the document text font size is larger than the other, according to the texts, it looks more attractive, so it becomes more important than the other text. Do the same headings, which normally font size should be larger than the text.

4 Keywords formatting
Bold and Italic, by types of words and phrases is also another way to make more important. However, Bold, Italic and large font sizes as per the requirement to use because it has the opposite effect may be on your website.

5 Age of document Search engines

prefer to recent documents. If it is not possible to attempt to use it regularly updated.
6 File size
Normally, long pages are not like that. Of course you can find better rankings if you have a long page on the topic is used instead of 3 small page. Therefore, long pages take to convert into several smaller pages and also mindful of the fact that the text of pages with 100-200 words or less that Google dislikes.

7 Content separation
Viewed from the perspective of Marketing, content separation can be justified, but it is wrong for SEO because you have different content from a URL and then that will confuse the search engines what the page content is real.

8 Poor coding and design
Search engines by poor design and poor coding style is not at the sites. However, such sites is extremely low due to the poor code or images ban has been bad, but when a site design or coding of the site in any way defective, he can not indexable. This is poor design and code can harm you so.

9 Illegal Content
Using other people’s copyrighted content without their permission or the law against the use of such content that promotes, you can out of the search engines.

10 Invisible text
This is a black hat SEO method and it spiders can detect the text that you have placed there for them and not for people. If so, the penalty does not need to be surprised.

11 Cloaking
Cloaking is an illegal technique, which partially involves content separation because spiders also sees a page, and the rest of the page are the second version.

12 Doorway pages
Creating a Page is aimed at giving an impression of spiders that your website while he is not a highly-relevant site. Yes, it’s also a way to trick the search engines.

13 Duplicate content
Many pages on the same content on the site, so that is very important to your site, do not. Remember, duplicate content penalty because your website may look at.

Visual Extras and SEO

1 JavaScript
If you use it wisely and not to pass these losses. But if your main content, JavaScript finds through, then it makes it much harder for spiders. If the JavaScript code is a mess and spiders can not follow the course, these will harm your ratings.

2 Images in text
Only very boring site is loaded with texts. However, having too many images and no text is wrong not to be too much for Seo. As always, the use of tags to your images, and he should give something meaningful description.

3 Podcasts and videos
Podcasts and videos are vastly more popular. But as happens with all non-textual goodies, search engines can not read them. Therefore, if you do not tapescript of podcast or video podcast or movie around it be that there are not only because it will not be indexed in search engines.

4 Images instead of text links
would be wrong to use images instead of text links, especially when you fill in the tag. But even if you fill in the tag, then it will not be exactly like a bold, underlined, 16-pt. When the link, so use images for navigation to only if it really is necessary for the graphic layout of your site.

5 Frames Frames,

SEO is very much mistaken. Do not forbid their use unless extremely necessary.
6 Flash
Spiders, Flash movies do not index the content, so you have to use Flash on your site, remember to give it an alternative textual description.


1 Keyword-rich URLs and filenames It is very important factor, especially for Yahoo! and Bing.
2 Site Accessibility
Another fundamental issue which is often ignored. Broken links, 404 errors, password protected areas and many such reasons, if your website is not accessible, then the website can not be indexed easily.

3 Sitemap
A complete and updated sitemap is great. Spiders like it, like it does not matter that the old HTML sitemap or the special format of the sitemap to Google.

4 Site size
Spiders like the big sites is therefore much bigger in size are advantageous site. However, the large sites are often user-unfriendly. Therefore, sometimes a few small sites to large sites there are better to distribute. On the other hand it is also a fact that such sites are hardly ever been able to penalize them because the more than 10,000 pages. Therefore, only the pieces in a large website Baten not just because it is constantly becoming bigger.

5 Site age
Wine is like the old sites are more respected. It is believed that a new site than an old site remains are more faithful.

6 Site theme
Not only the URLs and the keywords used in the page have the same importance. These more, Site theme is important for good ranking because when the site will fit into one theme, the theme associated with these rapidly increase rankings of your pages.

7 File Location on Site
File location is also important, and that the files, root directory that is located in or near the best finds rank 5 or even lower than those files compressed.

8 Domains versus subdomains, separate domains
For example, will remain a separate domain to be much better, except a different domain should Rajistr.

9 Top-level domains (TLDs)
TLDs are not all equal. Which is much better than others and there is TLDs. For example, .ws, .biz, or .info domains more than active domains such as .org or .edu TLD .com much good but this is not much good.

10 Hyphens in URLs
Hyphens in between the words in a URL to the SEO rankings and helps increase readability. This applies both to hyphens, and then they get in domains or URL in the rest of the name.

11 URL length
It usually does not have much significance. However, if a very long URL that is starting to look a bit spammy. 10 to use the same words in the URL.

12 IP address
It would also be important in three situations; If the status of shared hosting or when a site is host to a free hosting and that even when IP addresses IP or the entire C-class, spamming or other reasons is blacklisted.

13 Adsense will boost your ranking
Adsense is not linked to any type of SEO ranking. Because of the Adsense ads, Google will give you not just any ranking bonus. So maybe you can increase Adsense income but has no effect on the search rankings.

14 Adwords will boost your ranking
Like Adsense Adwords also does nothing to increase your search rankings. Adwords on your site will bring more traffic but not in any way enhances rankings.

15 Hosting downtime
Hosting downtime is directly linked to accessibility because if a site is down again, so it can not be indexed. But usually it does not, if your hosting provider is not exactly reliable uptime 97-98% and is lower than these can become frustrating.

16 Dynamic URLs
Spiders normally prefer static URLs, though you will see many dynamic pages on the top positions. Long dynamic URLs are bad and you really dynamic URLs to write SEO-friendly manner using a tool that may need to rewrite.

17 Session IDs
It’s worse than dynamic URLs, Session IDs which forbid the use of such information to be indexed by spiders like you.

18 Bans in robots.txt
Indexing a portion of the site is banned in the same way it affects nonbanned part because the spiders a “noindex” site will be very short time.

19 Redirects (301 and 302)
When you do not use redirects properly then these can damage the target page might not open or to- be worse than this. When the visitor is taken away then a redirect to another page, a black hat technique can be considered like.

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