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Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

What is an Amazon Affiliate Niche Site ?

With hard work, perseverance and determination affiliate marketing can bring in huge chunk of revenue. Nowadays amazon affiliate niche site is the top hot cake to earn revenue from home based work.There are hundreds of different partner opportunities online, some are better than others. However affiliate program Amazon is one of the best, and here are best reasons why you should join today.

Niche sites still benefit from the ability to be set up faster, and for much less of an investment.
Amazon is the first well-trusted companies
Amazon is one of the most popular markets online, topping many others. Actually, one person carried out a survey to see all the different online stores that people ordered from. What they found was that “Amazon came up number one as the most [Economic] shopping [method].” Overall, the Company has the largest range of products.

 Large commissions

Amazon offers decent prices commission, from 4% -8.5%, depending on the number of units sold. Among other items, which are sold or shown, bigger commissions. This may seem like a lot but it can add up quickly when you have more than 100 recommendations.

No third One-Time Commission

When someone refers to a person who has the Amazon, do not just earn a commission for only one purchase that referral brands, but all future purchases that one person is doing on Amazon. This makes it much easier for the affiliate, because they do not constantly look for new recommendations.

4th Easy Referral Link Advertising

Amazon offers its affiliates a lot of tools to promoter their personal referral links, including add-on toolbars and the like. Amazon affiliate can easily and efficiently insert links to their blog, social media, etc. Amazon really wants its subsidiary to be successful, how will profit from the sale too.

On this complete step by step guide, I will make you understand how to build and make money from Amazon affiliate niche site.


Step 1:  How to choose a niche for Amazon Affiliate Niche Site 2017

The first step of building a niche site and making money from Amazon affiliate program is, select a niche or specific product that you want to promote by niche site.

Paying attention to what is purchased in high volumes from Amazon (huge number of reviews) is the first step to finding the most profitable products to build Amazon niche site around.

You can find profitable niche site simple by following any of the methods.

  1. Huge Number of review
  2. Huge selling
  3. should be price more than 50 dollar
  4. not a seasonal product
  5. Not branded product (Like: apple, samsung, Boss, Unileaver  )
  6. USA based product
  7. shipping method and time table

Few idea Of Niche:

Matress , weight loss, gardening , Plumber,  Weight Loss ,Business Ideas
Computers & Tech , House Appliances, Business Softwares
Clothing Ideas, Electronics , Home Gardening ,Outdoor Recreation & Sports, Performing Arts



1. Types of Fridges ,  Crockpots , Stoves and Ovens , Barbeques , Blenders , Breadmakers , Electric Kettles , Countertop Grills



1. Various Car Stereos, Automobile Subwoofers,  Amplifiers , LCD Monitors,  Keyless Entry ,Car Alarms, GPS Systems ,


1. Bathing Suits For Women ,  Men’s Swimwear And Bathing Suits,  Plus Sized Clothing ,  Men’s Suits, Outdoor Wear , Organic clothing, Yoga Clothing


1. Tools For Gardening , Manual Lawnmowers , Growing Vegetables , Fertilizers and Soil , Landscape Design, Hydroponics , Perrenials


#1. Archery,  Camping , Canoeing,  Scuba Diving ,  Four Wheeling , Quading , Skiing


Step 2:  Keyword Research and Competition Analysis for amazon affilaites niche site


On this amazon affiliate niche site top most things is keyword research . Keyword selection is one of the most important and payback stages of SEO . From that, whether you choose the “right” key phrases to optimize, the fate of your website. The study of popular searches it is necessary not only to produce semantic site, but also for the study of your target audience.

A well-chosen keywords is not just to attract traffic to your site – they will attract targeted traffic. Benefit competently composed semantic kernel is difficult to overestimate. You will be able to predict surges in demand, timely response to changing market conditions, as well as offer consumers goods, services and content they need. Throughout the history of marketing, there is not a more effective way of studying the target audience, than work with keywords.

How to determine the value of your keywords?

How to determine how valuable a particular keyword for your amazon affilaites niche site? Let’s imagine that you – the owner of an Internet store shoes. Which word will bring you more sales – “black shoes” or “brown shoes”?

There are many tools for determining the frequency of keywords. However, this information is not sufficient for that figure, whether you will bring income customers that have fallen to the site to these requests. The process of valuation keyword is more complex and consists of several stages:


These are the search pattern close to ‘action’

Best/Top Rate + Product Name
Cheap + Product Name
Quality + Product Name
Product Name + For Sale
Product Name + Review/Reviews
Product Name + Coupon
Where Can I Buy + Product Name
Buy + Product Name
Best + Product Name + Review
Best + Product Name + Online
Best + Product Name + Year
VS/Or/Compare to + Product Name


 keyword research for amazon affiliate

Keyword research using Google toolbox

Owner homyak.su site has already added to the Google Analytics code for the site, as well as registered in the office of the resource for webmasters. Because of the semantic apocalypse to get data about the keywords using these tools is not so easy. However, the following guidelines will help you to do this:
Log in to your Google Analytics account and select “Traffic Sources”.
Select the subsection “All traffic – Source / Medium”.
On the page, select the data source «google / organic».
In the “Advanced Settings” menu, select “Behavior – Page” section.


You’ve got a list of pages that attract most of the natural search traffic. Analyze content top pages. Think about the intention to bring them search engine users, with the help of some people find these queries page. Make a list of 3-4 key for each page and enter them in the table.

Receive data using tools for webmasters
Check data by using keywords planner
Use the search engine tips
Evaluate whether to create new pages 


Step 3: Proper Keyword Competition Analysis and keyword competition score


Metrics I follow when finalizing a niche are straightforward. I usually select ones which have in amazon affilaites niche site :

Search Volume – 800 to 3500
KC – Under 30
Product Price ranging from $50 to $300
don’t try to choose any  seasonal keyword


Step 4: Selecting a  Right Domain Name and Web Hosting


Choosing a domain name for amazon affialites niche site  – employment difficult, creative, and therefore interesting. When selecting a domain in the first place it is important to define the purpose of the site, for which the domain is registered.

Finding a name that is catchy and relevant to your product niche is important. I personally recommend going for brandable names, rather going for heavy keyword rich or exact match domains.


When choosing a domain name for the niche  site  should try to add keyword in this domain name selection.

just a idea : if your niche is “weight loss” then  domain name would be  bestwayweightloss.com / weightlosstps.com / weightlossguide.com


Idea of Domain Name Suffix You Can Use

  • Tips
  • Guide
  • Best way
  • Magazine
  • Pro
  • Lab
  • Express
  • Garden
  • Review
  • Reviewed
  • Top
  • super


Once you’ve purchased a domain name for many company for your niche site, it’s time to move on to the next step to build you site.

Web Hosting:

Hosting is most important for your niche site. so need to buy a hosting space from reputation compnay.

Load times are extremely important to the success of your Amazon niche site, as without the ability to load quickly, people will likely leave your site before they consume your content and click on your affiliate link.

Choosing a good web hosting company is critical for your website. Web hosting companies tend to make things way too confusing with useless feature overload, short-term discounts (then expensive long-term prices), and over-promising customer service.


Step 5: Setting Up niche website builder

Once  have done with registering  domain name and hosting, Setting up website comes in the next step.

WordPress is a free content management system for websites. Though sometimes thought of as simply a blogging platform, when you install WordPress onto your website you have an easy to use, easy to update way to add text, pictures – and products – to your Amazon niche site.


One of the great things about WordPress is that you can select from many different themes or skins that determine the look and feel of your website. There are free themes, but many of them lack key features you’ll need when creating an Amazon niche site. You’ll want a theme that allows you to easily load Amazon products, add Amazon banners, is SEO (Search Engine Optimized) friendly, has social sharing tools included and is easy to set up. Take a look at wpzonertheme for a great, easy to install Amazon niche site wordpress theme.


Few Theme Idea :

1. Thrive Themes

2. Sahifa WordPress Theme

3. Hooray WordPress Theme

4. Ultimate Azon


Basic Plugins that I Use on Almost Every Niche Site

Here are a few fundamental plugins that I use on almost every niche site:

Yoast SEO – for a SEO foundation, as well as easy customization of various on-page elements like meta description, title tag and various robots meta settings.
Akismet – to fight comment spam.
EasyAzon Pro – for easily adding Amazon affiliate links to my content, and its awesome automatic link-localization feature based on the user’s location.
Thrive Content Builder – for designing the landing pages to boost conversion rate.
WP Super Cache / W3 Total Cache – caching plugin to make the site load faster.
Content Aware Sidebars – to be able to serve different sidebars alongside different landing pages, to boost the conversion rate even further.
Q2W3 Fixed Widget – for creating fixed sidebar widgets/banners that boost the click-through-rate to Amazon.
Autoptimize – to boost site speed by minifying JavaScript and CSS automatically.
Image Optimizer – for bulk optimizing uploaded images and making the pages on my site lighter in size.
P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) – to determine which plugins are the most resource intensive and making the site slower.
Shortcodes Ultimate – as a backup plugin to Thrive Content Builder for shortcode-based design elements like buttons and content areas.
Contact Form 7 – to display contact forms on the site.
TablePress – to create simple, but effective product comparison tables.
Auto Featured Image – for generating featured images automatically for all posts.
WordFence Security – to secure the site from hackers and brute force attacks.
Table of Contents Plus – to create expandable ‘table of contents’ boxes.
Ultimate Nofollow – for easily making links nofollow when not using the Thrive Content Builder.



At a glance of plugins::

  • Yoast SEO
  • Jetpack by WordPress.com
  • Akismet
  • EasyAzon
  • WordPress Backup to Dropbox
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Social Locker
  • Q2W3 Fixed Widget
  • Click To Tweet
  • Free Tools to grow your Email List, Social Sharing and Analytics by SumoMe
  • Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover and Post
  • Outbound Link Manager
  • Floating Social Bar
  • Contact Form 7
  • TablePress
  • Thrive Content Builder
  • Thrive Leads

Step 6: Setup Mandatory Pages / Menu on amazon affilaites niche site

There are some mandatory pages you need to create before making your Amazon affiliate niche site live.

  • About
  • Contact
  • Privacy Policy
  • Affiliate Disclosure
  • Terms of Service (Optional)

These are the pages I create before opening my niche site for Google to index. Not only these make the site legitimate to visitors, this helps Google to understand about your websites’ credibility.

I keep all the pages mentioned above with a top menu. I also put a short ‘Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer’ in the footer and link it to the page.


Step 7: Content Creation and Publishing  and High-Quality Engaging Contents

Now that you have your site up and running, it’s time to move on to perhaps the most important section of all, the content. This is so important, because your niche site’s content is what will directly communicate with the visitor. So, if your content is boring, dull and useless, no visitor is going to keep reading it and make purchases on Amazon based on your recommendations.
Articles should be straightforward, and their titles should make it immediately clear what their use is to your audience.

Check what your competitors are writing and come up with a better copy than them.

Well written and useful reviews will help bring visitors to your site, and can help turn those visitors into Amazon customers, landing you a commission.


  1. Keywords in <title> tag Whatever is written in the title tag, the title of your page as it will appear in search engine results. Therefore it is extremely important to use the right. Remember that a total of six or seven words of title tag keyword in it early and have been used only in part.
    2 .Keywords in URL

Use the main keyword in the page URL of your page to come. It is extremely beneficial for SEO remains. However, if you anywhere on the page keywords are not being used, you might not receive any special benefit .
3 Keyword density in document text

Also note that the content of this page in how many times the keyword has been used. Using the same 3 to 7 percent are beneficial for SEO. Keyword Stuffing survivors. Remember, according to the latest update to Google, it can be bad for your website.
4 Keywords in anchor text

Used on inbound links to your website using keywords in the anchor text to. Remember, these links to your website in favor of the website are made by a vote count like.

Tips for using H1 to H6 right way :

5 Keywords in headings (< H1 >, < H2 >, etc. tags)

Headings were important keywords on your page to use is another important place. But also note that you brought into use under the heading of keyword must also share some valuable content to.

6 Keywords in the beginning of a document
Use keywords in your content to the beginning. However, as previously mentioned methods are not effective, but it can also get good mileage.

7 Keywords in tags
Google search engine spiders can not read your page so upon images, but those images get to know their textual description. Use alt tags for the images to come.

8 Keywords in metatags
If you Google for certain keywords that are not more important, even if you can use them here in meta tags. Remember that keywords, Yahoo and Bing than Google can help you get good rank.

09 Keyword phrases

When using the keywords you optimize for keyword phrases consisting of many words can. For example, “SEO services”. It would be better to optimize for keyword phrases that you have to select those keywords which are popular.


10 Keyword stuffing
Keyword stuffing artificially content of 10% or more keywords are to use. Remember, these are prone to ban you from search engines produces.

What is the optimum keyword density

And now down to business? For a keyword density (of either kind) should you target on your website?

There is a lot of debate surrounding this issue because the search engine companies do not disclose the details of their algorithms (as that would allow people to abuse the system). Instead, people working in the world of SEO, are left to figure it out based on their experience


Step 7: High Quality Link Building


What are backlinks?

Backlinks – are links that point to your website or blog. Inbound links are one of the most important factors in search engine optimization, because the more backlinks, the more likely to get into the front ranks of the search engines index.
Most search engines include the aspect of backlinks to their search algorithm. If your site has a lot of incoming links, in this case, he gets more confidence by the search engine spiders.

The importance of Backlinks.

Without an analysis of inbound links is not possible today, search engine optimization, because getting quality backlinks leading to higher positions in the search engines robots. This will undoubtedly help to increase traffic to your web site.
Not enough to have a large number of back links, you need high-quality inbound links. The contents of websites linking to you should relate to the content of your site.

Getting high-quality backlinks.

If you exchange links with good, credible sites that’s not bad, but if you put links on quality not dangerous websites (eg porn) it could end badly for you. There are two types of incoming links.
1. One-way links. This type of back links will give you more quality and a better result. One-way links pointing to your site, but you, in turn, do not put a link to them.
2. Reciprocal backlinks. At the moment, this type of link is not very popular. Search engines do not like such links. To achieve the best results in search engine optimization, it is best to get one-way links.
One-way links
How to get backlinks – Manual

Link to your website.
In general, the more backlinks you get to your site, or the more, the pages on your site, the more likely that these pages will be displayed at the top of search engine search results.
At backlinks have two main objectives:

1. They help you in promoting your site, increase the importance of the pages in the search engines as a result we hope to see our page of search results – abbreviated name (SERPS) in the search engine results pages.
2. Backlinks can directly lead visitors to your site, it is visitors who clicked on the links themselves.
Thus, if a particular site published an article, and a link to the article to your website, this is the reverse link. This relationship should help your site become more important in the eyes of search robots, as well as by visitors from other sites who click on your links.
Here’s a few places to start looking:

  • Web 2.0 Sites
    Article Directories, like eHow
    Social Media Sites
    Social Bookmarking sites, like StumbleUpon, Reddit
    Q&A Sites, like Yahoo! Answers and Quora
    Quality Web Directories
    Forum posts in niche specific forums
    Photo sharing sites, like Flickr
    Infographic creation and distribution
    Guest Posts
    Blog outreach
    Resource page link building

Building Links Using Web 2.0 Sites

Most popular high PR Web 2.0 list” Making backlinks from web 2.0 destinations is another type of Search Engine Optimization. Most SEO experts have been utilizing Web 2.0 locales are level 1 backlinks, basically in light of the fact that they accept Google likes setting backlinks.


Building Links Using Web 3.0 Sites

Most popular high PR Web 3.0 list” Making backlinks from web 3.0 destinations is another type of Search Engine Optimization.


Step 8 : Creating Social Media Profiles

Tips for Creating a Mind-Blowing Social Media Profile

In today’s digital world, social media can be the making or breaking of your company’s branding efforts. But an often-overlooked aspect of a social media campaign is a company’s social media profile itself.


What are social bookmarks for?

Organize your online files and favorite pages. You can organize all your links, sorting them with tags and folders. Especially useful for sorting the files and sources of an academic or work project. The best thing is that it will always be available on the Internet no matter which PC you connect to. It can be converted into your virtual archive.

Share with friends. Share by mail and your social networks your best links.
Find interesting articles. Since most services offer public bookmark lists, you can perform advanced searches among thousands of select links that other users recommend. Search among the most popular, by tags, by categories and among the most recent. Some services have voting systems and comments.

How to use a social bookmarking service

In most social bookmarking service you will have to register and add a button in your browser to save a link while surfing the Internet. Look at the video example of Delicious, one of the most popular.


20 most important social bookmarking services on the Internet

 for Amazon Affiliate Niche Site social bookmarking is most powerfull to get users .

Del.icio.us : One of the most popular and used social bookmarking services today. Save your favorite pages, organize them by tags and discover what other users are sharing. You can subscribe by RSS to tags and receive the latest articles.

Google Bookmarks : is simple and functional, save all your links in your Google account. You can create lists and sort by tags.

Buddymarks : to save your bookmarks online, import your browser bookmarks and share on the Internet.

StumbleUpon.com : is the largest and most extended services. It has applications for each browser, buttons to share content on most websites and mobile versions. It is especially useful for finding valuable resources in your community links base.

Digg.com : Maybe it’s one of the first and most social bookmarking services. Not only do you keep your favorite links, stand out for a community that chooses the best articles with a scoring system that shows you the best in each category.

Excite Bookmark : A full-featured, full-featured Spanish language service for tagging, sharing, and searching.

 Reddit.com : register and save your best links, you can also participate by voting for others that are sharing.

Blogmarks: a French bookmark service that survives the competition of the big ones since 2003, only accept new members through invitation.

Diigo : one of the oldest services, but it has been renewed to offer applications for mobile and integration to social networks. One of the most recommended.

Linkroll : a simple service to organize your work. Also vote and comment on the articles that others are adding.

Mister Wong : One of the most popular social bookmarking services in Europe, with support in Spanish. It has multiple tools for browsers and their integration to web pages.

Connotea : a tool for researchers and scientists to share articles, build their bibliographic archives and consult for references.

Jumptags : helps you manage your online resources, with the ability to collect, store, share and distribute your Internet favorites, videos, notes, RSS feeds, contacts and more.

Newsvine : more than a social bookmark, lets you discover the latest and best that is being shared on the Internet. You can comment and vote.

Bibsonomy : you can save your bookmarks as public or private, search through the clouds of tags and related tags, have voting system.

Getboo : Create your own system of bookmarks, public and private. You can import and export to other services and browsers. It has anti spam protection, translations, extensions and RSS subscription.

Lilisto : allows you to store, manage and search your favorite links, so that you no longer depend on the browser.

Wirefan : simple but with everything you need for a social bookmarking service. Save, organize, share and discover interesting links.

Evernote : this is actually much more than a social bookmark, it is one of the best services to organize documents and bookmarks online and offline, allowing access on multiple platforms in a synchronized way. For those who only need a good filing cabinet will be very good and can discover all its features.


Try to learn about  On-Page and off page  SEO


What is OFF Page SEO ?

When we publish the post to your site’s ranking improve after that would have to do the link building seo works or it is off page seo. As Guest posting, Social Networking, Article submission, Forum & blog marketing and more.

What Is On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO refers to tasks that you can do yourself on your website, such as optimized page titles, internal linking to other post of your site, unique meta tags containing your keyword & eye catching meta descriptions with keyword, etc.

Improve traffic to the guest blogging:

If you want to guest posting start to take special care of some things you like – PA / DA Spam score and then contact the blog owner you must be sure to confirm that he is the one who’s going to dofollow backlink provide only dofollow backlink allow guest post on the blogs or website to give 100% profit.


How to get high quality backlinks for your blogs?

Every blogger that his blog or website’s thinking has become popular and good traffic coming soon, so start adsense earning to be done. But blogging is not only happens.


 write for other blogs:

If your blog new organic traffic or lack of it, which is why the absence of backlinks for other niche related blog guest posting so you can make the backlink. As almost everyone knows this method. But very few bloggers Said these blogs would be aware of how they can write the article. Always keep in mind the points given below –

  1. You guest post on the blog is to select the Domain authority and Page authority (PA, DA) must be good.
  2. The blog you are going to post for his blog niche (subject) to be related to the niche your blog is very important.
  3. Guest posting select the contact made by the blog owner you must know that they will Doffolow link or Nofollow. Whenever she Doffolow link to the article you must write the blog.
  4. To get the link back to your guest post good anchor text (keyword) should be used.
    So wrote the article on your site to other website can get high quality backlinks.

Comments on other Dofollow blogs :

This method is the most easy and less time consume habits. But even if you do not have to work very carefully to your problem face may have. High quality backlinks Other website to get a few things to keep in mind when making the comments is very important –

  1. If you wish to comment on the blog dofollow blog they are necessary.
  2. Commentluv plugin enabled blog also give dofollow link back, so we can make comments on blogs.
  3. Comment on the website are the PA, DA must make check, and page authority and domain authority whose comments on those blogs are good.
  4. Comment Before definitely good to read that post to which you wish to comment and backlink.
  5. Always valuable and post related comment only.
  6. Your comments message minimum 150 words should be.
    This way you blog for you can get high quality backlinks comment through.

Document Sharing:

Maybe some people may not know this method, the blogger who would like to tell a lot of this kind of method to use your blog or website to receive high quality backlinks. Yes Document Sharing sites when you search on google will easily find where you are making pdf file of your blog article to your blog can create backlink.


Dofollow Forums :

Does not necessarily mean that you can get high quality backlinks is by guest posting, use the link back to each blogger receives different methods, which is a forum posting.

Of high quality link building for your blog if you want to you to blog niche related dofollow forums thread posting simply by staying active can make high quality backlinks. But as I told you in other methods that the PA, DA check to be sure.

Quora Discussion Boards :

I think it might be new to you. It also provides a forum like the work. Here you get high quality backlinks to your blog and you will have to select a related topic from any question of his opinion and will select. But when the discussion must add your web address so you will get link back

Yahoo Answers :

Yahoo’s name is heard and understood all the same, if the traffic on the matter very stupid thing to tell, because it is the search engine itself. But it has also made its own discussion page, where people can answer any of the questions.


Now your turn to do work to success on amazon affiliates .if you face any trouble to work on real field try to follow several articles and youtube video. i think you should be getting more information from online. As you can see from the tips above, there are a lot of small things you can do to boost the SEO ranking of your posts. wish you all the best.


Thanks to stay with me.

Create a Profitable Niche Site In 20 Mins – by Brendan Mace

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