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The writing of this article comes from a factual statement of the SEO market: the discipline of SEO and the SEO profession is “by clearing,” it is crossing the boundaries that until now encompassed the discipline and the professionals who practice it, including those known activities and practiced by a few people (even in the broader information technology), bringing it to be a profitable trade and that, in our country it is building a reputation.

There are lots of young and old who come to the SEO and has noticed an exploit of requests for training courses and their interest in recent years.
The cause of all this? It’s probably at the excellent return on investment and excellent traceability which have had for many businesses and web projects, in recent years the SEO activities (including both on-site optimization activities, both link popularity activities).
Fact that the SEO specialist has become one of the 10 digital professionals Popular in UK, italy, USA  in 2017.
This does not mean that if today you go to the barber and his question “What do you for” responding with pride “SEO specialist” no longer follow Arcing his eyebrow, but definitely a lot has changed in the last five or six years.


Google Trends also noted that interest in the word “SEO” in Italy does not seem to diminish but rather marks a gradual growth.

SEO is competition, is winning, it’s gratification, it is team play .

Any person in life, in business or in sports, has ever had to deal with these three words, can not help being fascinated by this profession.
If you want to do SEO must also be a person quite determined, able to accept defeats and achievements but also quite a few and not think that everything is easy, indeed, we have made it clear things: become a good SEO is damn hard and you know what, there is only one path starting point and never to arrive. Because if you want to do the SEO you will come across one of the few professions whose learning will never be finished: it will be continuous in time.

I say this with the conviction that increasingly seems they want you to believe that do SEO is simple. Not so. Beware of those who tell you that “do SEO in the end is simple, all you can do.”
It’s not true. Do SEO is difficult and the desire to change activities, especially if parts with a technical background, you will flash into his head more than once.
Team play matters a lot even in the personal progress. One can not think of doing everything ourselves. We must build a team, with valid people specialized in different activities, which in the audits, those in content production, people in link building, etc.

Eight, nine years ago I enjoyed optimize titles and texts of my third-level personal blog on Splinder. Every so often I obtained good results. Once I positioned myself in first place for the key “rock guitarists” above many other top-level domains, for a personal list that I made on the best rock guitarists.
Within weeks after that I begat me dozens and dozens of comments and even some insults from some lovers who did not agree with my ranking.
At those times I thought: “well ‘are an SEO, I want to do SEO”. I had some basic on-site optimization, actually were, if anything, notions of SEO Copywriting, which however does not marred.
I did not know anything about HTML and CSS, let alone .htaccess or server side programming. But I began to feel an SEO.

Come to think of it makes me laugh today. Yes, because I did not know anything about SEO, or at least, my percentage of knowledge of the SEO world was approaching much to the concept of “nullity”.

How to become an SEO expert then?

The most common questions in SEO groups are usually 3:

  • How to become SEO ?
  • as you become experienced SEO
  • which path to follow
  • What I will share below is just my personal point of view. I not therefore claim to have any reason in any way, as any SEO professional can have a different point of view from mine, also depending on what are the main activities under his care (SEO strategy, selling SEO services, Link Builder, SEO on site, etc.) but I hope to provide some useful tips for newcomers for the first time to the discipline and who wants to understand how to improve your background knowledge and become a SEO professional competitive.

But one thing should be clear right from the start and that may seem obvious but it is not: to become an SEO must first of all like to search. You must be hungry for information, and you must learn to ricercartele. To find the answer to your questions. You must like surf and inform themselves. It seems obvious, right? Yet later in the SEO group it is full of “novice SEO” who post really stupid questions that would be answered easily on Google, for example, information on the “not provided”.
SEO is not served on a plate ready: requires sacrifices.

To understand how to become a good SEO today, we must understand what good does the SEO today, as business area.

An SEO team today mainly deals with these areas:

Analysis and Marketing

  1. Analysis of scenarios or (market analysis, demand, supply and competitors, current revenue, online presence, current placement, conversion tracking, etc.)
    2. target identification, choice of keywords .

Development Area (technical SEO)

1. coaching in the design of a site with a good share of problems in the SEO sites is that often these are designed and manufactured without the support of a SEO. In many sites lacking most of the time its the correct information architecture.
Unfortunately most of the websites are still designed today without the support and advice of an SEO and then, when the damage is done, it is always difficult and expensive (in terms of economic resources) remedy.
2.technical optimization : the optimization of the site, the optimization of the server;
3. identification and management of SEO problems : from problems relating to indexing to those relating to the recovery of penalties manuals and / or anti-spam filters algorithmic

Area Content production and increase in popularity

Here we include all the activities related to:

  1. texts for the site
    2. content and editorial plan for the blog
    3. editorial content for link acquisition
    4. purely link building activities.


As you can see, the tasks that have to do with SEO are many. I believe to be a good SEO you must have done successfully with some experience (or more) of the described activities belonging to the three macro-areas.

1. The myths of SEO books and training courses SEO

Although there are around even the best SEO books and training courses (the quality of which can be even more objectionable books) it is really hard to believe that reading a few books and attending a few classes you become SEO.
Not at all. What is the initial step to get closer to the profession, to see if the SEO to hear, to understand that, if the activity can become their job or if you forget it.
A Course SEO basic can be useful, yes, but do not think to do it with the conviction that learn to do SEO . You may be disappointed.
There is another aspect that concerns the SEO: books undergo obsolescence . The SEO books that I have bought four or five years ago, can now be considered already old.

2. Learn the basic concepts of the web, as well as HTML and CSS

In the past those who became SEO had a background almost always technical and computer. Computer engineers and computer science graduates were ideal candidates to become SEO specialists. Actually had an edge over the others knew the foundation of the web, were skilled in programming and, therefore, when the SEO was still 70% technical and 30% marketing to them was very simple act on web projects, optimizing them.
Today that the percentages are also aligned marketers have been able to approach the profession.
This does not exclude the fact that acquire technical skills is not a necessary condition: if you do not know first of all concepts such as http protocols, the server status codes, proxy, cache, .htaccess and, above all, how is the crawling and indexing a page from bots , it will then be more difficult to understand the optimization strategies on site and there will be more chance of hitting the errors of those who still believe that the term “indexing” means “positioning” and that we can talk indexing referring to the ranking.
And I swear, do many who call themselves SEO.

This is not to say that all this information should be immediately learned. But from experience I tell you that sooner or later we will end up and, inevitably you will need to bang your head and figure out how to solve even the most technical and difficult parts that this reserve job. And you will do it alone, if you really want to understand why a certain action involves a certain result.
Of course, including the technical aspects also fall within the knowledge of html and css (the minimum) and the ability to dial a robots.txt and .htaccess files.
And if the .htaccess file will write the programmer, at least you have to properly guide me on what I will write.

3. Starting from their own publishing project

If you try to be hired as SEO and you have acquired the required technical skills, but you never got to test on one or more editorial projects owned by you, your skills, it will be very difficult to have a good chance of success .
Many SEO start it by opening their own website or your own blog nicchiato in a specific area.
The best way to test their quality is to focus right now on profitable niches and from which you can monetize from affiliation: it really is the best gym there is where to train as SEO . In addition, if you are successful, too early to monetize.
Ideally, then, it is to open personal projects in different niches. This is because every niche often responds to different logics of competition SEO: finance, the sports betting and the online porn industry will surely have a different competition as welfare, food or health.
More experiences you will have in different areas, the more it will improve .

4. Do not look for shortcuts

Another of the things I notice is that often you approach SEO at the wrong starting point. They want to know for example Black Hat techniques without having the faintest idea of how Google functions.
Knowing the “tricks” will not help anyway to anything if you do not know how to conduct a comprehensive SEO audit .
It happened several times in Facebook groups to read the post to other SEO SEO who ask why a site is in a position for a given key without sounding – apparently – optimized for that key.
Have a complete panoramic background on SEO would answer such questions in a few minutes.
Knowing only the “tricks” no.
SEO is hard work, continuous study and experimentation . The more mistakes you make, the more things you will learn and improve.
SEO is continuous testing. There are no shortcuts.

5. Devour online know-how and form at the right events

When I started I was reading several articles per day. I was just learning SEO hungry. I read mostly English-language articles, sometimes me I printed them and reread more calmly. I was just a set. Slowly I also began to filter the news, acknowledging greater authority in certain sources and excluding others.
In parallel, I began to enroll in training events. All for a fee. I have invested a lot in training and I must say that the events actually valid in Italy, were two, and BeWizard ConvegnoGT.
The second much more suitable for those who really want to learn SEO because the speakers are all with years of experience and nearly all share excellent case studies of its agencies.
The second of the best ways to learn how to do SEO is to study the case studies of other SEO , understand and apply strategies and test them on their own projects. You learn so much.
Then there are those who complain that the events and conferences SEO in Italy are of low quality.
I think it depends a lot on what courses and / or lectures are followed: if the courses are designed to make networking (what I ironically call fairs or festivals) you will never have to wait long, but the event the program is set to sharing of case studies, then there will surely always something new to learn.

6. Flanking an expert SEO (or involve it in their own projects)

From experience, I was able to find myself in this situation and I can tell you that, if the other person is valid, you learn a lot more and faster from another SEO seeing action that by reading several books and online articles and attending dozens of training courses .
If you have any interesting projects for yourself or your customers (and the budget to invest) tries to involve another SEO to guide you in the best possible choices.

7. Test and experiment, test and experiment

As I said above, it is never a complete SEO, precisely because of the dynamism of the discipline. The SEO that up to 2011, in 2012 they felt experts with a decade of experience, they had to change his mind and review their strategies and know-how when Panda and Penguin have distorted the way we do SEO and Link Building , which until then it looked like a standard methodology.
The best way to become SEO is to never feel an expert SEO . Being able to keep our feet on the ground and to be aware that every new project will serve to learn something new, that every other SEO will be able to meet new experiences and new challenges will increase its store of knowledge.

To become a good SEO must also be humble . And humility is one that often is missing in this matter.

How to Become SEO

Recommended books and resources
As I said, to become SEO you need a lot of practice and experience. But before approcciarti practice you might find useful to read some texts and follow some resources.

Among these we point out the ones in my opinion the most useful and authoritative:

SEO texts:
The Art of SEO , the bible of SEO, written in English.
Sites on SEO information.

The Enrico Altavilla blog ;
the blog of John Sacheli, EveMilano ;
SEO blog by Andrea Partridges
Sites of British SEO information

the Moz blog
Search Engine Land
SEO by the Sea

I am a Founder of my aim is to write about tech, Affiliates, and digital marketing to spread the knowledge among my read .

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