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When it comes to advertising on WordPress, anyone can easily edit WordPress widgets and WordPress theme files.

For people who are just starting blogging, it is enough to use widgets for ads but when the question of earning a lot of money in advertising sentences arises, it is recommended to use an ad management plugin . Also, editing the wordpress theme and inserting ad code is not just about everyone.

Here I have told a few things that you can achieve by using an ad management plugin:

Running different ad types: You can run ads using these plugins, ads from AdSense Ads, ads, affiliate ads or any other type of products.

Mobile / Desktop Ad: This is a point in which you can display different ads to mobile users and desktop users. Let’s say there is an ad that is good and responsive to desktop users but not for mobile users, you can adjust them using these plugins and correct users of the right kind, just right and only responsive ads Can only show up

You can monitor Number of Clicks: When you run a direct ad or affiliate ad, you need information about how many clicks are being made on your ads. So this is also a feature that should be in any ad management plugin to show you statistics.

A / B test run for Ads: It is known to everyone that different types of ad images will perform differently. A good ad management plugin should have the facility to run different ads on the same ad spot and then tell you which ads have a good CTR.

Rotating Ads: Ad blindness is true and a plugin that can rotate ads according to placement and other factors, your regular readers will not ad blindness.

Conditional Advertising: Do you want to show targeted ads by categories, tags and specific blog posts on your blog? So this is what you can achieve with the help of a great plugin. If you do not do this then you show irrelevant ads on your blog so that you miss the opportunity to earn great money.

Apart from these, there are many other advanced options like geo-targeting, anti-ad blocker and some more that can offer you a great WordPress ad management plugin.

Keeping all the factors given above, and some other features such as well-coded and well-maintained, I have compiled this list of some of the best ad management plugins for your blog. If you are using any basic plugin, then it is a good time to replace them with a great new option for great results from your blog.



Best Advertising Plugins To Make More Money With WordPress Blog

When it comes to advertising management plugins for WordPress, there are many free options.

You should still choose a plugin that is reliable, regularly updated, and make sure that it does not have any effect on your hosting. It took me a couple of hours to find these well-maintained and reliable plugins.

Many of these plugins are free and available in official official repo and some of them are paid options which offer advanced features but this is optional.

I’ve listed only the plugins below that are supported by the developers in the help forum. What if you try a plugin and get entangled in something These help forums are helpful in this.

Many of these plugins are by CodeCanyon, which are paid but are worth your time and money. They are well-maintained and exisiting users have a great review about them.

So, as I was doing the best ad management plugin for my WordPress blog, all the solutions given are of high quality and you should pick one that you feel most comfortable with.

So without any delay, let’s know some great advertsing plugins made for WordPress so that you can earn even more money from your blog.

WP Advanced Ads

These are for those people who are sticking to such plug-ins which can be managed by including all ad networks like AdSense, and any other, HTML banners, affiliate ads, etc. If you are not sure about WP Advanced Ads , And there is no need to see any plugin.

This plugin has been constantly updated and it has more than 200 5 star ratings and is one of the best solutions.




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