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Digital marketing contract template making plan

Whether you are looking for a digital marketing agency or a company or online marketing professional this article interests you. In it we will analyze two essential documents in a contractual relationship between both parties: the budget and the commercial contract. In addition, you can download contract template templates.


Digital marketing budgetWe understand by budget , in this context, the cost of a service based on the briefing provided by the client, or the needs expressed in a previous meeting and according to the objectives / needs expressed.

After knowing in detail what digital marketing services requires the company that makes the order, the agency or the digital marketing consultant must submit in writing the proposed work together with the budget. These should explain in detail and in the most detailed way possible what services it contemplates. In this way, the recipient can get an idea of what he is hiring. If possible, I recommend delivering it by hand so that I can explain what it includes and, if they arise, I can resolve any doubts of the client.


Therefore, any budget should contemplate the following aspects:

  • Date of issue and fiscal data of the issuing company.
  • Period of validity. The logical thing is 30 days. This is an aspect we often overlook, but it should not be. If someone asks us for a quote, you should know that this offer has a certain validity time. Within six months, or even less, it does not have to be effective.
  • The services offered. Mention and describe the services offered. Try to be as concrete as possible. If for example offers a service of social media manager, specifies which are the social networks that are going to work, how often it is going to be published content, what type of content, if they are going to realize sweepstakes or other type of promotional actions, How many, and what type, whether or not to include the average social marketing strategy or the monthly results report, to name just a few concepts.
  • What is not included. As important as what is included is to indicate what is not contemplated and what may be necessary to be able to successfully develop the work: investment for advertising, purchase of images, design of creativities, translations … In this way we will avoid “surprises” for the client Or having to assume costs that do not correspond to us. Keep in mind that everything that is not included will be valued separately, and the client must clearly state its conformity.
  • The cost for the service. Always indicate the amount of the cost in the currency of the country, in addition to the taxes that must be applied. For example, in the case of Spain, the amount in euros, plus the percentage of VAT, in this case 21%, less retention in case of being a liberal professional would be specified. If the cost is for monthly payments, it indicates that these are monthly fees and if there is a minimum contract, specify it.
  • Way to pay. Explain in the budget when the invoice must be paid: in advance, 50% upon acceptance of the budget and 50% upon completion of the project, invoice date or 30 days. You can not pay more than 60 days according to our legislation .
    Once the client has accepted the budget, a copy must be signed and kept by both parties. And then, we must write the contract for the services to be provided.


According to Wikipedia, a commercial contract or commercial contract is a bilateral legal business that has legal-commercial nature . In general, in order for a contract to be classified as commercial , it must refer to acts of commerce, defined according to the applicable law.

When we speak of digital marketing services contract we refer to the contract by which a digital marketing company or professional in that area is obligated with respect to its client to perform a series of services in exchange for an economic amount established and accepted by both Parties.

Offering the client a contract is a guarantee that it is before a serious professional . In addition, this assumes a legal guarantee for both parties, being unequivocally reflected in the services rendered, which is excluded, the amount of the same, the form of payment or any other aspect that either party wants record.

Although a verbal agreement is valid, let us choose to close the agreement in writing in a document – contract – that must be signed by both parties on each of the sheets.


  • Date and place of the contract heading.
  • The data of the contracting parties . Corporate name of the company, tax identification code, postal address and data of the physical persons signing the contract, of both parties.
    To shorten the service provided in a clear, precise and unambiguous way , making clear what is not included and that, if requested, should be budgeted separately.
    The agreed economic valuation of the services to be provided , indicating the taxes to be applied, the monthly and annual amount.
  • The form of payment . A percentage can be invoiced to the acceptance of budget and the rest at the end of the project, by date invoice to month due, to 30 or 60 days to invoice date, and if it will be by direct debit, bank transfer, heel or cash. It should also reflect the interests of delay, guarantees and penalties in case of non-compliance in the terms.
  • The period of validity of the contract , which may be for a limited period limited by the date of commencement and termination with the possibility of being extended if both parties so agree, or by the end of the project. It is important to indicate if there is any penalty in case of breach of the contract period by either party, without prior notice or contrary to the agreement.
  • Signature of both parties. Without the heading of the contracting parties, the contract shall have no legal validity.
  • From experience, I advise you to always keep the budget signed before starting the project as a guarantee that the client is really aware of what services you are going to provide and the cost of them. And then, he writes, presents the contract and, if he is satisfied , sign both parties . In this way, both sides will be quiet. Not doing so, I tell you from experience, can lead to more than a headache: terminations of contract without prior notice and before the agreed period, non-payment, canceled projects without real justification, etc. Do not trust those who come recommended to you or have a “good person face”. And if not, at the time. You will tell me.


10 Digital Marketing Templates


1. Social Media Image Template, HubSpot

For HubSpot, photos on Facebook generated 53% more likes than their average post, and photos on Twitter drove a 55% increase in leads. To help other businesses reap similar benefits from incorporating images into social posts, they created a kit for creating compelling images on every social network.

2. Email Template, MailChimp

To help their customers send high-performing emails, the content champions at MailChip created predesigned templates that include standout imagery, exciting formats, and winning copy formulas.

3. Marketing Persona Template, Buffer

Before creating content, you need to know who you’re creating it for. This buyer persona template from Buffer is a great blueprint for identifying the perspectives, activities, questions, and needs of your target audiences.

4. SEO Template, Brightpod

If you’re writing online today, you need to take responsibility for optimizing your content. Brightpod’s free template, “The Beginner’s Guide to On Page SEO,” is a great guide to get you started.

5. Content Marketing Workflows Template, Kapost

If you want to produce a steady stream of content, you need to put streamlined tasks in place. These content marketing workflows provide customizable step-by-step processes for creating blog posts, eBooks, landing pages, emails, and more.

6. Content Mapping Template, CMI

To identify what information each of your personas needs throughout the buying cycle, you need a map of what content assets you have, and who they’re serving. This step-by-step template from CMI shows you how to build one. To get a grasp on your current content situation, start with a content audit.

Check out for a tool that pulls all your past content, then allows you to tag and categorize it.

7. Reporting Template, DigitalSherpa

To improve, marketers need to understand what digital marketing strategies worked, what didn’t, and why. Reporting is the key to answering these questions. This reporting template from DigitalSherpa will help you make a data-backed, educated analysis of your marketing reach, cost per lead, lead per channel, and much more.

8. Pitching Template, Improve Presentation

Need to improve your pitch deck? This free template from Improve Presentation does the hard work for you. Get buy-in from your board, your CMO, or your team with these customized slides.

9. Infographic Template, Piktochart

Piktochart is an online graphic generator tool with a host of beautiful infographic templates that you can customize to your own needs.

10. Slideshare Template, Canva

Canva, another online tool, is one of the best places to find templates for SlideShare. Their graphic library, drag and drop features, and real-time editing allow you to create a clean, professional presentation with no help from a designer.




And if what you need is a contract digital marketing contract template for social media services or SEO positioning , you can buy them on these links. But beware, if you change it, I recommend you check it with a lawyer first.

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