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Believe it or not, SEO is an ultra-powerful tool in 2017.

I posted recently SEO is not dead -far from it . If Google is still taking it seriously after all these years , you should too .

In fact, SEO can be more powerful than ever , and for one simple reason: Most sites are neglecting their SEO .

A lot of people are convinced that SEO is not worth pursuing . Others say that it should be a priority .

It’s easy to make a mistake , and believe me , I’ve been there . I wasted no time taking SEO seriously , and it hurts .


To get you started on the path to mastery of SEO , here is a list of 14 advanced optimization tactics your competition does not know about .


You’ve heard the saying “do not put all your eggs in one basket.” This is true for SEO , but so many people still focus on just one or two aspects of SEO .

For this tactic , will concentrate on becoming more visible across multiple platforms .

One way is to create as many social media profiles as possible for your brand . In short, you need to actively engage as many networks as possible .

And do not skip some channels, because they think they are unpopular . for example ,, You can not include Foursquare or Periscope in your current social media strategy , but if you do not use , you can achieve public will not be able to otherwise .

Think of this technique as marking your territory . Your organic SEO will improve because you will be in more places . It is a simple yet powerful strategy you can start using today .


Creating a mobile app can help increase your SEO strategy  in 2017 .

we know that This is a fairly expensive option , but it is also an investment .

How exactly can an app boost your SEO? now Google is indexing applications on Google search indexing Firebase App . its most important for SEO.

When people are searching for keywords in your niche , be able to find your app , and it creates some juicy optimizations in your web site or blogging career  . .



According to Google , URL errors “errors Google encountered when trying to crawl certain pages desktop or phone.” Some common examples are 404, DNS, and server errors, page not found, connection error, site redirect, broken link .

404 error fix
404 error fix

If you have any crawl errors , your SEO is a violation . While these errors seem harmless , they have a big impact on your SEO . so try to fix 404  error .

But mistakes do not worry-indexing often have simple repairs . I highly recommend checking out the awesome article Moz fixing bugs crawling .


If you are not optimizing your images for search engine optimization , start now no time like the present .

And if your site is especially image-heavy , you have to put extra work here . As a result, you get faster loading more SEO friendly site .

Here are some simple ways you can improve your SEO pictures’:

 1. Give your images specific names (eg , traffic analysis graph.jpg)
2. Send your images with keyword-rich alt titles (but do not overdo it!)
3. Use the smallest possible file sizes (but not sacrifice quality)


Although Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a very powerful , not many sites use . And that’s a shame, because LSI can give your website a serious SEO increase .

LSI is the process you use search engines to find related keywords in addition to your main keywords . In other words, LSI is synonymous keywords .

for example ,, if you are writing an article about Facebook , it would be “social media network” as a keyword LSI .


When you create landing pages , Are you thinking about SEO? If you’re not , you’re missing a huge opportunity .

Will drive tons of traffic to your landing pages , but if they are not SEO optimized , you’re doing yourself a big bad .

Let’s take a look at the landing page of that Copyblogger Analyze the :

Copyblogger landing pages are performed so well only because the team put a lot of work into them . Here’s how you do it:

use one or two long tail keywords to write your landing page;
make sure your copy is at least 2,000 words long ;
make sure your copy is strong , clear , and relevant to your audience .
It is not rocket science , but it does take effort . They put in the effort now , and reap the rewards later .


This is a sneaky trick that put you way ahead of your competition .

By spying on keywords your competitors’ , you can see exactly what you’re up against and compare your own performance to that of your competition .

You can use SEMrush easily find keywords . This is crazy useful tool , and it’s free!

To enter the site of your choice (for example, , , and you see something like this:

You can see the top organic keywords , their volume , and the amount of traffic . But I especially like that you can see the main organic competitors in the site as well .

If you come , you can also see the top paying keywords and competitors . And if you need more details , just click on “View full report.”

Do not forget to bring your own site to SEMrush . As I said , it’s crazy useful tool , and you should use regularly .


I use a lot of links to my blog posts . Unfortunately, the connection is not a set-and-forget process . What is new today is old tomorrow , and some links used may die in the future .

If your site has lots of broken links , search engines will see your site as less accessible . That’s why you need to make sure all your links , internal and external , are alive and well .

I like using SEO Spider screaming frogs to check for broken links . Plus, it is useful for many other SEO areas .



Code is good , but you know what they say about having too good a job .

In this case, if your site has a surplus of code , search engines will take longer to crawl your site , which is bad . On-page Javascript and CSS are among the main offenders here .

Your code should be user friendly as possible . This will also help your page load time , and faster loading time means better optimization .


Excess code is wrong , but wrong code is even worse .

Errors in your code also will cause search engines take longer to crawl your site . Too many errors can mean that you have a poorly maintained site , which will cause your SEO tank .

You can check for errors using the W3’s markup and CSS validation services . Depending on the size of your site , it can take some time to fix errors , but it is well worth the effort .


This idea comes from Ben Oren browser newspaper . He says that your link structure should tell a story . In other words, when you read your anchor subsequently , you should get a clear idea of your site’s topic .

When you’re creating anchors , make anchor own personal story . Link from your recent posts to your older posts , and make sure you in internal linking best practices .


People are hungry for knowledge . That is why so many people post on Q & A sites like Yahoo! Answers and Quora .

But there are not many answers there . That’s where you come in .

The trick is to compose a thorough , well-written response to someone’s question , preferably no question that many answers . You need to write the best possible response and include links to your site when it’s relevant . (No spammy here!)

Thus , you are accomplishing two things at once . First, you’re helping the person asking . Second, you’re getting the attention of your links , exposing them to countless readers . It will be seen as a valuable resource for the community , and people will be more likely to click on your links .


Infographics pack great SEO attack . the Kissmetrics , we used to generate infographics over 2 million visitors and 41.142 links . and our infographic strategy is still booming:


For your infographics be super strong , you need two things: great design and great content . Do not overlook the content when creating infographics . Many people do , and guess what? Their infographics are not functioning well .

I also recommend the merger of your infographic with at least 2,000 words of high-quality content . This is because Google will not index the text of the infographic , writes longform content will give you extra power rankings .


Video marketing is relatively new , and it is absolutely blowing up .

Marketing land showed that videos make up 62% of all searches on Google . And it’s easier to get video to rank on page 1 of Google from a site .

If you’re not making videos already , check out this post for more information improve your SEO using videos .


SEO is more alive than ever before .

If you want a thriving site in 2017 and beyond , you must have a firm understanding of SEO principles . And if you go beyond the basics , it’s even better .

Need another reason to start your SEO seriously? Here’s one: how SEO moves forward , many sites will remain in the past . They will not pay attention to update Google’s algorithm or the effect of mobile use of SEO .

But if you stay up-to-date with search engine optimization , your website will improve by leaps and bounds, while your competitors sites “left behind in the dust .

You could say I’m a fan of SEO . It is because they know the power of SEO . It is not outdated trick-it is a long term strategy with lasting benefits .

They put in the work to keep your SEO in tip-top shape . Believe me , it’s so worth it .

What’s your SEO strategy hustling out your competition?


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