How do restore my whatsApp backup ?

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whatsapp backup restore

We do a variety of things on WhatsApp. Chat important issues ranging from general office. Many things are so important that you came and continue to look for them later. If you lost your phone or you may have to format it for some reason have to reinstall WhatsApp. So your old chat will disappear. But you know, make a backup of WhatsApp will not face this problem.

how to restore whatsApp backup from google drive

WhatsApp on Android on Google Drive can be made up. Let us about it so that explains in detail all of your chats, photos and videos to be stored securely. And, if necessary, they can be restored again.

If you have not yet used this feature, you’ll be asked for the first time you install WhatsApp will be asked to switch on the feature. If it does not, you can set this in the menu.

1. On the app’s main interface will appear on the right top three point. Tap on them.

2. Then go to Settings, then chats and calls. Then tap on the chat back. Here you will find the option to set Google Drive.

how to restore whatsapp backup

As a reminder, here is made on the internal backup. You tap on the phone’s internal storage backup can backup. But the phone’s data will be deleted as soon as the backup delete.

Google Drive settings will appear on the bottom of this page.

1. Tap on the first backup to Google Drive. Here you can set the time of the backup. You never, daily, weekly and monthly options are like. We suggest that you choose Daily.

2. Tap on an account then I choose. Here you can decide on what Gmail id made up of WhatsApp.

3. The first option you will get the mail ID was used to install the Android device. If you can use another email id. For this, you need to tap Add account. And must follow the instructions.

whatsapp backup file
whatsapp backup

4. Now you can decide which type of backup you want to create on the internet. On Wi-Fi only, or Wi-Fi + cellular.

5. Backup the settings of the video also get the option to create a backup. Includ video by clicking the video on WhatsApp You also can create a backup.

Note that the backup data is stored in your Google Drive account resides. The drive can not be read by browsing the client.

IPhone Backup

iPhone users who use WhatsApp on anything in this manner can make backups. Open WhatsApp on iOS. Go to Settings, then go to the chat settings. It’ll have the option to chat up. Here the options to make the choice according to your convenience. ICloud on iOS to create a backup occurs.


To restore from a backup, follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp.
  2. Decide which backup file you want to restore.
  3. Rename that with the most recent date in it’s name.
  4. Install WhatsApp.
  5. When asked to restore, tap Restore.

Here’s how to restore
as soon as you install new WhatsApp, you will be asked to restore. Note that the same Google account on your Android device you will need to sign on which you made a backup of WhatsApp.

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