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What are backlinks?

Backlinks – are links that point to your website or blog. Inbound links are one of the most important factors in search engine optimization, because the more backlinks, the more likely to get into the front ranks of the search engines index.
Most search engines include the aspect of backlinks to their search algorithm. If your site has a lot of incoming links, in this case, he gets more confidence by the search engine spiders.

Importance of Backlinks.

Without an analysis of inbound links is not possible today, search engine optimization, because getting quality backlinks leading to higher positions in the search engines robots. This will undoubtedly help to increase traffic to your web site.
Not enough to have a large number of back links, you need high-quality inbound links. The contents of websites linking to you should relate to the content of your site.
The more backlinks, the more popular the site. Inbound links are important for search engine optimization and ranking in the search engine spiders. Some search engines, mainly the Google, attach great importance to the number of incoming links. They prefer websites that have more quality backlinks.
Keep in mind that quality and relevant inbound links – these are two important factors for search engines. Backlinks from websites with good content that relates to the theme of your website will bring you much more value than links with poorly designed resources.
Sometimes SEOs try to manipulate the search engines. But getting quality backlinks is the only legitimate way to improve the position of your site in search spiders.

Getting high-quality backlinks.

If you exchange links with good, credible sites that’s not bad, but if you put links on quality not dangerous websites (eg porn) it could end badly for you. There are two types of incoming links.
1. One-way links. This type of back links will give you more quality and a better result. One-way links pointing to your site, but you, in turn, do not put a link to them.
2. Reciprocal backlinks. At the moment, this type of link is not very popular. Search engines do not like such links. To achieve the best results in search engine optimization, it is best to get one-way links.
One-way links


How to get backlinks – Manual

Link to your website.
In general, the more backlinks you get to your site, or the more, the pages on your site, the more likely that these pages will be displayed at the top of search engine search results.
At backlinks have two main objectives:

1. They help you in promoting your site, increase the importance of the pages in the search engines as a result we hope to see our page of search results – abbreviated name (SERPS) in the search engine results pages.
2. Backlinks can directly lead visitors to your site, it is visitors who clicked on the links themselves.
Thus, if a particular site published an article, and a link to the article to your website, this is the reverse link. This relationship should help your site become more important in the eyes of search robots, as well as by visitors from other sites who click on your links.

Internal links

Internal link – a link that leads to a page of your site to another page on your site. Such links are considered to be internal. For example, if I do it – the site for the Web masters of it is considered an internal link leading to another page on my website. Internal linking is a great way to enhance the importance of links to important pages on your site, as well as it helps visitors navigate through your site.

External links

External link is just the opposite with respect to the inner link. This is a link to a page outside of your own site. For example, if I write on their website – the Google , it is considered an external reference. If the user clicks on this link, they leave your site.
You can not control who links to your site, but you can control who comes through your link. If you refer to spam, scammy website, it can negatively affect your own site. This factor, Google considers.

Weight links

Weight reference relates generally to influence the amount of reference or “weight”. For example, suppose that someone creates a link to your website. Let’s also assume that it has a link on the page and a link to your homepage. If we say that the relationship with his page on page 10 carries weight units links, and it has only one link to your page, you’ll get all the 10 units of weight by reference.
Now, let’s look at another example. Let’s assume that it has 5 different links to your pages, and only one that refers to your site. Weight reference will be divided, and only get 2 units of weight reference.
The same applies to the inner package. If you have a website, and there is a link to 10 different pages with it, reference weight will be divided. If you want to link weight was great, create only one link back to this page.
The more backlinks you have on every page, the less weight will these backlinks. Keep this in mind when creating backlinks.
I do not know who can determine the exact number when it comes to weight links, although I have seen some creative attempts to do so. Google does not disclose the specifics of strong algorithm and its system. Think about the weight of the reference as a theoretical concept, postorayus understand the importance of relationships and how you can use them to maximize their impact.
Analyze your site, you can through the SEO service, trace the connection of internal links, the structure and the use of “not to” label on some of the links. If you do not plan to become an expert in the field of SEO, I would not have much to worry about the weight of links, but, of course, you need to understand and use these principles in their own interests.

“No Follow” and  “Do Follow”

“No Follow” and “Do Follow” – really only important for the search engine robots. By default, links are usually made without these tags, and put only for specific purposes – for example, close the link or the text of a search robot that would crawler is not included in the reference index and did not consider them.
To close the link from the search engine robot, you just need to add these tags in the HTML-code.
Since May of 2009, lots of search engine   has ceased to consider links with rel = nofollow , and now he behaves in the same way as Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Close everything links those tags do not do not, but the most important pages. Obviously, Google does not like this kind of thing, so use these tags in moderation – do not use them on all pages.


Pagerank is a number from 0 to 10. It was created by Google and basically indicates the strength or importance of a Web page.
Each web page has a Pagerank and it is determined by many different factors, such as – the content on a web page, the number of backlinks to a page, the weight of backlinks, and so on.
The more links you get sites with relevant, high PageRank, the more likely it is that the PageRank of your website will increase. That is why it is better to get links from sites with high PageRank, unlike sites with low PageRank.
Ultimately, PageRank is not everything – you should still pay attention to other factors.


Tools for backlinks

If you place a link back to your site, you must make sure that Google finds them. If you place a link back to some weird site, Google will never be able to find your link back. And if they do not know about this link, you do not get the benefit from it. So you want to make sure that the sources you use for your backlinks are actually scanned on Google?

When you are creating backlinks, you want to make sure that search engines visit these sources. To check the backlinks, you can use any of the tools below. – It’s only for your own website, after registering your site will be checked. – Just type in a row:, and it will return the results (although not very accurate).

Getting one-way links ensures you the best position in the search engines and give you a better quality of visitors mainly from search engines. But how to get other webmasters to link to your site?
When any web master comes to your website and get something useful he can certainly put a reference to your site on their pages.

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