How to make money with Amazon affiliate: all you have to do (in step 9)

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amazon affiliates income

How to make money with affiliate Amazon

Ok, as promised here’s a checklist of the process that will lead you to make money with your blog by simply encouraging/promoting products for sale on Amazon:

Income from amazon affiliate


  1. Create your blog and sign up to the affiliate program Amazon

  2. Work on your brand

  3. Promote products consistent with your niche

  4. Create your content to readers’ thinking intentions

  5. Promote products that sell well

  6. Promote product categories and customized searches

  7. Promote special promotions

  8. Promote related products

  9. Enter your affiliate links Amazon several times


amazon affiliates income Below you will talk about the various steps in a little more detail … if you want to increase your followers with good content, it shows hese steps also to those who follows you on facebook , twitter, just one click:


1 – Create a blog and sign up to the affiliate program Amazon


Well … I would say this step is critical of amazon affiliate income process
! I will not dwell in the explanation, I simply leave the link to my Blogging Start Kit, you will find all the instructions to create your blog and to promote Amazon products in your articles:


2 – Work on your brand

As I have already explained to you, the simple fact that you possess a blog can (amazingly) to qualify as an expert in a given field, and then to give you credibility …

… However, if you can work well on your brand, if you express with sincerity and really trying to help your readers, in no time you’ll get followers of fans, a lot more likely to buy the products that advice.

3 – Promote products consistent with your niche

Within your blog must offer products in affiliation consistent with the argument that traits. Logical right? If you talk about Yoga, it makes little sense get to promote the Christmas trees! Promote products consistent with your articles and, more generally, with your niche market.

4 – Create your content to readers’ thinking intentions

What I’m about to give you is a tip similar to the above, but even more specific.

If you are a beginner you make a mistake: promoting products in your articles without thinking about the reason that led the reader there.

I am going to give an example to make you understand the nuances of the question. Be very careful…

Imagine searching the recipe for a protein shake. Assumed to arrive on the article of a blog, article in which we talk about protein shakes, but in which the blogger promotes the blenders on Amazon (in the same article, during the explanation of the recipe).

In your opinion, is it possible that some visitors will purchase blenders? Yes, you can, things are related, but keep in mind that the visitor (you in this case) is looking for a recipe, not a blender! You might already own one example. THEN … it would definitely make more sense to insert the affiliate link to a book on protein recipes.

Do you understand the difference? If you do not understand read again, it is very important to optimize your profits!

NOTE: what is the right thing to do in the article on protein recipes used in the example above? Having two items! In the article on the recipes just write a sentence like this: “If you do not have a blender to prepare the recipe, here you can find the ranking of those with the best value for money” … and then enter the link to the article with Ranking. That’s all?

5 – Promote products that sell well

If a product sells well in general, you’ll have more chances to be purchased by your visitors.

How do you know which products are selling well? Very simple, you just need to search among the bestselling Amazon!

To make you understand the importance of this tip, I’ll now reveal what are the two main reasons that make the bestseller of the fantastic products to promote:

They are tested : if you have had good sales performance, probably will in the future (at least until they become obsolete).
Whether we like it or not, our purchasing decisions are highly influenced dall’opinione other people . If a product is among the top sellers it is like automatically suggested by other people (usually a bestseller also has great reviews and high ratings).

6 – Promote product categories and customized searches

You must know that you have with Amazon no obligation to promote a single product: you can get an affiliate link to any page on Amazon, and this includes pages with multiple products, for example a certain category or a custom search.

This feature allows you to do many interesting things such as create links only to products evaluated with 4 stars up, or only to products with price above / below a certain value (or included in a certain range).


It seems almost superfluous to give an explanation to this advice, right?

Discounts are a magnet for the store … and my advice is to take advantage of it as much as possible, creating even small items ad hoc and promoting them also on your social pages and among the members of your list (newsletter).

Remember to focus a lot on the Christmas season: in December are not only available for very attractive discounts, but the people are in the spirit a little more spendthrift … and buy more.

8 – Promote related products

In some niche markets, it can happen that the main product to promote is also a major product, often already owned by the visitor.

Think for example the blog of a seamstress, and therefore very sectoral. Many probably many visitors already possess a sewing machine … but no prevents the bloggers to promote tissue and other related products.

9 – Enter your affiliate links Amazon several times

If the main purpose of your article is to earn through affiliate links, you absolutely must put this link multiple times, so that the reader has a better chance to see it and click on it.

You can differentiate the type of link: maybe the first time uses a call to action easier, simply inviting the visitor to click … then use something more visible, as an image or button.

NOTE: once registered to the affiliate program Amazon, I remind you that in your user area you will have the tools is to generate images with links to generate buttons.

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