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I know you’ve heard or read a lot of commercials, articles and rumors about making money from the internet .

And I’m sure you’ve also noticed that all the writings on how to earn money from the internet are not about how to make money, but about the books or the training kit you need to buy to make money on the internet.

Yes, nonsense!

It consists of inefficient methods that do not add anything to the person, such as making money by filling out the questionnaire by clicking on the clickbank or by clicking on the clickbank, and not really making money, as you do not.

What I mean is that you will understand Google better when you write to make money from the internet and look at all the other content on the first page.

However, this article will be very different from other internet monetizing writings !


In this article I will talk about the most guaranteed ways to get the most healthy results for making money on the internet !

I guarantee you two things in this writing!

1- The method of making money on the internet that I listed below 30 will also be one of the healthiest and most guaranteed methods you can actually make money with .
2- And this article will be the most profitable article you ever read !
1- Write a Blog
2- Youtube
3- Build a Site
4- Instagram
5- Domain Purchase-Sell
6- Open a Niche Blog
7- Udemy
8- Upwork
9- Backlinks
10- Fiverr
11- Viator
12- Write Articles
13- Photo selling
14- Stock Music – Stock Video
15- by deploying your own site16- AirBNB
17- Amazon Mechanical Turk
18- Sell more products at a higher price
19- Sales partnership
20- Purchase of game skin
21- Translation
22- Freelancer
23- Twentify
24- Product sale in online markets
25- Twitch
26- Uber
27- Artway



1- Blog Writing: This is my method of making money from the Internet. I even left my full-time job in white-collar employment in 2016, thanks to the income I got from my blog, and I have been doing this job since then .

I earn my life from my blog.

For example , I blogged about how to do this practically in the article titled , “Writing 100 pounds a month by writing a single article “.

Both whatever I could I from 0 to do, step by step, without ever skipping a point you are also the expression by applying the method I have described with a single text passively (ie only 2 weeks spending, leaving typing) monthly 100 pounds and above, the 5-year 5 thousand to 7500 pounds and above you can dig.

There are many ways and methods of making money by writing a blog. I wrote about blogging by writing blogs about what these blogs are about. In addition, there are also screenshots of the earnings of people who earn 10 thousand liras a month in my article.


There is also a blog that has won 10,000 pounds per month from the internet , 50.000 pounds. Both in Turkey. Do I know where? Because with my blog I became the opportunity to meet all these people and establish friendships.

No matter what the topic you are writing about, you can certainly guarantee that you earn money from the internet by writing a blog as long as you do quality work. For example, there is only mention of how and how much money their trip blogs earned.

So there are hundreds of different topics and categories to write on. If you want to make a blog for making money from the internet, you can take the first step by following the blog post titled How to Open . I already told every detail.

By the way, do not be afraid. Because blogging does not require any technical knowledge or coding knowledge as you think . You can manage your blog the same as using a word, excel program. In today’s technology it’s much easier to open a blog than you think.

If you can not find the topic to write, if you do not have an idea in mind, you can look at the article entitled Blog ideas . You can also review the blogs I have listed in my article below.


2- Youtube: One of the most popular ways of making money from the internet in recent years is Yotube, a medium in which you can earn serious income in real terms.




3- By Making a Website: It is possible to earn money from the internet by establishing a website for companies, businesses or individuals. You do not have to be a software developer to make a website. In fact, these things have improved so much that now you can do everything with clicks. No technical knowledge or coding knowledge is required either.

For example, check out how to write the website. In this writing , I explained how to build any kind of site structure (e-commerce, company, blog, news, forum, advertisement, real estate, hairdresser, photography etc.) They all sit on the same base.

So, you can learn how to build a website by following the above mentioned article and you can earn money from the internet by establishing a site for a lot of people or companies by building your site, especially your friends, the people you are familiar with, and your business after further development.

I know hundreds of people (with the help of blogs) who are doing this method of monetization over the internet and know that they earn very serious money.

Instagram: Instagram is one of the most valid answers that can be given on how to make money from the internet.

Influence on Instagram, that is, influence on the mass of followers, and that the accounts with forwarding power do not make money from the internet IM BLOOD-SIZE!

Look, I’m not talking about selling. In many places there are ways to earn money from the internet by selling from instagram, but it is a different method that I mentioned. Of course, it is also a method to earn money by selling through instagram.


The accounts that earn money share the money as an influencer. Per share in Turkey 3500 lira there are winners, 10 thousand pounds and over winning numbers. In my article titled How to earn money from Instagram , I have explained in detail how these influencer accounts have earned these moneys in what way, in what manner, in what amount and in what amount .

5- Domain Purchase – Sale: Domain, domain names are the names that website, so wpmavi.comas google.comsuch. Of course there is a charge for the purchase of the domain address. This fee is approximately 30 – 35 TL per year.

It’s a billion dollar market. Many domains are sold on thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. You do not need any technical knowledge to buy and sell domains.

Domains are no different from physical or digital. When you buy a domain your name is registered worldwide and nobody else can use it unless you sell it.


6- Opening a Niche Blog: I have written a blog named to create a practical example for making money from the internet by writing a blog.

I’ve published a single article on this blog , and I’m ranking top search terms in google. (at the moment, for example, if you search the entire “best foreign sequences” word, you will see that it is 3rd in google).

Shuan, this blog receives 1200 – 1500 visitors per day , so it is read and this blog is making money between 100 – 300 TL per month .

And how do I write this blog, how do I write it, how do I write the top row in google, how do I make money and how do I make money from 0, by blogging and writing a single article, 100 pounds a month ? Step by step ! I have never pointed a point, I pointed it to the point, to the comic.


7- Udemy: If you have a knowledge or ability to teach people, you can take video lessons and sell these video lessons on Udemy for a fee.

If you are looking for ways to make money on the internet in a passive way, you can earn serious revenues from Udemy by offering online video tutorials , which is one of the most guaranteed ways to earn money online for those who make quality work .

Visit Udemy (in this case) and see what kind of training sets are in which categories. Thus, you will have a brainstorming idea about how you willbe able to receive trainings on what subjects andhow much you can earn by seeing how many people are enrolled .

8- Upwork: As Freelancer, you have heard the working term before. Here, I want to work as freelancer, but for those who ask how to earn money from the internet, how do you find a job, Upwork is one of the best answers that can be given.

Upwork is a freelancer platform that combines worker and worker on many different topics (in digital business areas) and works with hourly wage method.

If you are a mid-level or slightly above-average English, the most valid and guaranteed way to earn money on the internet as freelancer is Upwork.

What kind of jobs are there in this market?

I can say all sorts of things that you might think of in the digital field. For example, I went to the upwork site, picked the Find Jobs section from the top, and when I did a search for Turkish, hundreds of job announcements came out.





9- By selling Backlink: If you are listening to the backlink for the first time and you are considering this exact technique, it is a detailed issue and if you are considering to go directly to the method of making money from this internet, then you are going to have a great opportunity.


First, let me briefly explain what backlinks mean: Backlink is a link to another site from one site to another. For example, in this article, each text you see as orange is the link I gave to other sites, ie backlink. (e.g. google )

Backlinks have a very important place among the google ranking criteria . One of the points that Google sees as a criterion in determining the ranking of a site in google results is how many different sited refinements, backlinki, are on that site.


10- Fiverr: A platform where people offer their digital productions and talents for sale for at least $ 5 . What talents? Can you open a little more ?

Animation – Video Intro – Logo Design – Poster Design – Infographic Production – Translation – Advertising & Marketing – Art & Entertainment and almost all the things you can think about.

If you are a little bit above average in the middle, one of the platforms on which you can get the best results for making money from the internet is Fiverr .

You can also produce a product in any field where you are competent at Fiverr and take a serious step to earn money from your internet with your talent. Of course, the more creative you are, the higher your chances of selling your products and making money from the Internet.


11- Viator: If you have any foreign language that you know well in advance, you can makemoney from the internet by giving special tour-activity guide for all kinds of touristic activities that you might think of through viator to tourists coming to your city.

What you need to do is very simple;

You are creating a membership link on and give you a private tour – you write all the details related to the activity service (what will be the activity, number of days, to visit, to stay, food to eat places, options, as prices – there and there you can see examples located -) and then you enter your city and other advertising particulars and publish your notice.

Your advertisement is displayed on viator by potential tourists who want to come to town and when they arrive, accompanied by a special tour or activity guide, and if they are interested in a private tour – activity guide that you give to a tourist they are also buying your service. (purchasing is via viator)

After you meet the tourist (s) and fulfill the services you promised on the viator, the tourist (s) confirms that he / she has received the service through the viator, comments on the service he / she received and then the fee (after approval) is transferred to your account.

12- By Writing an Article: If you do not want to deal with building a blog or website at all, but you still want to make money on the internet by typing, you can do this by selling the articles you write.

However, I must say that from the outset that Turkey seriously in the internet article purchase – the sale dump the case back.

Such that,

The market value of the money paid for the 100- article article you wrote is 1 TL. So if you write 1000 words , you will get 10 TL . When you write a 10 thousand word article, it is a funny figure like 100 TL .

In addition, it takes at least a week to write a quality essay that requires 10 thousand words of research. 1 week to win $ 100 …





14- Stock Music – Stock Video: It is possible to make money on the internet by making music, sound effects, video productions. There are even those who earn very serious money from this business.

There is no language in your music. A phenomenon that appeals to every language, every culture. This, of course, is a tremendous opportunity for selling to the world and earning dollars. If you have the equipment and the ability to produce music, you can sell these productions through platforms like Audiojungle .



15- Set up your own site: Another option to make money from the internet is to set up your own site. Installing a website no longer requires any coding or technical knowledge.

There are ready-made writings to set up an internet site and manage the site you have installed. WordPress comes first.

For example, 3 out of every 3 websites in the world currently use this WordPress infrastructure. In my article titled ” What is WordPress, ” I mentioned in detail how WordPress is a system.

WordPress sites with established which of the major sites in Turkey titled You can also check spelling that use this infrastructure. Also, this site you are reading now uses the wordpresss sub-structure.



16- airbnb: the current to make money from the Internet, beautiful, and social interaction is also another one of the highest road Airbnb . What is this Airbnb ?

A world-class system in which you can rent a room of your home or your home to potential guests. It was born as an alternative to the hotel and accommodation sector and has been used by millions of people, with tremendous positive returns.

There are thousands of users in Turkey. You also Airbnb When you look at rented sites saw their homes as a provider of space for a lot of people who want to stay in Turkey or a room at the AcAksInIzdIr.

First enter the site and look at the houses provided by the place providers in your area and do a price search. Then make your announcement and get ready for potential guests to come from all over the world!

The higher you keep your hospitality, the more positive reviews you receive from your guests, and the more positive comments you receive, the more likely that the number of potential guests will depend on you.






18- Sell more Fiber Products at a higher price: At the top, I mentioned in detail what kind of fiber is in the 10th place.

Serving worldwide in Turkey can not benefit from such a platform is not even my english just such a platform will not even know there is a lot of people.

19- With Affiliate: Many companies apply the affiliate marketing method to market services or products on the internet. This is the most effective method for marketing on the internet because it is for direct sales.

The general relationship of the sales partnership works as follows;

Company sales partner; if you have a means to sell a product, you send me a customer, and the customer makes a purchase from me, I will pay you a certain commission on the price of the product sold.



Thousands of companies from every sector you can think of such as Amazon, ebay, deal extreme, aliexpress, banggood, gearbest, focalprice, bestofferbuy, booking, expedia, airbnb.

How is the selling partnership done?

The general logic is as follows: If you are applying from the affiliate page of the company you wish to make a sales partnership and your application is accepted, the company gives you one reference link.

When you market this company’s products, you link to this company with your reference link, so that when the sale is realized, the company understands that the sale takes place through you and reflects your commission to you. (This system is already running automatically)

How can you do marketing? There are only two methods for this;

1 – Written: You will have a blog or your site and you will market the products of these companies by writing articles on this blog.

Let’s say you will market You are opening a blog for this. (see how to open the blog) and you write articles that give hotel advice in your blog.

Let’s say you are marketing London’s restaurants. You write an article about places to stay in London and in this article you write an article that you are promoting in the frame of reviews of dozens of hotels such as the proximity of the centers to the customer comments –

For each hotel in the article you will be linking to the reference link given by booking to the advertisement of that hotel in (from the link below you can make your reservation for this hotel)

Lots of places to stay in London are starting to get visitors when they get to the top for people who search for “places to stay in london” when they are top ranking on google. I mean, your writing starts to be read by the people you refer to.

If a visitor reads your article and clicks on the referenced link to book the hotel you have booked on, booking will pay you 25% of the profits from your sales.

There are dozens of authoritarian travel blogs that use this method to make money on the Internet. With this method they earn very serious money.

Or let’s say you will make a sales partnership for amazon, dx or aliexpress. Again, you can write a detailed review of one of the best-selling products on these shopping sites.

For example, both amazon, dx, and aliexpress sell a review of a dron with all the details of the writer and at the end of the article “where to buy the cheapest” you create a title

Under this heading you will compare these 3 sites together with their prices and say “you can buy it by clicking here” and add your link here.

So if any visitor reads your review article and buys the product by clicking on the reference link found under the heading Where to buy from the cheapest, you will get a commission from the sale price of the product at a certain rate.

Note: It is not necessary for the customer to click on the link to buy it. If you receive the link after 30 days (or 60 – 120 days / company change) then it will still be reflected in the offer as you are the intermediary.

2- Video: Another way of marketing is YouTube, of course. For example you one of the best examples from there you can see in the video are located.

The person who shoots the video concept in the video concept is ordering products from the shopping sites in China and making short brief introductions of those products. In the description section of the video, you can see where you can buy these products. (These links are referenced, that is, affiliate links.)

If a person who likes a product in the video and wants to buy the same is making a purchase by clicking on the link in the description section, he gets a commission from that sales owner.

Marketing is totally your imagination, even if I have 2 live examples. It is possible in real sense to make money from the internet with a sales partnership by doing such marketing with hundreds of different ways.

20- Game Skin Buy-Sell: This is one of the most surprising ways to make money on the internet if you have never heard of it before.

What do you mean: Skin guns or equipment in games are only designs that add a difference in terms of visibility. The weapons or equipment in the Skin’s game do not physically provide a superiority.

It only makes a difference in terms of visuality. For example, CS: GO is a functionally identical AK-47 with a normally designed AK-47. There is no difference in power between the two.

Well, what if there’s no difference between them, if you get a superiority when used, why do not people think about skin money? Believe me, this business is turning into tremendous money. Skin is superior in terms of ability or power, but it gives a serious advantage over other players in terms of status.

That is because such a market has been formed because of the fact that skin is generally influenced by other actors in games, whether it is to show rich, to air, to help playmakers, to prestige, charisma or whatever you say. It is done.

If you have played games like PUBG, GO, H1Z1 (and lots of games) before, you can earn serious money by buying and selling gun skins on the steam market , even if you are interested in games or you are not interested .

# Think of it like the stock market. When you have a certain amount of capital and the prices for the weapons used in the steam market games are falling, you are making skin purchases and selling these skins when the prices get higher.

Similarly, the steam market offers you a detailed graph of price increase – decline times, trading volumes, and the lowest and highest trading price ranges on the same exchange. In addition, you can give automatic – buying and selling orders from the prices you specify.

How to Make Money from the Internet – How to Make Money from the Internet – Steam Market
Steam Market (ways to earn money from the Internet)
Of course you can not get the money that you won in the steam market as payment. Only that money is reflected in your steam account. However, you can get a skin with all the money in your account, and you can sell that skin for real money in outsourced markets like opskins or bynoname .

So you can make your goal of making money from the internet by converting the digital money you earn into real money.

21- By Translation: If you know the language at a professional level, I can guarantee you to make money from the internet.

I am sure there are thousands of people who are doing this business but who can not find customers at the desired level or who can not find customers at all. (Example: unv students)

That’s why I wanted to share the best-known freelancers for those people who want to make money from the internet by translating, but for those who can not find customers;

Peopleperho is
Bionluk (TR)
22- Freelancer: This platform is also one of the most popular platforms you can find job by working independently in many categories like upwork.

For those who ask how to make money from the Internet, is one of the best answers that can be given. If you are English, freelancer is among the most valid and guaranteed methods for making money on the internet.

While this platform is mostly software-focused, it is also possible to find jobs in many different categories. For example, there is also a tour guide, translator – dubbing – painter – muhsebeci, even vocalist for song translation / voiceover.

Monetization from the Internet – Monetization over the Internet – Freelancer (How to Make Money from the Internet)
23- With Twentify: Twentify is a platform, a phone application that allows companies to meet market research and control needs with independent third parties.

You are the 3rd person here. Let’s say that a company with chain hotels around the country has gone on to update its reception / front office service standards in the hotel. It wants to make sure that it is applied correctly at every hotel.

In such a case, if the company negotiates with a firm for auditing, or if it creates its own auditors, a serious cost arises. The company agrees with Twentify, which is much less costly.


With this application you can take business in your name and make money with the business you receive and make money from the internet.

24- Sell Products on Online Markets: There are dozens of markets around the world that bring buyers and sellers together. But of course selling to the biggest of these markets will increase your potential to make money from the internet.

What are my best alternatives?

Of course, you have to make the right research to earn money from these circles. On Ebay and especially Etsy you can earn serious money.

I also know that there are many Turkish sellers in Etsy. That’s why I call it Etsy. Because Etsy’s main target is made up of products such as boutique dress, jewelry, wedding products, gifts. Which is one of the best points of our country.

By doing some research on what you can sell, you can list products at Etsy for making money from the internet, export and make serious money.

25- Twitch: is a platform on which players play, play live, broadcast massively, and watch on the internet.

Twitch is one of the most popular interactive and recently popular plafroms that allows people to broadcast like television channels.

So that famous foreign publishers (in English) monthly earnings varies between 50 thousand and 500 thousand dollars. In Turkey, this number is for over 50 thousand pounds for famous publishers. You can also broadcast on this platform to earn money from the internet.

Publishers have two main sources of funding on the platform ;

1 – People watching the broadcast donate to the publisher. These donations do not have to be any reason. Some just write to their publisher, some send messages to donations they send, and send off the amount of their messages to read on the air.

2 – At the same time the broadcast becomes a chat part. Throughout this chat, viewers interact with the publisher in an interactive way. Obviously, in chat, viewers subscribe by paying $ 5 per month to this channel to have better permissions than other viewers and to watch the broadcast without any limitations in the chat .

Of course, publications are not just games. There are also publishers who make music, draw pictures, talk show. But the main audience is always on the games.

If you are someone who takes a lot of time for games in your life, you might consider becoming a publisher to make money from the internet.

26- Uber: Although this is a physical business, I wanted to add it as a method of earning money from the internet because it is the exit point and the internet source of the customer.

Uber Nedir: Uber A private public transport system that provides a platform for customers to find passengers who want to travel with their own or leased vehicles.

Sitemedi works as follows;

After you register with the uber system, this request will be directed to you when the customer requests a point near the point where you are located.

You can also go to the address given by Uber and pick up the customer and get it to the desired point. The customer pays the fee to uber, who pays you a 25% commission on uber.


27- Bionluk: Bionluk, which is a native alternative based on universalism , is another platform where you can get the healthiest results for making money on the internet.




30- Artway: Even if you do not have any of the ways to make money from the internet that I told you above, it is possible to earn money indirectly through this method with this method.

When shopping on the internet, if you do this via , you get money at the bonus rates Artiway has determined according to the amount of shopping site and amount you make.

So let’s say artiway gives a bonus of 2% for all of you. If you buy a product of 100 liras from hepsiburada with artiway, you will be refunded to you over 2 lira artiway and your artiway account lies. You can also transfer your money when a certain amount of these returns arrive.

As I said, if you do not include this method as a way of making money from the internet directly but artiway all internet shopping (which is available in almost all artiway within Turkey’s famous shopping sites), you are indirectly made money.

I am a Founder of my aim is to write about tech, Affiliates, and digital marketing to spread the knowledge among my read .

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