What you need to learn to manage on the site to improve the effectiveness of SEO

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What you need to learn to manage on the site to improve the effectiveness of SEO

Internal optimization is the defining aspect of search promotion. On how well the work is done inside the project, the result of all subsequent stages of SEO directly depends. To ensure the effectiveness of promotion, you need to competently manage the metatags, robots file, site map, etc. About that, what internal parameters of a web resource demand the raised attention and what exactly with them to do, we will tell in this article.

What are the parameters of the site MUST manage?

To the number of mandatory parameters of any web resource, without the skillful management of which, qualitative results of search promotion is almost impossible to obtain, is the following:

**Meta tag title – the title of the page displayed in the browser window and in the results of the web resource in the search (it must be registered independently of other tags, including headers h1-h6, and it must be unique and relevant to the promoted queries, that is, include the key );
**Content on the page. Texts and images should ideally be unique, useful to the target audience, optimized for promoted key words;
** layout of the template. In accordance with the management of this parameter, first of all, it is necessary to achieve correct use of header tags taking into account generally accepted standards: only one h1 tag on the page, the appropriate use of h2-h3, the use of h4-h6 for acute necessity, etc .;
**Robots.txt file. You need to create it, prescribe the correct directives, place it in the root directory;
**Site map in sitemap.xml format. The corresponding file is created with a listing of all the pages of the resource and placed in the root directory of the site. Having a site map simplifies the understanding of the project structure for search engines and helps to achieve faster indexing;
**Use additional files in the root directory. These are, first of all, favicon.ico, special files confirming the existence of rights (needed for a full-fledged account creation in analytics services, Webmasters panels, etc.);
**Contact information on the site. This information should be placed in the appropriate section of the resource “Contacts”, in addition, the phone number and address can be duplicated for all pages – in the header or footer of the site.
The ability to manage the parameters described above is extremely important for SEO. Any optimizer of our company has extensive experience with each of them, from meta tags to the placement of a phavicon.

How to manage on a web resource is desirable?

In addition to the mandatory points, which are required in 100 cases out of 100, there are additional important parameters. So, what to manage is highly desirable, if you want to improve the effectiveness of search engine promotion:

The URLs of the pages. They must be human-understandable, that is, CNC. Their formation can be configured in automatic mode and only additionally checked and changed manually;
301 th redirect. They need to be managed in order to direct the search bot to new pages instead of those that are no longer relevant;
Meta keywords and description for all pages. So, if keywords are allowed to be left blank, descriptors ideally need to create unique, optimized content;

-Setting the error 404;
-The formation of the tag h1;
-Text styles and links to the page;
-Adding new / changing existing items of the main menu;
-Pagination and output of content with page navigation (it is extremely -important to exclude duplicate content on different pages of the catalog);
-Imposition of the commodity catalog and / or services provided (if any).
-Management than is additionally recommended?

In addition to the list of mandatory and desirable parameters on the website, you can select one more list, which includes what can in some cases become a certain competitive advantage for the promoted site or provide additional SEO assistance. So, if we take into account and manage the following parameters competently, then in some cases it is possible to achieve certain positive changes in the issuance:

Templates for meta tags (they are desirable if a multi-page website is advancing and manually creating all tags is problematic enough);
Block content on the page. For example, general information can be given to the commodity catalog, and already all the details are under it (at the very bottom of the page);
Adding publications to the “news” section and / or “articles”. Ideally, new information materials should appear here at least 1-2 times a fortnight;
Closing the nofollow attribute of outbound links.
If all these parameters of the web resource are under control, and the webmaster or the owner knows how to manage them (to adjust what we have indicated above), then during the search progress it is possible to talk not only about the results, but also about certain guarantees on the part of the performer.

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