Why do we need texts for SEO-promotion?

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Why do we need texts for SEO-promotion?


Text content – an important part of search engine optimization and promotion. Individual webmasters believe that the more of them, and as long as each item on a Web resource, the higher SEO results. In reality, this is not the case. Longridy (large sheets of text) now actually become popular. But this applies mainly to blogs and information portals. On the pages of online stores (category descriptions) more publications, users often do not read, but just browsing, pay attention to headings, highlighted phrases, etc. But the texts are needed not only to the reader, and search bots and …

No texts – no clients

Text content is targeted at all leading search engines, including Google and Yandex. That’s why the texts play an important role in the search promotion. The logical chain is easy to follow, but its essence boils down to the fact that without texts from a commercial web resource there will simply be no customers.

Let’s take a closer look:

**If the service or goods do not have an accompanying text, then the search engines will not determine in response to which user requests to display a link to this page of the site;
**Because of this, this service or product simply does not appear in the issuance;
**If your offer is not in issue, then the potential client will not find it and will not order it.

Help to search engines

The task of optimizers is to let search engines know what your web resource is about, what are its products and services, what it offers to the target audience. On the basis of this, the search engines will be able to demonstrate in the delivery the relevant answers to user requests.

In fact, for this, the search engines analyze only two components, namely anchor links that lead to your site from third-party resources, as well as the text that is on the promoted site.

To achieve the expected / planned results of promotion, you need to consider both these methods used by search engines and combine them. Otherwise, you will not be able to bring the resource to TOP on competitive queries. For the same reason, for example, to untwist a pad entirely developed on flash technology is extremely problematic, and in most cases impossible.

Borrow or write your content?

If there is an understanding of the need for textual content, then there will be another dilemma. Whence it to take for a promoted site. It seems that the simplest and most accessible way is to “borrow” publications from competitors. But this approach does not work. Search engines are able to recognize the uniqueness of content. It is necessary to write (to order writing from specialists) unique publications for the untwisted resource. “Borrowing” (copying or actually stealing) is a simple but completely ineffective method of filling websites at the present time. The sites with stolen content will by default be underestimated in the results of Google’s and Yandex’s issuance against the background of the original site with initially unique content.

Conclusions on text content

Considering all of the above, the tactics and strategy of actions when working with texts should be:
Create unique content for the site.
Orient in the process of preparing texts for the requests for which you are promoting the resource.
In large publications, highlight important points (delivery conditions, prices, unique services, etc.) – color or font, and do not forget about the convenient provision – use sub-headings, lists, etc.

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