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Off PageSEO technique

Today we are going to tell you that the Off page SEO and OFF Page SEO .  We all know how to do SEO for a blog or website is important. And it would seem that the seo blog is complete in two ways, which are in this post we are going to tell you. There are many search engine optimization blogger can not in the proper way so they do not get the blog to rank well in search engine. As a result, organic traffic to their blog in very low quantity is obtained.


Today made a successful blogger is any blogger behind him, his hard work, but the hard work that he would have done the most work on the blog seo. Similarly, any blogger, website search engine optimization to make your blog popular is the high organic traffic can get. Some popular blog quickly make use of Black hate SEO do, which is exactly the wrong way. Seo blogs in such a hurry to improve organic traffic is the search engine penalty but very early in her face. The blog aims to recover him and give thought to the Google penalty is very difficult task.

You be successful in blogging is real in your blog, you have to complete in the search engine optimization two parts –

  • ON page optimization.

  • Off-page optimization.

    If you do not know how to proceed on page seo course, read it before is because the first part of this blog seo. And the second part off page seo techniques before explaining the basic information you would like to mention that while off page seo what happens?

What is OFF Page SEO ?
When we publish the post to your site’s ranking improve after that would have to do the link building seo works or it is off page seo. As Guest posting, Social Networking, Article submission, Forum & blog marketing and more.

Many blogger tend to ignore, such as search engine optimization is the main reason for this lack of awareness of it among them. ! Please make sure you do the off page seo will ignore you as much as the good quality of your blog post on the first page in the search result, they add, is unlikely to come on.

If you have online content optimization with offline content optimization legitimate way to do it in a few days you will start to see the incredible result. You will be able to get high traffic to your blog by.

White hate Off page seo techniques 2016:

Now some of the methods we use for seo are going to share with you, –

SEO  Social Bookmarking is most important to Improve traffic to blog sites

This is a great method by which you can easily promote your content and good traffic generate the can. Do not use this service to some newbies, because of which he is a good opportunity to promote your website to miss the turn.

When you create your blog real popular in the early to use this method to be very beneficial. Social Bookmarking sites available on the internet a lot of the way, but we have a few selected websites on their PA / DA is necessary to promote the view of your content.

Because if we are on high authority sites will promote their posts to our blog at very low authority sites get incredible profit  will not work, or even bookmarking it so rarely, and may increase the risk of spam .

So let us tell you that high PA / DA bookmarking sites which they are supposed to use to get high traffic to your blog can –

social media link

Best Bookmarking Site :


Submit your site to blog directories:

If you submit your site to the blog directory when much profit you get from your off page seo. The blog directory on the Internet when it comes to their quantity too, but may not be fit for every directory every blogs. If your blog English language in the blog submit your high authority web directory lot to fall.


But in the high page authority and domain authority for your blog to blog directories I use below’m going to tell them that you have a blog, you will feature in the off page seo.

Improve traffic to the guest blogging:

If you want to guest posting start to take special care of some things you like – PA / DA Spam score and then contact the blog owner you must be sure to confirm that he is the one who’s going to dofollow backlink provide only dofollow backlink allow guest post on the blogs or website to give 100% profit.

Use Question & Answers sites for your blog traffic :

If you want your blog to get the traffic high for it under off page seo Question & Answers websites will use very helpful.

Your problem or questions on the website of the user to whom you share a strong network which can make blogging career by responding to the increased achievement in the future, as well as giving you answers to your link add good you can also get traffic to your content first page the search engine to show the chances are increased.

Under some very high authority Question Answer website on which I am going to tell you about your answers according to the blog related niche and high traffic generate by the blog’s ranking can improve.

Links Exchange to improve blog rank:

In this method, you have to contact some of the blogger, whose blog niche and your blog niche same way, and links them to each other to add to your blog should speak.

With this method you get dofollow links to your blog in your blog can rank improve.


Document sharing site for increaseing traffic

It is also a great method with which we can make our website’s traffic increase. I know that many of the new blogger who do not use this method to. Even if you’re not in use, you will strongly recommend that you make your blog pdf of some special topic, please upload on Document sharing sites so you get backlinks.

If you wish some high authority Document sharing websites suggest you’ve been where you can traffic improve the content of the PDF file upload.

Best Document sharing sites:

Link Baiting make your blog popular:

This method is also extremely beneficial for off page seo. To use it, along with having your content quality improve the high quality backlink is received, which led the search ranking improve your blogs alexa happen.

If you wish to use this method to you in your article or website content related other high authority blogs with good anchor text to link to the related post has to linking. Means to link reference add. It’s your content is user trust and visibility improve the search engine result, which achieves good organic traffic. In the off page seo link building is considered to be the best way.

Keep Active in forum to get  traffic in blog:

lots of  Do not use blogger forums, you make your blog the right way is the off page seo forum posting is a good option. Through which we get quality backlinks to your blog and increase traffic to your blog now.

But remember, there are some Forums dofollow and nofollow. Staying active in your blog niche Dofollow forums while answers to the related threat to their blog or link add related content to your blog is to get good quality of the backlink. And thus also improve blog traffic is the off page seo.

It is very important that you pay attention to some things because each forum site quality backlinks generate for your blog can not. forum posting to his page authority and domain authority check first you must, then be sure to also check that he or forum nofollow linkback provide dofollow. If your blog is dofollow forum if it’s off page seo to complete the course, you should use.

Keep Active in Image sharing sites to get  traffic in blog:


They are the new blogger who does not know about this, which is why she’s off page seo to your website to image sharing websites can not use. To use this method on the incredible traffic result you can see on his blog.

Be sure you have a good sense yet high quality image sharing site has not yet use off page seo you are miss the huge opportunity. This is your blog’s traffic approx 210% increase.

But will concentrate on the Internet are just a few high quality image sharing sites where you share your images on your blog can get good traffic. Below are some of the best quality in image sharing website telling about which you should use for off page seo.

Best image sharing sites –

Keep Comments to get  traffic in blog:

Well this method nearly every blogger knows, but in the process some mistakes are too many blogger. The blogger does not understand some of the short comments (nice info, awesome information, wow its great info etc.) is not to achieve anything. Because such comments meaning less bad comments are mean.

If the comments on your blog is off page seo other blogs you valuable content related minimum 100 words and should include your comment message. Because of the high authority blogs or website owner publish short comments by not tend to delete them. Because of the short comments web space content for use but that does not have any value. Pro blogger to publish such comments so by not reduce your bandwidth load.

If you want to comment backlinks and blogs that you should choose the same good Moz rank and PA / DA is. And it’s possible these should be dofollow blogs, which can get high quality backlinks. But that does not mean all the backlinks nofollow blogs can not be made. Strong to keep your network and to receive comments nofollow backlinks is very important. As it lets you receive referral traffic, and improve your blog traffic is getting much support. But stay away from comment spamming.


Keep Active in Video  sharing sites to get  traffic in blog:

If you make your blog popular to quickly make use of video sharing websites is very beneficial. Today, there are some good site where you can publish your video making, it is also the promotion of your blog and get more backlinks and thereby increase your traffic goes very quickly.

Video create some hard work to do, but the method to make your blog popular and is very powerful. So we are going to tell about some popular video sharing sites, which you can use.


Best video sharing sites –

En: DailyMotion

Traffic from social media sites :

Today, very powerful social media network where you can make your blog or website’s off page seo. And most bloggers social media sites to promote their content and to create back-links to use.

Staying active on these networks to off page seo is too big can make your blogging network. . Below we are going to suggest some of the popular social media sites to use for your blog traffic with blogging career is very rewarding.

Best Social Media Sites –

Google Plus


So in this way you will have understood Off Page Seo Optimization for traffic in your site . If you still have any problem face are related to off page seo tips, you can ask us via comment. If you liked this guide do not forget to share it on social media. Thanks

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