How to Promote video on YouTube: step-by-step youtube marketing

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how to do youtube marketing

How to do youtube marketing

Videos on the Internet due to their immense popularity at the motley audience have now turned into a powerful marketing tool. This channel can generate the target audience, provide a good conversion, including sales of goods and services. It is common knowledge that the search engines in the results of the issue on the entered queries offer not only links to relevant pages, but also graphics – pictures and video. And this fact should be used to provide the web resource with an additional flow of traffic from those users who watch the video directly in the issuance. That’s why we decided today to talk about how to advertise a video on YouTube.


Why Youtube?

Video – this is the basis for both entertainment and training, and to achieve the set commercial goals. Online stores use video to increase the conversion of sales, service sites talk about their offers, manufacturers – show how to create one or the other product. And most importantly – it’s interesting to the target audience.

Today, it is not necessary to upload created videos to your hosting, there are popular repositories of video materials. And out of the competition for popularity among them – Yutoub. Using its capabilities, you can not only save space on the HDD, but also embed video on the pages of your site.

The global popularity of YouTube – the first reason to use this particular video hosting. In terms of attendance, it is traditionally the first 10 among all the websites of the world. By placing and correctly optimizing video materials here, you can generate traffic from both the search and video hosting. The increase in the number of views will pass into the transitions to the promoted web resource, and this will positively affect the behavioral factors. As a result and in the search the site will move forward.

The second point to trust in Youtube is its belonging to the Google corporation. Once you upload a video to this hosting, then in fact, automatically provide its indexing and speed up the time it is displayed and in the search results.

Another point is free access to YouTube. To use the basic features of the service, it is enough just to create an account.

How to advertise a video on Youtube?

To ensure that the videos on YouTube and the site are useful and bring traffic, sales and profits, you need to take into account a number of recommendations regarding both the creation and optimization of video materials. We give the most significant:

1. Duration of the video. If it is a commercial video, then experts consider the optimal length of up to 5 minutes. In most cases, in general, it should be limited to 90 seconds. The longer the video track, the more likely it is that the viewer’s attention is dispelled. Your goal – with the help of video to convey to the audience useful information, but at the same time, CA should not get bored and lose interest in your company / product / service or simply happening in the video.

2. Table of contents. It should cling, remaining simple and concise. The beginning of the video should cause the maximum concentration of the viewer’s attention. If, for various reasons, brevity can not be achieved, then at the very beginning of the video, put the main thing. So, the viewer will involuntarily remember it, even if it does not watch the material. For example, you can watch videos of teleshopping companies that use short videos to show the main advantages and scope of using their products. Similar in content videos are often found in the issue in the “Video” section on the most competitive commercial phrases.

3. Accompanying text. When creating a video in video hosting, you can and should make accompanying descriptions. This is an important point for both viewers and SEO. Use the keys in the descriptive text, make a short but capacious description, explaining to the robots and the viewers the content of the published video.

4. “Loud” title. To make the video attract the attention of the audience, come up with an “catchy” name. Ideally, the title should be:

  • Corresponding to what is shown in it;
  • Short;
  • Relevant to the subject matter;
  • Optimized for audience requests (with keywords).
  • Check that there are keys in the header. This fact alone seriously increases the chances that your video will be in the results of issuing on the necessary user requests.

5. Tags. When uploading video to a video hosting server, it is worthwhile to register tags using key words. This work is important, as it is an additional opportunity to tell and tell search bots about the essence of the content that is hosted.

6. Effective URL. From the point of view of search engine promotion, it is recommended to include the title of the video in the URL of the video page on the site. This is something everyone can do. Yutoub does not give such an opportunity with the editing of “URLs”. What to do? Work around this issue by placing a link in your text description on your page of your site with a video where the title of the video is registered. A link to your web resource should be given at the very beginning of the description. Thanks to this simple trick, not only viewers, but also search engines will go to your web resource.

7. Comments. Often, users who create an account on YouTube and add videos to it deliberately turn off the commenting function. The reasons for this may be different. If you want to popularize the video among a wide audience and aspire to raise the rating of the video, then you should not turn off the comments. Let the viewer have the opportunity to express their opinion. In addition to comments, you can show your attitude to the video on YouTube with the buttons “I liked it” or “I did not like it”.

The ratio of Laikas and Dizlays determines the rating of the video material. Together with the number of views, this indicator directly affects the place of the video in the SERP and its position in the recommendations of the service itself. With a large number of negative responses, you need to find out the reasons, take action and eliminate the negative when developing new videos.

Do not resort to artificial winding likes and views. For such manipulations, video hosting often punishes the ban, and it affects not twisted videos, but accounts in general.

8. Anchor references. If you put links to a video on yourself or on third-party web resources, then use the same anchor text as the text of the link (anchor), as prescribed in the accompanying video description.

9. Optimize your account in Youtube. Search engines add to the index not only individual videos from a popular service, but also the channels themselves (accounts). Therefore, it is worth paying attention to them. First of all it is recommended to optimize the profile. Here it is worthwhile to place the text with the mention of activity and the use of key words. Such content will be useful not only to search bots, but also to users of the service: as soon as they are on your YouTube channel, then by this description they will understand what exactly they expect to see here.

10. Distribution of commercials. Thinking about how to advertise a video on Youtube, you should pay attention to behavioral factors. They directly affect the channel’s progress. Your task is not just to captivate viewing, but also to convince the viewer to be active and take part in the distribution of video content. For this it is worth:

  • Add video calls to share or download videos;
  • Use on the website near the video sharing button in social networks;
  • Create a short URL for easy embedding of your video on sites;
  • Give the opportunity to subscribe to new videos via RSS-channel;
  • What NOT to do when promoting a video?

In free access to online there are many pseudo-councils whose effectiveness is not verified by their own hands, so instead of positive feedback in the form of increasing the number of views and video rating, you can get the opposite results. Some such advice is simply useless, while others – lead to the blocking of the channel.

What to do is not worth it:

Leave an empty time at the end of the video or pause to delay the appearance on the screen of announcements of clips on the topic (your competitors). Such an approach will ensure a lower rating and lead to an increase in the number of failures;
Blindly copy tags from similar competitors videos;
Fill one channel with hundreds and thousands of videos, sometimes even different subjects or focus. Yutoub welcomes the creation of numerous channels by one person with their breakdown by categories and not against different ways of their mutual support and promotion;
To involve cartoon characters in the stories, where products or a particular business are advancing. Instead of the Wah effect that you so desire, such a technique is likely to reduce visual loyalty.


Video content on a web resource has long turned into an important tool for interaction with users and an effective way to get the target audience. Youtube and its functionality to add, optimize and promote the rollers can help to achieve these goals to all comers. The simple recommendations given above will help to attract additional search traffic (from Video sections), as well as users from social networks – and absolutely free of charge.


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