How to Protect Yourself From CryptoShuffler Trojans

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A Russian cyber-security firm, Kaspersky , warned owners of crypts that their coins are not safe even in private banknotes on their phones. A new virus, a trojan, called CryptoShuffler in front of the nose steal users from by replacing a wallet address where users temporarily store data. They all do it while they copy and prepare for the transfers they want to make. No wallet is unsure because the virus uses the pistol function (where the user saves content online) on a computer.

The virus has already caused considerable damage in a short period of time, although cyber crime researchers believe that the virus has been working for perhaps a year or more. According to the company Kaspersky:

“… cybercriminals have managed to steal just 23 battles, equivalent to about US $ 140,000. These are the data from the end of the trumpet. In addition, thousands of dollars from other crypts, such as light cyan, deš, monero, itrium , zkeš and dogkoin, are piled … “

Protect yourself

The most basic way to protect yourself is to carefully compare the address you entered after copying. Carefully checking wallet addresses for each transaction should preserve your assets.

Knowing human negligence, people who have developed a virus know that the usual process is simply copying, gluing and sending without prior careful checking of the address. For this reason, Kaspersky warns users to take special precautions.

In addition, users are recommended to use antivirus and anti-malware to detect and remove malicious programs. As the world of crypt valued grows day by day, the risks will be only bigger and bigger, and owners will have to be more proactive to keep their assets intact.

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