The Richest bloggers of Google Adsense for 2017

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Hello everyone, today I want to continue to introduce you to the most popular network of contextual advertising. Last time I told you how much you can  earn on google adsense  on the example sites of your good friend, so that there was no water, and then you know how many people like to

write about their income, while stealing the same screenshots from other webmasters. Today I want to show you that on Google Adsense, people earn huge money, unless of course you are doing everything honestly and the topic will be: the richest bloggers of Google Adsense for 2016-2017.

In fact, most people start blogging in connection with raising money to their family budget, especially in Russia, where the level of wages and the stratification of society is very noticeable. They do not know what they really should do in terms of blogging and its development, since they approach this business very seriously, but on enthusiasm and as a consequence, they are very disappointed in this, because they do not immediately see the results. So, if you want to earn money through Adsense, then you have to take into account that the project will bring you significant amounts of money, only after a year of working on the blog.

What is Google AdSense?

As I said above, AdSense is one of the best online advertising sources through which anyone can earn money. If you have a blog or website that fits the Adsense rules and has useful non-uninvited and unique content on it, then you must monetize your blog with Adsense and below I’ll show you why.

Basically, Google Adsense is the largest Monetization program in the world. You can apply for Adsense if you have a good and useful blog or website, wait for its approval and post then the code from the ad to the site. Now getting clicks on ad units on your site you get for this money. Forbidden clicks, I mean your own clicks will not be accepted, and if there are many more, you will be banned and nothing will be paid. Alternatives of course there is this greedy Yandex direct, well, or the network from Yahoo! and Bing. Back in the Google adsense, I want to mention that it’s very easy to get your money, I’ve talked about this  how to withdraw money from adsense

Top 10 Leaders in Google Adsense earnings

Well, actually the list of top millionaires Google Adsense. I divided the information according to the following indicators:

  • Page Rank
  • Page views per month
  • Alexa Rank
  • Date of registration 

    Number 10 – Amit Agarwal (Amit Agarwal)

  • Amit Agarwal is an Indian blogger and the founder of the world’s best web sites for technology “Digital Inspiration”. He is a blogger and a software engineer. After he got bored of being a programmer, he started working with ADP. But due to some problems, he quit his job and started blogging “Digital Inspiration” in 2004. After that, it was not long before he became a popular blogger in India. At the moment he is the general director of Digital Inspiration, he has a degree in computer science in the field of IT.
  • Website: (registered in 2005)
    Blog Category: Technology
    Earnings: $ 70,000 / month
    Daily Page views: 500000
    Daily unique visitors: 270000
    Alexa Rank: 4233 (Alexa rank is not fixed)
    Page Rank: 6

    Number 9 – Jeremy Schoemaker (Jeremy Schoemaker)

    Jeremy Shoemaker is a web entrepreneur and founder of the ShoeMoney network. He often speaks at marketing and partner conferences of search engines. He was born on May 31, 1974 and began his education in his hometown. While studying at the University of West Illinois, Shoemaker founded his first business, gaming sites Macintosh. He created the project Shoemoney in 2003, where he told in magazines how to make a living on the Internet, including direct sales of advertising and affiliate marketing. The Shoemoney blog was named Best Affiliate Marketing Blog 2006 by the Search Engine Journal. In 2010, Shoemaker won the Influence project Fast Company, where he received more than 500,000 clicks.

    Website: (registered in 2003)
    Blog Category: Skills to pay bills
    Earnings: $ 150,000 / month
    Daily Page views: 700000
    Daily unique visitors: 900,000
    Alexa Rank: 50967 (Alexa rank is not fixed)
    No Page Rank: 6

  • Number 8 – Mario Armando Lavandeira, Ml. ( Perez Hilton )

    Perez Hilton, his original name is Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr . Perez Hilton is an American blogger, journalist and TV presenter. His blog, is known for messages and posts covering gossip about celebrities. Perez Hilton was born in Miami, Florida. He graduated from school in 1996, and went on to study for an actor and received a scholarship at the University of New York. After his graduation, he began his professional career as an actor. But because of many troubles, he did not become an actor and decided to start blogging. In his opinion, it seemed easy.

    Website: (registered in 2005)
    Blog Category: Celebrities and Events
    Earnings: 300 000 $ / month
    Daily Page views: 10,500,000
    Daily unique visitors: 1,700,000
    Alexa Rank: 9704 (Alexa rank is not fixed)
    Page Rank: 7

  • Number 7 – Jack Herrick (Jack Herrick)

    Jack Herrick is the general manager and founder of WikiHow. His entrepreneurial projects include WikiHow, eHow, luminescent technology and BigTray. Since January 2005, he started WikiHow as a guide for tourists. As of December 2009, WikiHow had 20 million visitors a month, which was a great achievement. After that, the site became a training tool, for people, where you can find instructions for different occasions. From 2005 to 2015, almost a decade later, WikiHow has many millions of readers and users, and still WikiHow serves as a useful tool for technical, food, and scientific topics.

    Website: (registered in 2005)
    Blog Category: How’s it tutorials
    Earnings: $ 330,000 / month
    Daily Page views: 12000000
    Daily unique visitors: 1,950,000
    Alexa Rank: 204 (Alexa rank is not fixed)
    Page Rank: 6

  • Number 6 – Michael Arrington ( Michael Arrington )

    Michael Arrington is the American founder and former co-editor of TechCrunch, a blog covering the launch of the Silicon Valley aps and a wider technology area in the US and other countries. He was born in Huntington Beach, California, Arrington grew up in Huntington Beach, California and Surrey, studied at the University of California, Berkeley and graduated from Claremont McKenna College with a major in economics. He went to the law faculty of Stanford University, which graduated in 1995.

    He left his legal practice, and he thought about what else to do. He launched the Techcrunch project in 2011 and worked on it a lot, and now he is the founder of the most popular tech site in the world

    Website: (registered in 2011)
    Blog Category: Technology
    Earnings: $ 350,000 / month
    Daily Page views: 16,500,000
    Daily unique visitors: 2,005,000
    Alexa Rank: 145 (Alexa rank is not fixed)
    Page Rank: 8

  • Number 5 – Markus Frind (Markus Frind)

    Markus Frind is a German Internet entrepreneur, as well as CEO and founder of PlentyofFish, the world’s largest dating site. The site was founded in 2003. From 2003 to 2014, its revenue reached $ 100 million. The company has only 75 employees, experts in programming, network and customer service representatives. But on July 14, 2015, the dating service was sold for $ 575 million. So, believe that the guys are doing well. And yes the main income went with Google Adsense.

    Website: (registered in 2003)
    Category: Internet dating
    Earnings: $ 450,000 / month
    Daily Page views: 19,700,000
    Daily unique visitors: 2,200,000
    Alexa Rank: 574 (Alexa rank is not fixed)
    Page Rank: 5

  • Number 4 – Kevin Rose ( Kevin Rose )


    Kevin Rose is the founder of He also served as assistant producer and co-host on TechTV. From 2012 to 2014, he was a venture partner with Google Ventures. He is also currently a board member of the Tony Hawk Foundation. Rose was born in Redding, California, and lived in Oregon before his family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he spent most of his childhood. Rose graduated from the technical academy on the basis of a high school (formerly known as Vo-Tech High School) in Las Vegas in 1992, then studied at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, majoring in computer science, but dropped out in 1998. Next I looked for myself in the start of apah ..

    Website: (registered in 2003)
    Blog Category: Technology
    Earnings: $ 500,000 / month
    Daily Page views: 25,300,000
    Daily unique visitors: 3,115,000
    Alexa Rank: 2295 (Alexa rank is not fixed)
    Page Rank: 7

  • Number 3 – Shawn Hogan (Shawn Hogan)

    Sean Hogan is the CEO and founder of Digital Point Solutions. He started this site since 1999 and still works in this and provides useful informative material through it. The website is very useful for bloggers, web developers and internet marketers. The site describes in great detail information about web development, SEO, internet marketing, blogs, etc. If you are a blogger, then do not forget to visit this site.

    Web site: (registered in 1999)
    Category of Blog: Blogging, marketing, SEO guide, etc.
    Earnings: $ 550,000 / month
    Daily Page views: 27,350,000
    Daily unique visitors: 3,440,000
    Alexa Rank: 4742 (Alexa rank is not fixed)
    Page Rank: 5

  • Number 2 – Courtney Rosen

    Courtney Rosen is the founder of One of the most popular websites in the world, where many articles and 170,000 videos are telling how, to do things step by step, such instructions and manuals. eHow was founded in 1999 and from this year until today, this site has a huge amount of links to itself from popular sites.

    Website: (registered in 1999)
    Blog Category: How to make
    Earnings: $ 650,000 / month
    Daily Page views: 31,400,000
    Daily unique visitors: 3,950,000
    Alexa Rank: +848 (Alexa rank is not fixed)
    Page Rank: 6

    Number 1 – Pete Cashmore ( Pete Cashmore )

    Top 10 Leaders in Google Adsense earningsPete Cashmore is the CEO and founder of the most popular blog, “”, which was founded in 2005, at the age of 19 when he lived in Banchory in Scotland. When he started his blog, he was not surprised that someday Mashable would become the most popular site. He did not enter university, but continued to work hard on his blog, which eventually made him a millionaire, thanks to Google Adsense. The site highlights topics of high technology, entertainment and social media.

    Website: (registered in 2005)
    Blog Category: Technology
    Earnings: $ 1,000,000 / month
    Daily Page views: 37,320,000
    Daily unique visitors: 4,160,000
    Alexa Rank: 285 (Alexa rank is not fixed)
    Page Rank: 8
    As you can see, everything in this world is real, and those who persuade you, simply could not repeat the result of these respected and hardworking people, so that work on your business, it will be much more useful than chattering with language.


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