What things are important to consider when social bookmarking

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social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a link to see what others are posting on social websites because they have interesting, valuable or great start. Then others can see your social bookmarks, you can read it and who have bookmarked it again share (Share) and your link or website in such a short time can be extended to the people.

In a way, social bookmarking already saved bookmarks are the same as on your personal computer. The difference between the two is that the private bookmarks saved on your browser (Save) whereas social bookmarking website where they are saved to easily share (Share) can be used.

What things are important to consider when social bookmarking.

Bookmark the top (Top) to find sites : First, you target the websites (Target) will have to increase your value. I suggest you to select the sites that get the hang High Authority in the eyes of Google.

Changes in titles : the first thing is the title of a bookmark. Most of the time, the link anchor in the header (Anchor) is used. So we have to be serious about it, otherwise it could lead you towards negative seo.

Each time write Unique Description : Description of the type of new and different every time. The quantity (Quantity) does not matter, a Unique bookmark is better than five duplicates.

Related Tag (Tag) Add : Bookmark is another step in making the tag link. Therefore, the more you can use them to get Targeted Traffic. Please note that keywords are not tagged. Therefore they do not make the mistake of excessive increase. Just stay relevant.

Nofollow and Dofollow Mix : The Social Bookmarking sites, some Nofollow and Dofollow something happen. We Dofollow links are better, so we should only Target them. But do not be such a mistake. Penguin Target link profile that only Natural link profiles that can be saved. So be sure to keep a similar proportion. It may be your opinion as 50-50 or 60-50.

Avoid too many links from the same domain : Another big mistake that we do that we never counted how many links us to a bookmarking site. The truth is that what your natural link profile could be severely. Please note that according to Google, many links from one domain to the same counts. So you should take care of that. For better analysis, Google Webmaster Tools ( Google Webmaster Tool ) can use.

Limited Time Limited Create Backlinks : Google can track your backlinks that links how fast they are growing and how quickly are dwindling. So if you create a mass link, it indicates a negative (negative signal) can get and Google finalize your website if you still have not recognised the De-index your website by Google will.


How do social bookmarking  (Step by Step) ::

Social bookmarking your business benefit?


Social bookmarking can help your business to develop the following.

1. Social bookmarking sites quickly through to your website page index (Index) are.
2. Social bookmarking sites  through to increase traffic to your website .
3.  Through Social bookmarking sites  personal branding (Personal Branding)
4. Through social bookmarking sites Quality / Relevant Backlinks are formed.
5. Keyword Ranking in Google’s good will.
6. Page Authority and Domain Authority will raise.
7. Social bookmarking helps people discover business.


Whenever you think of social bookmarking site are submitting something, then be sure that the best material. Ask yourself the question, “What I’d love to read it?” If the answer is no, then it is unlikely that anyone else is good and if people do not like her suggestion to others even if they do not, even it could be worse, that they should vote for him negatively. The main thing is that your content should be something that adds value to the Internet, not spam.

When you submit to a social bookmarking site, then it is definitely something that you do some research (Research) and present it in place. Social bookmarking sites significantly categories (categories) are you the wrong category (category) choose, chances are that you have posted is not anybody interested in it, while bookmarking good content (Content) with the correct category Choose and you will see that your website traffic is touching the sky.

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