How to stop spam comments on wordpress blog ?

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stop spaming on blog

In this article we are going to tell you today how to stop spam comments in wordpress website.  every day, a lot of spam comments on blogs almost all of the cast by some idiots or smart bloggers are happy. If there is high traffic on a blog for the blog owner comments such headaches or become very large problem.  This problem can easily tell that to finish ahead of spam Comments on how to get rid of spam comments on wordpress website.


How to stop spam comments in wordpress ?

Using Akismet plugin:

If your wordpress site and spam comments bother you, you can follow a variety of solutions, such as most bloggers such comments today to prevent the use of Akismet plugin on your blog. Though available in many plugins internet world, but most prefer the same user.

The reason may be that some hosting offers by pre install it, some of its features may also featuring a big reason.
Another best thing is that it is free for starter. Install this plugin to your blog, if we take the right to configure it to keep from bad comments on the blog proves largest body gourd.

If your blog is very much on the number of such comments come in, and you Akismet WordPress ReCaptcha Integration both plugins to install on your blog ha up to 95%, if not completely get rid of spam commenting. But it does depend on your plugin configure settings, how well you have two plugins utilization of the options.

But remember, it could have an effect on your real commenting because WordPress ReCaptcha Integration plugin according to the review, to solve the Captcha to be a little disappointing. And valuable comments rate on your blog may also reduce.

Using Math Quiz plugin :

To solve some of the real commenter ReCaptcha little difficulty, but it is the best alternative Math Quiz plugins. Because the name of the plugin is understood that this plugin is to provide the mathematical Captcha. Quiz easily solve it by any new commenter may submit your comment on your blog.

For each user that every time new math problem generate, without having to solve any commenter who can not submit to your message. It’s mainly use automated spam bots are used to prevent. If a visitor wants to do it manually comment spamming to easily solve Math Quiz and may submit comments to.

My suggestion to you in terms of you for your blog will highly recommend to Akismet and Math Quiz plugins. Because of your blog spam commenting rate will be almost over, but I will advise you to 100% solution after you configure any of these plugins suspected comments once finished must then verify to publish to. This allows your blog almost completely avoided, you can stop spam comments can keep. But Its True, the war N’ti stop spam comments 100% s Your website and blog.

Now I understand that you will be well aware that to stop spam comments on your blog, what – what would be best to make use of plugins. Again you say Can Stop spam plugins Akismet and Math Quiz Comments on your Blogs . If you have any question related to this article comment or suggestion, please share through the course with us. And leave a question for you that you stop spam comments on your blog .

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