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Hello Friend , Today I’m going to Share “Most popular high PR Web 2.0 list” Making backlinks from web 2.0 destinations is another type of Search Engine Optimization. Most SEO experts have been utilizing Web 2.0 locales are level 1 backlinks, basically in light of the fact that they accept Google likes setting backlinks.


Web 2.0 website List  Sites List 2017

  1. – learn about you and your content is easy to find. In minutes with no coding necessary for a free Create Page.
  2. Alexa provides information about top sites including –, Internet Traffic Stats and Metrics , Related Links .
  3. Alltop -features a variety of top story.
  4. -users can ask questions of other users that have a social networking websitewith the option of anonymity.
  5. Behance like -Display and creative work to discover.
  6. Bing forge a single community where people come together to create the millions of questions to ask Microsoft.
  7. BizSugar – share business news, tips,blog posts and information with the community of BizSugar.
  8. Blogarama Web blog directory is one of the oldest.
  9. Blog Catalog -You various industries across the web, where blogs can find a blog search engine, directory and blogger community.
  10. Bloglovin ‘ suggests a connection and read blogs in fashion,food,DIY,travel, and more.
  11. Blog attached -blogrs another community where you can submit your blog posts better exposure,traffic and backlinks to the course.
  12. Blogger (Blogspot) -Google a free weblog publishing tool,for sharing text,photos and video.
  13. Blokube – any other community lets you share your blog posts to Blogger or to exchange ideas and interact with other bloggers.
  14. Bundlr -a social bookmarking website that allows the bundle with photos, videos,tweets, etc. And share with them all.
  15. Carbonmade -You where you can show off your best design makes an online portfolio website,illustration,photography,and other types of creative work.
  16. CNN’s iReport citizen journalism -News submitted by a collection of items.
  17. Contently respective free online portfolio set.
  18. By Crunchbase -Free database of technology companies,people,and investors that anyone can edit.
  19. Dailymotion to upload,share,and embed your videos.
  20. Delicious -Dave,organize,and remember that you find interesting or helpful links around the web.
  21. Digital Point discussion related to -Search engine,including optimization,marketing,equipment and other technical aspects.
  22. Diigo -a powerful research tool and knowledge-sharing community.
  23. Disqus -is a blog hosting service that uses a networked websites and online communities for comment.
  24. Dribbble is an online community for – artwork display.
  25. EzineArticles – unpaid accepts an article directory submissions,authors websites and links for your work in exchange for visibility.
  26. Facebook is the largest social network -The friends and connect people with others who work , study and live around them .
  27. Facebook Instant Article One publishing platform is that you can create interactive,engaging,and sharable content on Facebook.
  28. Facebook Notes allows you to write notes -Facebook a simple publishing tools,add links,images, Tweet,and tag them to friends.
  29. Facebook page -fan pages are businesses,organizations and individuals to share their stories and connect with the brand.
  30. Flavors -The Show your social media updates in minutes to a free Website, photos,videos and more in an integrated web presence.
  31. Flickr -You have pictures you and you and your friends and family to tell stories about them provides a way to organize that huge mass helps.
  32. Flipboard magazine -diskvr a place,gather and share news you care about.
  33. Goodreads -patkon and the world’s largest website for book recommendations. Try the discussion and group .
  34. Google -Google is a social networking and identity service .
  35. Google + business page -Google + provides businesses, products,brands,and organizations with a public identity and presence on Google +.
  36. Google Groups & Product Forums -You and online forums and email-based group chat community with a rich experience that allows you to participate in.
  37. Gravatar -a globally recognized avatar. It is an image that represents you online that appears next to your name when you interact with websites and a small picture.
  38. GrowthHackers evolution hacking tips to share resources and to market the community ( is like.
  39. Guides -a free hosting platform for publishing and distributing guides .
  40. Hacker News is a community of -programr,entrepreneurs,and “anything that an intellectual curiosity gratifies” Digital Ninjas part.
  41. HubPages -Your your online space to share advice,reviews,useful tips,opinions and insights with hundreds of other authors.
  42. -site to register for a Twitter account enables anyone , Submit content and participate in discussions via comments .
  43. InfographicLove -You infographics to submit their returns.
  44. Instagram -a fast , friends and family, beautiful and fun way to share your life with .
  45. Jimdo -peshevr to create websites,online stores,or blog in minutes.
  46. Klinkk single blogging community that lets you share your favorite links and vote.
  47. Klout single website and mobile app that its users “Klout score” according to social impact through online social media analytics uses to rank,which is a numerical value between1 and 100.
  48. -is a music search service that gives you personalized recommendations based on the music you listen to.
  49. -The Blogger Helps&brands curate,crowdsourced,and live embedded within the list attached readers through the blog post content.
  50. LinkedIn -world’s largest professional network .
  51. LinkedIn groups and shows -sman minded professionals to join in the discussions.
  52. LinkedIn publishing platform -a warm LinkedIn publishing platform, as it leverages the massive audience. So it is a powerful new way to make your business brand. Read this article .
  53. LiveJournal -a social network where users can keep a blog,journal or diary.
  54. Medium single publishing platform founded by Twitter co-founders.
  55. Meetup offline group meetings in various locations around the world feature. Look, The Complete Guide to Building Links with local events .
  56. Microsoft Community -maikrosoft an online community where you can ask questions,share tips and find solutions.
  57. -a free,elegant, andcustomizable start page for your favorite web browser,tablet or smartphone.
  58. MySpace -a social network that provides e-mail,forums,communities,videos and weblog space.
  59. Newsvine is -a community-driven news website.
  60. single content curation service that enables you to publish your own online newsletter.
  61. Pearltrees -All is a place to organize your interests. It lets you organize,find and share everything you like.
  62. Photobucket -an image hosting and video hosting website.
  63. Pinterest to assemble and is a tool for organizing the things you love .
  64. PR Log -A free online press release distribution and press release services is presented.
  65. Product Hunt Latest mobile apps to find, website,products and technology that everyone is talking about.
  66. Sehwag single website where questions are questions and answers created,replied,edited, and organized by the community of users.
  67. RebelMouse fully wired to a digital publishing platform that is social.
  68. Reddit -a social news and entertainment website where registered users submit content, links or text posts .
  69. Regator single segment blog directories and search engines that you can find,share,and read posts in the quality of hand-selected blogs over500 subjects.
  70. engaged audiences through publishing by curation building.
  71. Scribd is the respective personal digital library,where you have the world’s largest collection of unlimited access to e-books and articles.
  72. Tings Tings respective positions of other users, even if you are reading, because a publishing platform like never blogged before.
  73. Slashdot -srot technology problems related to Linux and open source news with a heavy slant.
  74. SlideBoom respective powerpoint presentations to share.
  75. View SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing PowerPoint,OpenOffice presentations,Keynote,PDF and graphics information.
  76. Slideworld to upload and share powerpoint presentations.
  77. SnapPages makes it easy to create a website-it. This is a simple and powerful drag and drop website builder.
  78. SoundCloud audio platform that sound -a enables creators to upload , record , promote and share their sounds originally created .
  79. Stack Exchange -is a community driven question and answer site.
  80. Stockvault -a stock photo sharing website where photographers,designers and students can share their pictures and images with each other are.
  81. Storify stories-a social networking site that lets you create time-limits or using social media posts from Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  82. StumbleUpon is the easiest way to find -shant new websites , video, photos and images across the web .
  83. Svbtle -blog is a simple place.
  84. Sway -A digital storytelling app to create and share interactive reports by Microsoft,presentations,personal stories, and more.
  85. Triberr -blogrs and where they come together to share great content to read and is a community of influencers.
  86. Tumblr -a micro-blogging platform and social networking website by Yahoo .
  87. Twitter -The most popular and biggest micro-blogging platform .
  88. Vimeo -is a video sharing website where users can upload,share and view videos.
  89. -world’s largest community of infographics and data visualization.
  90. Webs do it yourself website builder -a.
  91. Weebly -a free website to create,store,or a blog.
  92. Wikia single community site that anyone can contribute to.
  93. Wikidot – a place to build wiki-based websites.
  94. Wikipedia -a collaboratively edited,multilingual,free Internet encyclopedia.
  95. Wix -Everything you need to create a new website.
  96. -a free blogging platform WordPress is powered by open source software.
  97. -You get the most out of WordPress to help support a platform .
  98. Yahoo Answers -a community-driven questions and answers (Q’s&A) site or a knowledge market by Yahoo.
  99. YouTube -The largest video sharing website that allows billions of people to discover , watch and share originally-created videos .
  100. 500px -a photo community where you can showcase your work and shows pictures .


    They really do not assume they are easy ways to make backlinks to your website, and it is worth mentioning that since most links are nofollow . So that’s something to build backlinks to increase the ranking of your website will be .


FREE dofollow links PR9PR7

1. PR9

2. PR8

3. PR8

4. PR8

5. PR8

6. PR8

7. PR8

8. PR7

9. PR7

10. PR7

11. PR7

12. PR7

13. PR7

14. PR7

15. PR7

16. PR7

17. PR7

18. PR7

19. PR7

20. PR7

FREE dofollow links PR7

21. PR7

22. PR7

23. PR7

24. PR7

25. PR7

26. PR7

27. PR7

28. PR7

29. PR7

30. PR7

31. PR7

32. PR7

33. PR7

34. PR7

35. PR7

36. PR7

37. PR7

38. PR7

39. PR7

40. PR7

FREE PR6 dofollow links

41. PR6

42. PR6

43. PR6

44. PR6

45. PR6

46. PR6

47. PR6

48. PR6

49. PR6

50. PR6

51. PR6

52. PR6

53. PR6

54. PR6

55. PR6

56. PR6

57. PR6

58. PR6

59. PR6

60. PR6



Another method of backlinking is blogging . There are many free blogging platforms with high PR . Open an account with these sites and start blogging about relevant topics with outbound links to your website .

Each blog post , no matter how short , with outbound links is already a good source of backlink .Thus, more blog posts you publish , the more links will also be created . Some of the recommended blogs with high page rank are as follows: (PR9) m (PR9) (PR8) (PR8) (PR8) (PR8) (PR7) (PR7) (PR7) (PR7) (PR7) (PR7) (PR7) (PR6) (PR6)


Another way to create a free high quality PR links is to create good quality articles and submit them to several top directories and web 2.0 properties with high quality public relations . Unlike forum posting , it requires more time from your end, because you have to create long articles on the backlink . More good articles to make more good quality links you get , and stay more strong your website with these links .

However, the good thing about this method is that you will not only create a top-notch quality outbound links pointing to your site, but targeted visitors as well . If your content is good and they provide value to readers , your visitors can also be purchased at your site and improve its conversion rate .

Just like the rest , we must also ensure to submit your articles to article directories with high PR quality that will allow you to create a free dofollow links . You can start your backlinking through article marketing in some of these article sites below . Good quality links Dofollow free . (PR7) (PR6) (PR6) (PR6) (PR6) (PR6) (PR5) (PR5) (PR5) (PR4) (PR4) (PR4) (PR4) (PR4) (PR4)


While it is good to know dofollow top article directories with good page rank , it is important to know “do not follow” popular article sites as well, so that you can avoid these sites, if you are building links . But if you want to get direct traffic , then go ahead and submit your articles in these well-respected sites listed as follows: (PR6) (PR5) (PR5) (PR5) (PR4)

and can formulate their own unique strategies to get more links for better search engine ranking of your site . Just make sure to create a free high PR links to websites “monitoring” .

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