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You find yourself surfing the Internet and you come across a very interesting website or an article that at that moment you can not read, but it is very good to let it happen, what do you do? Of course, save it.

The first thing that will come by hand will be to store it in the bookmarks folder or your browser’s favorites . This is how social bookmarking sites work, only that they are available online for use at any time and from any PC. But that is not all, there are many more advantages of these web services, mostly free.

Discover everything you can do, how to use them and choose from our list of the 20 most important social bookmarking services on the Internet, the one that best suits your needs.

1 What are social bookmarks for?
2 Using a Social Bookmarking Service
3 20 most important social bookmarking services
4 Did you know …
5 Conclusions

What are social bookmarks for?

Organize your online files and favorite pages. You can organize all your links, sorting them with tags and folders. Especially useful for sorting the files and sources of an academic or work project. The best thing is that it will always be available on the Internet no matter which PC you connect to. It can be converted into your virtual archive.

Share with friends. Share by mail and your social networks your best links.
Find interesting articles. Since most services offer public bookmark lists, you can perform advanced searches among thousands of select links that other users recommend. Search among the most popular, by tags, by categories and among the most recent. Some services have voting systems and comments.

How to use a social bookmarking service

In most social bookmarking service you will have to register and add a button in your browser to save a link while surfing the Internet. Look at the video example of Delicious, one of the most popular.

20 most important social bookmarking services on the Internet : One of the most popular and used social bookmarking services today. Save your favorite pages, organize them by tags and discover what other users are sharing. You can subscribe by RSS to tags and receive the latest articles.

Google Bookmarks : is simple and functional, save all your links in your Google account. You can create lists and sort by tags.

Buddymarks : to save your bookmarks online, import your browser bookmarks and share on the Internet. : is the largest and most extended services. It has applications for each browser, buttons to share content on most websites and mobile versions. It is especially useful for finding valuable resources in your community links base. : Maybe it’s one of the first and most social bookmarking services. Not only do you keep your favorite links, stand out for a community that chooses the best articles with a scoring system that shows you the best in each category.

Excite Bookmark : A full-featured, full-featured Spanish language service for tagging, sharing, and searching. : register and save your best links, you can also participate by voting for others that are sharing.

Blogmarks: a French bookmark service that survives the competition of the big ones since 2003, only accept new members through invitation.

Diigo : one of the oldest services, but it has been renewed to offer applications for mobile and integration to social networks. One of the most recommended.

Linkroll : a simple service to organize your work. Also vote and comment on the articles that others are adding.

Mister Wong : One of the most popular social bookmarking services in Europe, with support in Spanish. It has multiple tools for browsers and their integration to web pages.

Connotea : a tool for researchers and scientists to share articles, build their bibliographic archives and consult for references.

Jumptags : helps you manage your online resources, with the ability to collect, store, share and distribute your Internet favorites, videos, notes, RSS feeds, contacts and more.

Newsvine : more than a social bookmark, lets you discover the latest and best that is being shared on the Internet. You can comment and vote.

Bibsonomy : you can save your bookmarks as public or private, search through the clouds of tags and related tags, have voting system.

Getboo : Create your own system of bookmarks, public and private. You can import and export to other services and browsers. It has anti spam protection, translations, extensions and RSS subscription.

Lilisto : allows you to store, manage and search your favorite links, so that you no longer depend on the browser.

Wirefan : simple but with everything you need for a social bookmarking service. Save, organize, share and discover interesting links.

Evernote : this is actually much more than a social bookmark, it is one of the best services to organize documents and bookmarks online and offline, allowing access on multiple platforms in a synchronized way. For those who only need a good filing cabinet will be very good and can discover all its features.

Did you know…

Some popular social bookmarking services like AOL’s Yahoo Buzz and Propeller were written off for their poor reception.


There is a wide range of bookmarking services, more useful and more social. To save your favorite links on your PC to share with friends and make these sites specialized search and archivists online, choose yours, you have 20 options.

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