Total Market Capitalization : Bitcoin Seizes PayPal!

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The latest statistics from the crypto sector indicate that the payoff will soon be overlooked by PayPal . The current total market capitalization of the battle is about 68 billion dollars, while PayPal is about 70 billion dollars.

After the stagnation period, it has begun to grow in August after confirming SegWit .

On Sunday he reached a new record worth $ 4,192, which attracted the attention of the mainstream media.

According to Bloomberg, additional demand is expected not only due to technological progress, but also by the optimistic attitude of investors and companies in the sector.

“Demand jumped over Coinbase’s fundraising,” says Justin Short, founder of the NOUS trading platform.

“It’s a big marketing budget. Every million dollars invested in marketing leads to increased demand, and this increases the price because the bidding is limited. ”

Coinbase announced the closing of a D-fund of financing in which $ 100 million was collected at the end of last week, before confirming its long-term plans to increase capacity by announcing it had increased the total amount to $ 1 billion.

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