How to use H1 to H6 Heading and Subheadings tag in your Article ?

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Tips for using H1 to H6 right way :

Hello friends, today, in this post we are going to tell you that How to use  H1 to H6 Heading to your Blog Post. Or How to use heading and subheadings in blog post.  If you carefully read this post until the last H1 to H6 tag away from the predicted related approx all confusion.

H1 to H6 Heading and Subheadings tips to make your blog 10 time better :

The headings in any post is very important. If you have any content without headings, he writes a chinese (Chinese) content is like. It is like a post written in Chinese language. Such Neither the article nor do readers like search engine.

Bounce rate is very high in the post Without headings. Do not bore the readers content read becomes close to and very fast page turns.

If you want to write powerful post then you must follow the heading and paragraph rules.

Rule no.1 – Every heading or subheadings should write a maximum 300 words.

Rule no.2 – Every heading or subheadings should only be two paragraph.

Rule no.3 – Every paragraph should write a maximum 150 words. Thus “one heading = 300 words = 2 paragraph = 150 + 150 words = 300 words”.

Now, you go ahead and H1 to H6 tag (heading and subheadings) briefly about their web page or post that explains what use is it? The heading should use and what kind of content?

What is a H1 tag?

This is an html tag. Use for which a web page title is used. We mean any article or post share on your website when it is a title, it is called the H1 tag of the post or page.

If we see that according to these search engine optimization for our post is very important html tag. because  the search engine to crawl a page is the first keyword from the search engine bots that scan only related H1 tag. Insert the post title or keyword in the H1 tag so good to get organic traffic is considered the most important.

What is H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6 tag?

If you talk to the H2 tag of the web page is subheading. There is a post title means the subheading.

Let see if the SEO H2 tage according to any post or web page is very important. So we have explained in other post earlier post in the subheading H2 insert the related keyword from the main keyword search ranking of our post is very important, to avoid it could be harmful for any blogger.

Let’s talk now of H3 html tag or third level heading minor heading it says.

SEO should be seen to contribute to the H3 tag, it also has its importance as H2 tag. H3 minor heading use means we are in a post, then add it to the related keyword in a natural way is considered very important.

When it comes to the H4 tag is called the fourth level html tag. Its importance is negligible in SEO. Because of this tag is to use web development in the sidebar headings.

Similarly, the web developer H5 and H6 html tag respectively as fifth level and sixth level html tag call.

Html tag in both of these search engine optimization, according to my own opinion, which is not a contribution. Divide up your content using both tags and is used to describe the well form.

If the blogger is such that hardly anyone to be seen in his article does use of H5 and H6 tag. Even if someone does use them is of the article approx 5000+ words. And would like to tell here in short that every html tag (H1 to H6) is a specific rule, which follow the post, these tags are in use or on the web page.

Importance of heading in writing :

The headings of any article or post is very important. Heading and Subheadings (H1 to H6) through the topic we divide good from him to describe in good manner. Our post which becomes user friendly. This means any readers better understand the topic easier.

But some bloggers heading and subheadings, but then let’s use in his post without reason. Or simply put, some blogger in his post in the heading and subheadings of Un-Natural way to use, as well as which SEO puts negative impact on readers. So always use only if you need to post a heading SEO is best for both the readers.

And these are also 100% true that without heading tag use you organize your content while not write correctly.

Tips for using H1 to H6 right way:

If you are writing an article for your blog, you are the first on the topic a little paper work must also, so you do not stray from your topic. Can write well formed and its content.

Paper work is best to have only two things, First one is keyword research and second is heading and subheadings.

The first topic of the main keyword and related keywords on paper and then make a note of. The topic then see what information include what we have inside. By topic to make it easier to make note on related heading and subheadings paper.

Now we show that the H1 to H6 tag your content in the right way to manage how to use.

How to use H1 heading  tag for SEO in a unique content ?

As I have told the Post that the H1 tag starting to say the same title tag. So this is the most attention. Is the title tag search engine because the first scan. So make your post title as well as the attractive is to create SEO friendly.

Your post is the main keyword in the title of starting to use the best means. If it is not possible between the main keyword in the title can also use.

Some bloggers I’ve seen that he’s heading in the H1 tag as your post to use, meaning they insert two times H1 tag in your article turn. The first title in the second heading, which is very wrong. H1 tag as the only title we should use.

How to use H2 heading  tag for SEO in your  Post ?

I would like to tell you that the H2 subheading to use SEO in your post is very important. H2 subheading means the use in any post if the content has not been written, he does not post SEO friendly.

Therefore the search engine friendly article and add to H2 subheading must use the main keyword or related keyword in the variation can also use.

How many H2 tags per page or post?

Some time ago I was asked by a blogger that subheading H2 can use many times in your post? I want to mention here so clear that the H2 tag can use 1-3 times in your post. But more than once it will not be right to make use of without requirement. If a post is to give you any information in real H2 tag is worth, you can use as a second H2 subheading.

Once the minimum and maximum H2 subheading three times in a post can use. But remember, as far as I know at this time are very few Hindi bloggers such content impressed by your writing skill. So if you are a newbie or if you do not have a good understanding of writing skill in your post please use only one of subheading. SEO can be a problem create for otherwise. Now you will know that Why using subheadings is a good idea.

How to use H3 minor heading tag  in your  Post ?


If you have a requirement for a post in which the H3 tag, you also can add post as a minor heading. H3 tag is also beneficial for search engine.

H3 heading also to the related keyword use is very beneficial for SEO. heading and subheadings for keyword insertion is not any more than the best place. Therefore, the related keyword to post some minor heading should use.

Without keyword or keyword phrase any html tag like H1 H2 H3 All are useless for SEO.

Now a question in your mind of course that will be coming H3 tag can use the time in the post? So let me tell you this: you can use in your post 1-3 times, requirement accordingly.

How to use H4 heading tag  in your  Post ?

As I mentioned earlier in this post, the H4 html tag sidebar headings are for use, so to use the content in any way in terms of SEO is not beneficial.

But the requirement of your content so you can use it. But it is not any good search engine. I do not use for the heading tag does a blogger SEO purpose. Yes it is, of course, good to divide the tag to your content should of course use, so if necessary.


How to use H5 and H6 heading tag  in your  Post ?

If you will scan the blog post of a blogger yourself, you will understand that these two headings must not use in any post. And the reason that their search engine is not a relation. Yes to post any use that may be made by a blogger, then the only reason to divide the content of the good will of his purpose.

The use of these tags is used in the post much higher than his length. These headings according to the SEO is not a need. They read as a search engine does not just bold text.

If you talk to your article, I use only a few posts on the H4 tag, and that too for conclusion.

How to add heading and subheadings to your post article?

Not long ago, there are a few new blogger Blogging career start and properly insert them into heading and subheadings do not know their content, so in one by one Blogger and WordPress platform for both the H1 to H6 tag post to add’m going to tell. If you have any new blogger can follow the guide below.

How to insert  H1 to H6 tag in Blogspot post  ?

  1. First your Blogger post Editor open it. 
  2. Now heading the words to make sure to select them.
  3. Please click on the left side me Normal option now.
  4. Now Heading (H2) Subheading (H3) or Minor heading (H4) who is also heading to work, 

    Tips for using Heading tag
    Tips for using H1 to H6 right way :

How to insert  H1 to H6 tag in word press post  ?


  1. First your WordPress post Editor open it.
  2. Now heading the words to make sure to select them.
  3. Please click on the option now left side me paragraph.
  4. Now heading 2 (H2), heading 3 (H3), heading 4 (H4), heading 5 (H5) and heading 6 (H6) heading in whatsoever form, please click on it. 
    wordpress H1 TAG
    wordpress H1 TAG


H1 tag means the SEO friendly post Title should make use of the best keyword. H2 H3 tag in your article and also with related keywords or keyword phrase to include. H2 H3 subheadings 1-3 can use in your content.

I would like to tell you that there is only beneficial for H1 H2 H3 SEO. But there is no requirement on the use of the heading and subheadings content. Otherwise readers and SEO can have an effect both on the negative, do not have to add any heading force. If you do not want to use the content in the H4 H5 H6 headings do not then it will not be a problem.

Thus you will have understood that how to insert the H1 to H6 tag in your blog post  . If you still have any confusion on the heading and subheadings, you can ask us to comment. They must also tell us how did you and the post. And if you want to help us you please share this post on your social media. Thanks!


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