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Each webmaster or optimizer has effective ways to influence the results of the SERP. First of all, this is an internal optimization of the resource. Working with content, including systematic updating of text and other content is one of the most effective SEO tools today. About why this is so and how the updates on the site affect its position in the issue, we’ll tell you today.


Regular updates = success

A good frequency of updates on the site is a guarantee of its qualitative development. And it has a logical justification. Let’s say that you have a quality web resource at your disposal. It has a lot of useful information for the target audience, the content is unique, interesting, literate. Additional positive factors are the age of the domain and numerous natural backlinks. It would seem that everything is fine and from the point of view of SEO this project does not need anything. But there is one snag. On the site for more than a year there are no new publications, news and other content.

Actually, the last circumstance will not allow your web resource to be in TopGoogle or Yandex for targeted inquiries. According to the search bots (and this is quite true), this site will be considered “dead”, that is, not supported and not developing. Instead, it is better to give priority to those resources that are “alive”, that is, they are regularly filled with content.

What causes pessimism? Search engines believe that the information offered to users on the web-resource is not so relevant, because a year or more nothing new here does not appear. The next logical assumption is that the outdated data will not really benefit the users. It means that it is better to place more young, less authoritative, even in something less qualitative in terms of filling, but actively developing project, where fresh news are published, prices are updated, etc.

So, the first important factor in updating content is the ability to convince search engines that the site is developing.

Also the publication of new materials, articles and news guarantees the majority of web resources such advantages:

Additional inflow of target audience from organic search on a wide range of low-frequency keys. Each thematic publication – review, news, research, analytical material – is the source of additional traffic for the site (in particular, if it is quality and unique content). So, even if a new page for a month opens 30 people, with 10-15 similar pages, you can get an additional 300-450 views. Someone will always stay and become a regular user.
New pages on the site – the ability to correctly distribute the weight of the pages, provide additional weight (and in the future, growth indicators, like PR) the main pages – the main, the catalog of goods and services, etc. All you need to do this is to implement a competent internal linking.
The possibility of increasing the reference mass. Qualitative new materials provide the project with new backlinks. The reader who liked the article, will talk about it on his social networking page, post it in a blog or forum, etc. As a result, the natural reference profile only wins, and you do not spend money on buying links.
What should be the frequency of updating the content on the site?

The site should be updated systematically and permanently. Of course, we can say that the more new articles and pages are created, the better. But do not forget about the quality. Not all topics and niches there are enough reasons to news and events that should be highlighted. In this case it is sufficient to have 1-5 materials per month. If problems with the news and events that highlight the need not, update content daily or even several times a day.

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