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If you are already aware of the enormous power that a promotional video can have, then you know also how many benefits you get for your company by implementing an effective strategy for YouTube Marketing. You think it’s too difficult, expensive and not within your reach? Not at all: to be convinced, you can start testing in practice these 7 tips.


in short content:

Tip 1: produce content, not advertising
Tip 2: become the face of your business
Tip 3: all start from scratch
Tip 4: hijacks the users on your site
Council 5: seeking collaborations
Council 6: optimizes your videos optic SEO
Council 7: Do not forget the call-to-action

YouTube does not need any introduction. But we want to emphasize that it is the place on which billions of people place their eyes every day. The interesting fact is that these eyes not only belong to a particular category of person but to every demographic .

what this might mean for the marketing of your company. But how do to effectively use this channel to promote and grow your business? see what we can understand.

YouTube is full of bizarre videos, often frivolous and sometimes even meaningless (at least in appearance) loaded mainly by teenagers or young adults. How can your business implement a strategy of serious marketing in this context ?


There is a way. On the contrary: there are many more, and in the next lines we will try to give you one proof. Are you ready to bring your business on the king of the video ? We set off on our trip along the 7 tips of YouTube Marketing we have put together for you. Destination: your success.


You’ll soon realize that the traditional forms of advertising do not work, on YouTube. You’ll have to experiment with other ways to advertise your e-commerce , your website or your company .

Even the video presentation of the company or product demos do not give great results unless they are not particularly creative .

When you create a video content to load on this channel takes time to reflect on why and how your audience should appreciate it and share it . The shareability factor is in fact as important as the idea that is the basis and the quality of its realization.


YouTube is a community made up of real people who want to give in, hear and interact with other real people. The link with your company or your brand is strengthened greatly if the audience you can put a face , preferably the most representative of the entire organization.

This move can profoundly change the dynamics of interaction, which increased from watching the video of a company to build a relationship with a human being . Point factor to interpersonal relationships is therefore a long-term strategy that can bring your company to win customers for life.

The face of the company must clearly appear as much as possible, in the videos, but also in ‘ header of your channel and content previews. Another winning strategic move is to include the slices of life personnel within your business, if it is not to excess. Allow your audience to peek behind the scenes , to see your own project that takes the form or to find out how you started this job. This transparency adds depth and color to your Marketing.


Many users are starting to use YouTube for marketing their company open a channel, they load a couple of content and well soon become discouraged because they do not achieve the desired objectives in terms of subscriptions and views. Initial enthusiasm has thus increased to abandon the enterprise, with a fair load of frustration.

Gather an audience around your YouTube channel is a process that requires time and patience . Focused on creating valuable content and in the best quality possible. Promote your channel: announce it on your blog, to your mailing list and other social platforms on which you are present. It includes also a YouTube sharing button in the area above-the-fold of your website.

While doing everything in your power to promote your channel and your videos, remember to interact with the followers who have already won. Take care of these people who, in a boundless sea of possibilities, have chosen to follow their own you: respond to any comments postman – possibly on Community – in the shortest possible time and, if you have a channel, visit it and discuss it in your turn .


YouTube-Marketing-plane.pngFor most of the business, a YouTube marketing strategy can not stop to attract subscribers and views. Of course, this is the first of the objectives, but once you reach there must be a further step towards the conversion of these users into customers. To do this, you should probably create a bridge between YouTube and your site.

Include a link to your site in the first line of each description that Redact for your videos.
Insert a link to the section About Us your site in ‘ header of your channel.
Studies of methods to ensure that the user himself to move on your site, such as a video in two parts the first of which is available on YouTube and the second on only one of your corporate web pages.
What is the web marketing strategy that can grow your business, you win more customers and earn more? Find out now in this report.


Another very effective tactic to power your efforts on YouTube is to work with a creator stated . This can happen in different ways and forms, but for most companies is likely to involve the investment of a certain budget to offer to one of YouTuber most suitable for your goals.

Take time to select candidates . Choose it from those who have at least 100,000 subscribers and exercising a significant influence on your target audience. Once you locate your influencer , you can make him different proposals: creating a video according to your requirements, to appear in a video, talk about yourself or your products in one of his productions.

These characters are usually very protective of their own community and the role in it won. Are therefore understandably very selective in assessing the opportunities of collaboration they receive: propose them something that they can truly feel in their ropes and you’ll more likely to receive a positive response.


YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google – which, moreover, is the brother from 2006 – and the two get along very well. Although the Google algorithm is almost top secret, it seems that a YouTube video with video properly compiled meta data has more ease of acquiring a higher ranking than a post equally optimized blog.

Not only your videos can therefore appear among the search results of Google, but they do it even with a thumbnail that provides a ‘ visual preview of the content. We talked about the great effectiveness of the images in our recent article on Social Marketing with Instagram and Pinterest , but you can definitely confirm the phenomenon in the normal experience of every day.

Consult the tool for the planning of the keywords Google Adwords to see what are the most popular among your target audience members. Next, use them to create content that is relevant to their arguments and enter them in the title, tags and descriptions of your videos.


This is an essential point when it comes to using YouTube for business purposes. If you can during, but no doubt at the end of each video , you need to include a call-to-action : you want that your users are doing a certain action , once appreciated your creation, no?

The content is in fact a tool to capture the attention, perhaps to entertain, inform and create a report. At some point, however, that attention should merge into something that will benefit also for your business. This could be simply filling out a form, the sharing of videos with your contacts or visits to a specific page of your e-commerce.

The possibilities are endless, and the effectiveness of your choice will also depend on creativity who know employ in seize them. Consult the policy of YouTube , make sure that your idea is not in opposition to any of the points and then give free rein to your creativity.


Use YouTube for your company could become a vital part of your Web Marketing. Nothing in the current data suggests that there is a stop on the horizon in the growth of online video more aspects to focus on that part of the audience, and the more your business will risk staying there.

With this article we have just scratched the surface of all that you can do for your company thanks to a good strategy YouTube Marketing. You can start here and experience a bit ‘; if he wanted to go into that and push for a more in-depth level, you can always contact us .

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