11 Advanced Link Building Techniques For New SEOs?

11 Advanced Link Building Techniques For New SEOs? – Article freely translated from SemRush Blog in English, article by Shane Barker of 23 March 2015, to read the original article click on 

Like every Friday, this Friday I deal with an in-depth study, this week related to the SEO world, taking a cue from an interesting article by Shane Barker. \or you can visit the official website by clicking on  SEMRush  , having said this I wish you a good reading.

If you ask an SEO Expert what is the heart of an SEO activity to position and rank a website well, this will recommend  link building (which I have talked about in various articles also on Monetizing, an article among all \

SEO, simplifying, today could be defined as a complicated game to acquire backlinks: the more you play intelligently, the better you will rank on search engines. If you play dirty or unintelligently, Google, thanks to its latest algorithmic updates, will be ready to throw you down in the results and penalize your website.

Looking back over the past 5 years, Google has launched:

  • Panda
  • Penguin
  • Hummingbird
  • Pigeon
  • Pirate
  • and other updates

All these algorithmic updates have only one goal: to  improve search results,  fight SPAM and destroy  traditional link building techniques (ie bookmarking, directories, article submission,…).

Even today, however,  quality links are a key factor in the positioning of a website.

What is meant by quality links?

A quality link means a link that is:

  • Relevant
  • Authoritative
  • It comes from a quality site (which Google trusts)

Put simply, if your website gets links from relevant sites with good trust, value and authority, then that link will be great.

11 Advanced Link Building Techniques

I know you are reading this article just to know these “phantom 11 techniques”. And I honestly don’t want to waste your time (maybe you have scrolled the page until you get directly here).

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Ok. Let’s get to the point. Here are the 11 link building techniques recommended by Shane Barker on Semrush. As he himself explains in the original post, they are called “advanced” because these techniques are usually known only by SEO gurus, he considers this news a real “insider scoop” to improve the positioning of your website and build quality backlinks.

1. Broken Link Building

When you help someone, that person will be much more likely to return the favor. This is the concept behind broken link building. This technique consists of finding pages related to the content / keywords you want to place with broken links to create “epic” content and then contact the webmaster of the site to ask to replace the broken link with your content (which must be really great value and quality).

2. Create a “to link” resource

Resources are the pages that people look at to learn something or check if they are “up to date” on a certain topic (by the way, this could be an interesting resource too). Create a resource on a niche topic that makes a difference on the web. If you are an expert in evaluating the quality of links you might consider creating a resource full of tips, guides and tools / case studies that teach “how to evaluate the goodness of a link”.

The second step, once the resource is published, is to Outreach and ask friends or people in the sector to share your article: once people start reading your resource, they will probably link to your content.

3. Skyscraper technique

This technique is very successful on the SEO side. It consists of finding an important asset / topic for your niche / industry and creating something better and more up-to-date. Based on the keywords you want to rank, research what your competitors are doing and create better and more complete content.

Then build an email and send it to people who already link similar content, explaining to them that you offer up-to-date and complete information. Overseas this technique works really well 😉

4. Natural Guest Blogging

Matt Cutts stated in 2014 that guest blogging can damage your website’s ranking. But if you create quality content and share valuable information, this can be one of the best and easiest ways to get a lot of traffic to your website not only from search engines, but also from social networks.

If you do a forced guest blogging, which aims only to position your website or which always uses the same keywords, your site will probably be penalized in a short time. But if you do quality guest blogging… the results are still visible today!

5. Find the Common Backlinks of Your Competitors

Doing what your competitors do is simply  not enough . It is essential to be one step ahead of your competitors. Use tools like SEMRush to find your competitors ‘links (there are SEMRush functions that allow you to compare your competitors’ backlinks) and if they are there, why shouldn’t you be there too?

6. Recover Dead Backlinks

When you migrate a domain or remove pages from your website, 404 pages are automatically created. With tools like Ahrefs and the Google Search Console you can quickly find 404 errors on your pages and set up  redirects to content and pages. quality present on your website.

7. Turn Mentions into Backlinks

Sometimes it happens that people, bloggers, companies or websites mention your website or your company without inserting a link to your website. When this happens, you could ask these people to link using your name or brand.

Google Alerts and Mention are two great tools that allow you to monitor who is talking about you, your company, your brand or your blog / website.

8. Create Infographics

If you had to choose between reading all the paragraphs of a long article or seeing images / video that takes less time and brain resources, what would you choose?

Visual content is much more attractive than textual content. Infographics communicate information in a more pleasant and faster way: this is why publishers who use infographics usually experience 12% traffic growth compared to those who use only textual content.

Creating a nice infographic and  outreach with bloggers who love to share infographics will allow you to get quality backlinks. You will simply have to create the infographic and an embed code, and then ask bloggers to use it if they find it interesting.

9. Create Lists

Another good idea for link building is to create lists on your website on every interesting topic for your niche. It is human nature to read information and articles structured in the form of lists, and usually these articles get even more links than those who do not have lists.

10. Outreach of the Product

If you are a company that produces products or gadgets, a great way to get quality links is to contact blogs and influencers in your sector and offer them a giveaway or your products to review in exchange for the product itself. This works very well especially in the “tech” and “fashion” sectors, but overseas it is also used a lot by companies that deal with “supplements, health and wellness”.

11. Offer Cool Content!

Last but not least , a great way to get contacts / visits / links is to offer quality material for free to your users. People love to share free material, information, or “documents” they receive online. Think of an eBook, an “example of an AdSense invoice” or an “occasional performance model”,….

I hope this article was useful to you, as always I invite you to leave a comment, have your say or share the article on social media,

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