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Business listing sites are a great way to improve your local search results & gain more exposure for your business.

In this era of digitalization, more and more businesses are leaning towards online platforms to promote their products and services.

Digital marketing has become a billion dollars industry. There are millions of freelancers, SEOs, and digital marketers around the world who are making a good amount of money.

As more businesses are getting online SEO and digital marketing has become the need of the hour.

Without a good SEO strategy, it is nearly difficult to compete in any niche.

Not only big corporations but small mom and pop businesses are also running their business online.

Malaysia has become a heaven for Startups. Due to low labor costs and highly skilled people, it has become a global hotspot for entrepreneurs.

Due to flexible business regulations, it has become very easy to start a business in Malaysia. There are a lot of young people who are starting their own business or working as a freelancer in Malaysia.

Thanks to social media and some amazing technology, starting an online business has become a cup of tea.

You can start e-commerce or an online blog without having any programming knowledge.

Most businesses in Malaysia now have an online presence. The number of online businesses in Malaysia is growing at a fast pace.

You can see the rise in online business in Malaysia just by looking at any business listing sites in Malaysia.

There are thousands of businesses that are being listed every day in Malaysia business listing sites.

Malaysia Business listing sites made it much easier for local businesses to advertise online.

Malaysia Business Listing Sites Importance

There are millions of local business searches made every day. People look for all sorts of products and services online.

People usually verify a brand or product before making a purchase online.

Malaysian business listing sites have made it easier for people to find out local businesses.

With all the big brands spending millions on marketing and advertisement, it is very difficult for local businesses in Malaysia to compete.

This is why SEO is very important for online and local businesses.

If you are a digital marketer or an SEO you probably know the importance of backlinks in off-page SEO.

Without backlinks, it is impossible to rank in search engines. But building backlinks is not an easy task.

People spend years writing guest posts for other people to get backlinks. Some even pay an insane amount of money on building backlinks.

The easiest way to get free backlinks is by listing your business on any business listing website.

Most online businesses or blogs should have a solid SEO strategy to rank high on search results. SEO can help you increase your brand awareness and get more people interested in your products and services.

There are several platforms for small businesses where they can promote or advertise their business.

But you can promote your business without spending any money by listing your business on a business listing site.

Most Malaysia business listing sites have high domain authority and allow backlinks. Some of these Malaysian business listing sites are paid but most of these sites are free.

Listing your online business or blogs on these high DA business listing sites can improve your website’s domain authority

You can add your business profile on these sites without spending any money. Malaysia business listing sites are the easiest way to reach out to new customers and potential clients.

You can also get free referral traffic from Malaysian business listing sites. Most of these sites have thousands of website visitors daily.

High DA Malaysia Business Listing Sites

High DA business listing sites are really helpful for off-page SEO. Backlinks from high DA Malaysian business listing sites can improve your site’s ranking.

Many top tier SEOs use business listing sites to build backlinks for their websites. Some business listing sites in Malaysia have high domain authority and allow do-follow backlinks.

Backlinks from these high DA sites are very powerful and can help your website rank on Google search results.

Backlinks are one of the major ranking factors. Although no-follow backlinks from business listing sites add little to no value to your website.

Business listing sites work great for local SEO. If you want your business to appear on local search results more frequently you can use the business listing sites.

People who are looking for services in your niche can easily find you using a business listing site. Your website or business will start to appear on top of search results.

Malaysia business listing sites are the easiest way to get some free traffic to your website. People who look at your profile on business listing sites have a 92% chance of visiting your website.

Startups can benefit a lot from business listings sites. Business listing sites can be a great place to start advertising your business online.

If you are starting a brand in Malaysia from scratch and have little to no online presence you can use free Malaysia business listing sites to grow your brand and get more exposure.

Most Malaysia business listing sites allow businesses to submit their business profile for free.

There are also some paid business listing sites that have additional features and allow businesses to add more information about their business.

Many SEOs and digital marketers use business listing sites as a backlink building method. Yes, some of these sites have high domain authority and backlinks from these sites are quite powerful.

But after the recent Google search algorithm update, backlinks from business listing sites have become nearly ineffective.

Having said that, business listing sites still a powerful way to increase brand awareness and grow your business locally.

Top 3 Business Listing Sites In Malaysia

  1. Google My Business – Google My Business is one of the largest business database containing business information from all around the world.
  2. Foursquare – Foursquare is another business listing site that is preferred by most business owners. Foursquare has a high volume of traffic and allow do-follow backlinks.
  3. Local.com – Local.com is one of the top business listing sites in Malaysia with over a million business listing People can review any business or services on local.com Local.com is mostly preferred by small businesses who want to reach out to local customers.

kuala lumpur Business Directory Sites

Most business directory sites in kuala lumpur have database of all local businesses. All of the sites listed below allow do-follow-backlinks and can improve your SEO.

Here are the top 10 business listing sites in kuala lumpur business directory

kuala lumpur Business Directory Sites DA
spoke.com/ 65
tucando.com 67
citysquares.com/ 83
findermaster.com/ 89
californiaibd.com/ 42
smartguy.com/ 79
salespider.com/ 41
citysearch.com/world 55
lawyers.com/ 85
fyple.com/ 89

Here are the top business listing sites in Malaysia

Malaysia Business Listing Sites DA
tradeford.com 65
localstore.net/ 76
tuugo.us/ 66
2findlocal.com/ 42
classaction.org/ 35
crunchbase.com 54
h1ad.com/ 51
wallclassifieds.com/ 67
businesses.freeadstime.org/ 84
yelloyello.com/ 73
brownbook.net/ 38
lacartes.com/ 75
classifiedsfactor.com/ 75
expressbusinessdirectory.com/ 70
wikimapia.org 56
dexknows.com/ 56
topappcreators.com 34
classifieds.websitegear.com 53
adsandclassifieds.com 67
showmelocal.com/ 66
econsultancy.com/ 87
companyontop.com 63
edeskhub.com 83
gofabby.com 50
lawyercentral.com/ 70
kugli.com 74
insiderpages.com/ 35
list-company.com 41
freeadstime.org/ 37
agreatertown.com/ 70
everplaces.com 79
chamberofcommerce.com/ 39
advertiseera.com/ 64
yellypages.com/ 81
addonbiz.com/ 77
tixuz.com 48
superadpost.com/ 48
daccanomics.com 48
rectanglead.com/ 47
townhobo.com 74
giganticlist.com/ 67
local.com/ 37
directory.justlanded.com/ 35
contractiq.com 35
foursquare.com/ 91

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