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Canada is a land of opportunity. It is never too late to explore new business ideas or set up a new business in Canada.

If you are looking to set up a new business in Canada or want to increase the exposure of your existing business, you need to have a different approach.

Traditional marketing techniques always work for small businesses. But it also cost a fortune. Starting from online marketing to offline advertising, you need to spend a decent amount of money to gain some exposure for your business.

If you want to reach out to people and improve your brand presence in Canada there is a much easier way to do it.

If you want people in Canada to know about your business venture, you should list your business on all the top business listing directory sites in Canada.

It is a great way to improve your digital presence without spending any money. There are several Canada business listing sites where you can enlist your business.

Most of these Canada business listing sites are free of cost. There are also some paid business listing sites that can help you gain some exposure

If you are not willing to spend any money, you can add your business profile to all the free Canada business listing sites.

Usually, the free business listing sites take 2 weeks to get your business profile approved.

But you can get a free backlink from high domain authority (DA) business listing sites once your business is vetted and listed.

It is very essential that you add all the correct information. Make sure to add all the necessary information related to your business. If you have a business website add it to the list.

All of these Canada business listing sites allow businesses to add a business website and social profiles to their account.

Why Business Listing Is Important

Previously people used to have a hardcopy of business directories of local businesses. Most of these business listing directories would have the address and phone numbers of local businesses.

But now things have changed. People use online business listing sites to know more about a business. You can get all the necessary information about a business online alongside reviews from customers.

People are making local business searches online every day. People look for different types of businesses and services online. It is easier to find information about a business alongside contact information.

Registering your business on online business listing sites can help you –

  • Improve your brand SEO
  • Build brand value
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve online visibility
  • Target local market
  • Get more exposure for your brand

Listing your business online can help you reach out to new customers and improve your business presence online.

Having your business listed on the first page of an online business listing site can help you gain a lot of attention. You can attract consumers who are looking for services similar to your business easily.

Listing your business online can open a wide range of opportunities for your business.

Also, as an entrepreneur, you should focus on making it easier for people to find your business. Online business listings can help customers find local businesses easily.

How To Submit Your Websites On Free Canada Business Listing Sites

Submitting your website on Canada business listing directory sites is very easy. If you have a business that is not listed on any of the sites mentioned below, you can easily add it with a simple 3 step process.

Your business needs to have an active online or offline presence. Your business should offer services that are already listed on those business listing sites.

Businesses that are registered in Canada can only apply to these Canada business listing sites. If you have a business that is not registered in Canada, your application won’t be accepted.

Here is how you can submit your website on free Canada business listing sites –

  1. Open the Canadian business listing site where you want to enlist your business. Make sure the site you choose accepts free business listing.
    Most Canadian citation sites accept free business listings. But there are some business listing websites that only allow paid listing.
  2. See if your business is already listed on those Canadian business listing sites. Sometimes businesses are automatically listed on those sites.
    If your business is already listed, you can claim ownership of your page. If your business is not already listed, you can apply your business for listing. It will take nearly 2 weeks to get your business approved.
  3. You can register and list your company using your business email ID. Once you complete your registration, you need to verify your email ID.
    After you have verified your email address, you will have to fill out all the required information about your business.
    Add your website URL (if you have any), the title of your business, business description, contact information, and other required fields.
  4. After you are filling out all the required fields, you can click the submit button. Most of the Canadian business listing sites have a similar listing process.
    Once you have submitted your information you can see your business listed on that site. Some listing sites might take 2 weeks to verify your business.

Types of Business Listing Sites In Canada

There are mainly 5 types of business listing sites in Canada –

  1. Free business listing sites
  2. Paid business listing sites
  3. Local business listing sites
  4. International business listing sites
  5. Online business listing sites

Free Business Listing Sites In Canada

Most of the business listing sites in Canada are free. You can list your business on those free business listing sites without having to pay any money.

Although the listing approval is not guaranteed on those free business listing sites. Also, it might take a long time for your business to get approved.

Most free business listing sites in Canada are not customizable. This means you can only add limited information. Also, you don’t have access to the Cpanel of your business profile.

You can submit links or URL of your website on those free business listing sites. But most of these sites only accept one link. Backlinks from these business listing sites are very powerful.

Paid Business Listing Sites In Canada

While most of the business listing sites in Canada are free, there are also some paid business listing sites. Paid business sites in Canada have high domain authority and a strong backlink profile.

All of these business listing sites do a background check before listing a business. If they find your business to be legitimate and registered in Canada, it will be approved instantaneously.

With paid business listing sites, you will have full access of your business profile Cpanel. Also, you will get 24/7 staff support to help you out.

Business profiles are verified within 48 hours of submission. Business profiles are featured on the homepage or first page of the category for a certain period of time.

Local Business Listing Websites In Canada

Local business listing sites are province or city-based websites that have businesses listed that are registered in a certain city or province. These sites do not accept the application of businesses that are registered in a different city or province.

Most local business listing sites have a high trust rating and domain authority. Some of these sites also allow backlinks and features recent news and activity for registered businesses.

Online Business Sites In Canada

Some business listing sites only allow businesses that have an online presence. They don’t accept applications for brick and mortar stores or businesses that offer offline services.

The registration process is much easier than other business listing sites.

Online business listing sites are very good for SEO.

Top Business Listing Sites In Canada

Here we have curated a list of the top business listing sites in Canada. Most of these sites are free to use and have high domain authority.

Some of these sites mentioned below are paid business listing sites that allow additional information about businesses.

You can register on these Canada business listing sites using your email address. If you have a website, you can submit your URL on those listing sites and get free backlinks.

Top 10 Business Listing Sites In Canada

Sr.No Top 10 Business Listing sites in Canada DA Listing Type Backlink Type
1 profilecanada.com 67 Free Do-Follow
2 canadianbusinessdirectory.ca 63 Free Do-Follow
3 goldbook.ca 65 Free/Paid Do-Follow
4 ourbis.ca 48 Free Do-Follow
5 canadapages.com 55 Free Do-Follow
6 foundlocally.com 58 Free Do-Follow
7 canlinks.net 47 Free Do-Follow
8 canadawebdir.com 44 Free Do-Follow
9 allcompanies.ca 44 Free Do-Follow
10 canadawebdirectory.com 56 Free Do-Follow

Top 5 Business Listing Sites In Toronto

Here are our top 5 picks for the best business listing sites in Toronto. If your business is registered in Toronto you can enlist your business or website on all of these sites.

Sr.No Toronto Business Listing Sites DA Listing Type Backlink Type
1 toronto.com/toronto-directory/ 55 Free Do-Follow
2 torontomommies.net/business-directory 46 Free No-Follow
3 www.in-toronto.ca 44 Free/Paid Do-Follow
4 toronto.prepky.ca 43 Free Do-Follow
5 localtorontobusiness.ca 36 Free Do-Follow

Free Business Listing Sites In Canada

There are the top free business listing sites in Canda –

Sr.No Top Business Listing Sites DA Listing Type Backlink Type
1 canada-directory.net 76 Paid/Free Do-follow
2 trycanada.com 58 Free No-follow
3 bowldi.ca 63 Free No-follow
4 canbizfinder.ca/join 67 Free Do-follow
5 cdnpages.ca 66 Free Do-follow
6 phonepages.ca 61 Paid/Free Do-follow
7 hotfrog.ca 63 Free Do-follow
8 yalwa.ca 68 Paid/Free Do-follow
9 fyple.ca 64 Free Do-follow
10 service.opendi.ca/listings 53 Paid/Free Do-follow
11 ibegin.com/directory/ca/ 37 Paid/Free Do-follow
12 legacy.411.ca 49 Paid/Free No-follow
13 zipleaf.ca/Add-Your-Business 62 Paid/Free Do-follow
14 breken.com 53 Free No-follow
15 livebusiness.ca 57 Paid/Free Do-follow
16 vendorland.ca 53 Free Do-follow
17 fslocal.com 61 Free Do-follow
18 localsites.ca 60 Free Do-follow
19 servicebasket.ca 71 Free Do-follow
20 daccanomics.com 53 Free Do-follow
21 b2b-directory.ca 37 Free Do-follow
22 calooks.com 34 Paid/Free No-follow
23 businesseye.ca 34 Free No-follow
24 allcompanies.ca 43 Free Do-follow
25 newcanadianbusiness.com 45 Paid/Free Do-follow
26 allcompanies.ca 33 Free Do-follow
27 Canadabusinesslist.com 56 Free Do-follow
28 Bigcanadiandirectory.com 31 Free Do-follow
29 canadiancompaniesdirectory.com 26 Free Do-follow
30 Ontarioyellowpage.com 42 Paid/Free Do-follow
31 cabusinessdirectory.com 22 Free Do-follow
32 calocalbiz.com/listing 37 Free Do-follow
33 bizin.ca 45 Paid/Free Do-follow
34 canadianorglist.com/add 31 Free Do-follow
35 canadageo.com 29 Free Do-follow
36 companylisterca.com 27 Free Do-follow
37 cdncompanies.com 67 Free Do-follow
38 listercanada.com 65 Free Do-follow
39 bigwhitelist.com 42 Free No-follow
40 canadasmallbiz.com 21 Free Do-follow
41 canadiancompaniesdirectory.com 32 Free Do-follow
42 smallbizlist.com 17 Free Do-follow
43 canada-co.com/add-your-company 56 Free Do-follow
44 validlaw.org/add-new-company 51 Free Do-follow
45 ukrcanada.com/biz/ 43 Free Do-follow
46 hometowncanada.com 36 Free Do-follow
47 strictly.ca 34 Free Do-follow
48 canlinks.net 36 Free Do-follow
49 techhelp.ca/directory/ 37 Free Do-follow
50 shopincanada.com/directory 41 Free Do-follow

Top Canadian Business Listing Directory Listing Sites

Here are some more free Canadian business listing directory sites –

Sr.No Business Listing Sites DA Listing Type Backlink type
1 411canadayellowpages.ca 30 Free Do-follow
2 biztha.com 42 Free Do-follow
3 druze.net/business 30 Free Do-follow
4 buyitcanada.com 35 Free No-follow
5 localstore.ca 35 Free Do-follow
6 metrodirectory.ca 37 Free Do-follow
7 onlinedirectoryca.org 39 Free Do-follow
8 canadasmelisting.com 28 Free Do-follow
9 canadianonlineradionetwork.com 23 Free Do-follow
10 contactcanada.com/listing.html 36 paid Do-follow
11 indocanadianbusinesspages.com 22 Free Do-follow
12 websites.ca/business-listing 27 Free Do-follow
13 fivestarscenter.com 23 free/paid Do-follow
14 forlocations.ca 22 free Do-follow
15 directoryws.com 24 free Do-follow
16 nriincanada.com 22 paid Do-follow
17 kikoja.ca 41 Free Do-follow
18 localontariodirectory.com 32 Free Do-follow
19 libertyvillagebia.com 25 Free Do-follow
20 armenianbusinessdirectory.ca 27 Free Do-follow
21 localtorontobusiness.ca 31 Free Do-follow
22 torontobizhub.ca 36 Free Do-follow
23 directory.northernontariobusiness.com 43 Free Do-follow
24 deepriver.ca/business-directory 13 Free Do-follow
25 vancouverbusinesslisting.ca 25 Free Do-follow
26 advertisingincanada.com 44 Free Do-follow
27 vancouverdirectory.com 47 Free Do-follow
28 businessplacemontreal.com 12 Free Do-follow
29 montreallocaldirectory.com 11 Free Do-follow
30 clickcan.com 47 Free Do-follow
31 elocal.ca 31 Free No-follow
32 freedirectory.ca/website_directory 23 Free Do-follow
33 businesscatalogue.ca 23 Free Do-follow
34 yukoncanadadirectory.com 42 Free Do-follow
35 just4funcanada.com 21 Free Do-follow
36 lookupcanadian.com 18 Free No-follow
37 cibd.ca 38 Free Do-follow
38 directory4petowners.com 23 Free Do-follow
39 onlineshoppers.ca 24 Free Do-follow
40 findhere.ca 27 Free Do-follow
41 waterloobusinesslist.ca 16 Free Do-follow
42 goodcanada.com 34 Free Do-follow
43 mydotca.ca 25 Free Do-follow
44 daccanomics.com 11 Free Do-follow
45 listingc.com 16 Free Do-follow
46 canucklinks.com 14 Free Do-follow
47 incanada24.ca 24 Free No-follow
48 canadianculture.com/Canada/directory 32 Free Do-follow
49 relevantdirectory.ca 26 Free Do-follow
50 smallcanadianorg.com/directory 33 Free Do-follow
51 smallbizpages.ca 36 Free Do-follow
52 montrealyellowpage.com 31 Free Do-follow
53 fxdirectory.ca 19 Free Do-follow

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