12 ways to get more shares of your articles

We are often asked what to do for get more shares of your articles.

It all comes down to identifying with the reader who has just finished your article.

What drives him to share it?

  1. The quality of the content
  2. A number of other factors you will find in this article

Let’s see together what are the tricks that will allow you to receive more shares on your blog and on social networks, to bring more and more people to contact your content.

How to get more shares of your articles

Getting more shares will help you reach a larger audience and increase your popularity. You will then be able to attract more and more traffic to your website, with great chances of finding new customers.

It is therefore a very effective technique to use for your online growth strategy.

1. Identify the most popular posts and keywords

It is essential that you, through analytics tools such as Google Analytics , understand what keywords and posts they have generated more shares.

You can also use tools like Buffer to see which posts are most clicked by your fans and followers.

In this way you will know which are the themes that your readers and your followers prefer on social networks and you can get more shares, writing a number of other articles related to them.

2. Create specific and targeted content

Time is short and so is patience. The people of the web want articles that teach something really specific and useful. So don’t create articles on generic topics, but go for more specific and niche ones. Generalism does not pay on the web!

3. Create catchy headlines

For get more shares study the titles of your articles well , because they must immediately grab people’s attention, especially on Twitter.

4. Use impactful images

Images can really make a difference and inspire people to share from your blog. Be careful, however, to use images that you own, or to choose images with an appropriate license to be reused on websites. I suggest you consult this guide to know where to find them.

5. Add social buttons to your Blog

For get more shares it is recommended to insert social buttons at the beginning and at the end of an article.

Try to make sure that the social buttons are clearly visible, so that sharing can be done more easily.

6. Include a section with a photo of the author of the article

It has been proven that articles showing the author’s photo are shared more.

In fact, inserting a photo makes contact more immediate and personal, giving users greater confidence. So get more shares it will be a spontaneous and natural process.

7. Ask people to share

“Ask and you shall receive!” . Especially in the conclusion of your posts, ask your readers to share them on their social channels.

8. Share several times on Social Networks

It is important that you share your content multiple times on social channels, especially on Twitter where the news feed changes quickly.

To do this, it also uses tools like Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule your shares.

9. Ask other bloggers to share your articles

Networking with other bloggers in your niche is of paramount importance for a blog.

Start doing this by asking to share your articles, and returning the favor.

10. Ask your acquaintances to comment

Often people are intimidated, and do not comment on articles or shared content in general. Seeing that someone is already doing this will help them overcome embarrassment and start communicating.

Receiving lots of comments is a great way to get more shares.

11. Look for people interested in the article

Go to forums, Twitter, Facebook, and search for people who need the same information that is in your post. You will then be able to expand the number of your readers in a very natural way.

12. Use the Pay with a like feature

The functionality Pay with a like is to block the reading of the content and release it only after the social sharing.


Get more shares for your articles it is the harmonious result of a series of actions and targeted choices, which have made them interesting to the point of encouraging people to share them with their friends on social channels.

If you follow these few and simple rules, the efforts you put into writing the content will soon pay off in visits and therefore in potential earnings.

What techniques do you use to have more shares?

See you in the comments box! And please, share this article on your social channels!

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