Inbound Marketing – 11 Methods Simply Explained

Inbound marketing The potential customer is the focus of inbound marketing. Valuable content, which helps the website visitor to solve their problems, is the main actor in inbound marketing. The company does not attract the customer through annoying advertising, but gives the customer the opportunity to get in touch with the company at their own request. Inbound […]

Customer loyalty for the long-term success of a company

Marketing has many facets. You can often read about online marketing and SEO. These are important elements in attracting new customers to the company. Long-term customer loyalty can also be positively influenced by online marketing. However, it is only part of a whole mix to keep clients. Customer loyalty as an important part of marketing In order to bind […]

Online Marketing Tools: The 35 Best Tools for Your Success

On this page we would like to give you an overview of all the important online marketing tools that will make your work in your online business much easier. You will find programs here, for example for creating videos or graphics, but also for on-page analysis or keyword research. All tools are divided into suitable categories, […]