How to scan documents using your iPhone or iPad with Notes

If you have paper documents that you would like to digitize you no longer need to splash out on a flatbed scanner if you have an iPhone. As Apple has integrated a fantastic iPhone scan feature in its official Apple Notes application that allows you to quickly scan documents, contracts, photos and more using your […]

How to recover iPhone deleted photos

If you have mistakenly deleted photographs or videos on your iPhone and would like to recover them, you will be pleased to know that Apple has you covered. Anyone who uses their iPhone daily has probably already accidentally deleted a photo or video. If you have, this quick guide will show you how you can […]

Hard reset your iPhone or force restart it to correct issues

If you have been experiencing strange issues with your iPhone when running applications when trying to access parts of its iOS operating system. You will be pleased to know there are a few things you can try to remedy any glitches you may be experiencing on your iPhone with a few simple button presses. One […]

How to carrier unlock your iPhone

If you purchased your iPhone as part of a contract from a carrier then that device may be locked to your carrier. If you want to switch from one carrier to another then you will need to unlock your iPhone to use with the new carrier. If you purchased your iPhone outright from Apple or […]