267+ USA Classified Submission Sites List | Free Classified Sites USA 2021

Classified sites are a great SEO strategy that can help your website rank easily on top of search engines.

Many people aren’t aware of the impact of classified sites on SEO. It is on of the easiest link building technique that top tier SEOs and digital marketers use to improve their website’s ranking on SERPs.

Also, there are a lot of opportunities for classified sites in the field of digital marketing and SEO.

In this era of digitalization, the way we market and promote our products and business has changed drastically.

As the number of online businesses is increasing exponentially, digital marketing has gained a lot of prominence as mainstream advertising.

Be it an online business or a brick-and-mortar store, without a good marketing strategy, it is very difficult to compete right now.

The more time you spend creating your marketing campaign, the more successful result you will get.

There are various platforms where you can promote your business or product. But traditional marketing can cost a lot of money.

Most advertising platforms are costly and it is difficult for startups to spend a lot of money on advertisements.

If you want to grow your online business, you need to look for an alternative way to promote your business.

Classified sites are a great way to promote your business. Without spending any money you can post your ad on classified sites.

There are a lot of benefits of posting your ads on classified sites.

You can get thousands of free referral traffic from classified sites. Furthermore, you can get free powerful backlinks from classified sites.

Free classified sites are the easiest way to advertise your business or products.

Many digital marketers use free classified sites to improve their online presence.

Free Classified Sites In USA

Previously businesses and brands used to post ads on classified pages of newspapers and magazines.

But now things have changed. Now that most businesses are online, brands are more interested in promoting their business and products online.

Now all these ads are being published on classified sites. It is very easy to promote products or your business using classified sites.

Classified sites in USA are one of the best advertising platforms for businesses and websites that are looking to promote their products online for free.

There are a lot of classified sites in USA. Some of these are paid sites that require you to pay to post ads. But most USA classified sites are free.

If you are looking to grow your business and attract new customers, USA classified sites are the best place to advertise your products.

Classified ads are an easy way to promote your products and reach out to a large audience using free classified sites.

If you have a business registered in USA you can post your ads for free on any free classified sites in USA.

You need to have a registered account on these USA classified sites before you can post ads. All ads posted on free classified sites needs to have an image and brief description.

Some classified sites also let users buy and sell products on their website.

Free classified submission sites are one of the best off-page SEO technique that many SEOs and digital marketers use. It is the easiest way to build backlinks for your website or blogs.

USA Classified Submission Sites to Build Backlinks

If you are a blogger or digital marketer you probably know the importance of backlinks.

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors. When it comes to off-page SEO, backlinks are the most integral part.

Without having powerful backlinks it is impossible to rank your website on any search engine.

But unfortunately, link building is one of the toughest parts of SEO. It is very hard to get backlinks from other websites.

Sure you can write a guest post to get backlinks for your website. But it is very time consuming and not every blog allow guest posting.

Having said that, it is much easier to submit an ad on any free classified submission sites in USA and get free backlinks.

You don’t have to spend any time looking for a website that allows guest posts.

Rather you can select any classified site from our curated list of top classified sites in USA and simply post an ad for free. It is the easiest way to get free backlinks.

Most of these free classified sites in USA have high domain authority (DA). So backlinks from the top classified sites in USA are quite powerful.

You can find a lot of free classified sites like craigslist where you can post ads for free and get free backlinks.

Backlinks from top classified sites in USA can have a positive impact on your search engine ranking and domain authority.

By listing ads on personal classified sites or local classified sites, you can get a lot of free backlinks and free referral traffic to your website.

If you have a business registered in the USA you can use these free local classified sites.

What are Classified Submission Sites

You probably have heard about classified ads a lot. You can probably see classified ads mostly in newspapers.

Classified ads are basically ads that contain brief information about a product or business that people publish in newspapers or magazines.

It is an easy way to reach out to a lot of people and promote your product or services.

But now that almost all businesses are online, people are leaning towards online advertisements.

Online advertisements are usually cheaper than print advertising and the reach is much greater. You can reach out to a lot of people with spending much less.

Also, you can reach out to certain demographics of people and promote your product.

Ads on Classified sites are the digital version of classifieds that used to publish in newspapers and magazines.

You can publish ads on these classified sites without spending any money. Most classified sites in USA are free and have high website traffic.

So you can reach out to a lot of people using these free classified sites.

How to use USA classified sites

Before you start using USA classified sites make sure you know all the rules and comply with their terms.

People primarily use classified sites as an advertising platform where they can promote products for free. It is an easy way to reach out to customers online.

But many people just use classified sites to get free backlinks and try to spam those free classified sites. Yes, you can’t free backlinks from these free classified sites, but you need to do it the right way.

Make sure you comply with their policy and follow all the ethics of using classified sites.

Here we have explained the best practice of using a USA classified site.

  • Add Relevant Title to Your Ads –
    When creating a classified ad, make sure to have a title with it. Your title should be concise and relevant to your product. Do not spam your title with vague unnecessary keywords. Keyword stuffing is a very bad SEO practice. Use a single keyword that matches your product or intent. Use a catchy or clever title so you can attract more people.
  • Add Product Description –
    Add a brief description of your product or services that you are displaying on the classified site. Use keywords in your description and keep it simple. Describe your product or services properly with all the necessary information related to it. Try to make your description a bit interesting. If you are selling a product create urgency by adding keywords like ‘special offer’ ‘limited time offer’ and ‘stock limited’. This will make your ad stand out among other ads and attract more people.
  • Add Your Contact Details –
    Make sure to add contact details so people can connect with you and get to know more about your services and products. This will increase the credibility of your post and you can get more leads through your post. If you have a website, add your site URL. This way you can drive traffic to your website and people will know more about your product. Also, backlinks from classified sites will increase your domain authority.

Top Classified Sites in USA

Top classified sites are really useful for SEO. Most of these classified sites have high domain authority and allow backlinks. Here are the top 5 classified sites in USA.

1. Craigslist Classified

Craigslist is one of the biggest and most popular American classified advertisements websites. This classified site has categories including jobs, housing, for sale, items wanted, services, community service, gigs, and discussion forums.

2. Recycler Classified

Recycler is another popular American free classified site that has a high domain rating. You can place ads related to jobs, housing, product sale, and services. There is also a discussion forum for the recycler community. Recycler allows businesses to ad backlinks with ads.

3. OLX Classified

Olx is one of the largest classified sites in the world. It is a dutch online marketplace headquartered in Amsterdam. OLX is one of the top free classified sites in USA that is mostly used for buying and selling services. Posting ads on OLX is super easy. There are several classified sites in USA but OLX is among the top classified sites that allow backlinks.

4.  Oodle Classified

Oodle is another online classified site that allows people to buy, sell and trade. It is among the top classified sites in USA that has high domain authority. Oodle classified has over 15 million monthly users who post classified ads on their marketplace.

5. AmericanListed

AmericanListed is one of the top local classified advertisement sites that allow people in the US to buy and sell products and services within their own residential area/city. This is a free classified site like craigslist that have categories like jobs, housing, products for sale, items wanted, services, and more. Americanlisted is a high DA classified site that allows free backlinks with ads.

Free Classified Sites In USA

Here we have curated a list of all the top free classified sites in USA. All of these sites have high domain rating (DR) and allow backlinks.

These sites are really useful for SEO purpose and can get you free referral traffic to your website. Most of these sites have over 1 million monthly users. If you are looking to buy or sell products or services you can post ads on these free classified sites in USA.

Free USA Classified Sites List High DA High PA
10dayads.com 24 31
publicdial.com 31 28
listitsellit.us 33 30
citybase.com 29 32
classifieds.usatoday.com 24 29
99localads.com 56 34
golocalclassified.com 54 29
h1ad.com 46 33
adsciti.com 18 34
buyfromseller.com 34 26
globelink.ca 36 25
citynews.com 20 23
classified.hamptonroads.com 37 31
usa.sebule.com 41 32
classifieds.miamiherald.com 46 26
bargainit.io 24 24
myadsclassified.com 42 33
myadmonster.com/us 53 27
classtize.com 27 26
adsriver.com 60 26
classified4free.net 24 35
dropzone.com/classifieds 40 23
lexch.com/classifieds 62 28
evolskill.com 33 34
redditinc.com/advertising 42 29
oregonlive.com/placead 58 24
goodideo.com 50 23
pennlive.com/placead 23 34
netvidia.com 31 29
petclassifieds.us 36 25
wallclassifieds.com 46 23
exgood.com 25 26
kiclassifieds.com 22 34
usaonlineclassifieds.com 18 23
classifieds.leaderpost.com 27 23
tendermeforfree.com 25 23
bizdays.com 31 25
pgfreeads.com 52 30
kyclassifieds.com 28 30
k2classifieds.com 17 26
whynotad.com 21 33
freeclassified.biz 18 23
buysellcommunity.com 33 28
post-free-classified-ad.com 19 35
usnetads.com 18 32
advertclassifieds.com 42 30
palmbeachpost.com/classifieds 51 23
50statesclassifieds.com 34 31
jobiba.com 30 34
claz.org 38 24
classifiedsforfree.org 58 25
mashoble.com 22 26
crappieusa.com 40 34
newsday.com/classifieds 18 25
ocala4sale.com 42 24
gofabby.com 43 32
usmilitaryclassifieds.com 53 27
yakaz.com 20 23
adsglobe.com 24 32
post-free-ads.com 56 31
busylisting.com 22 32
igotit.com 33 25
sell.com 27 34
yourclassifieds.ca 28 25
freead1.net 41 25
denverpost.com/classifieds 30 30
usfreeads.com 17 27
postfreeadshere.com 46 28
rectanglead.com 18 34
postbulletin.com/classifieds/ 37 28
nola.com/placead/ 23 23
usa.classifiedsfree.co 31 35
usa.freeclassifieds.com 32 25
geebo.com 49 27
domesticsale.com 59 32
superadpost.com 55 28
nullads.org 56 26
usa-classifieds.net 17 26
lokalclassified.com 25 25
freeadscity.com 49 24
classifiedny.com 60 28
usfreeads.ws 37 25
askalo.com 57 30
postallads4free.com 44 32
iglobal.co/united-states 62 29
whofish.org 54 33
classifiedscachevalley.com 38 26
freeclassifiedads.us 22 23
webclassifieds.us 39 33
oc2o.com 33 28
bestclassifiedsusa.com 56 26
arizonaslist.com 25 33
us.princeclassified.com 39 26
814classifieds.com 17 26
nj.com/placead 42 24
growingtab.com 37 23
nola.com/placead 25 27
adsanddeals.com 40 27
advertiseera.com 56 35
loot.com 47 26
pennysaverusa.com 58 34
classifieds.ivarta.com 19 35
postandcore.com 33 34
classifiedadsguru.com 60 31
usa.global-free-classified-ads.com 50 31
adlandpro.com 19 29
theflorentine.net 31 33
thriftynickel.com 63 31
localwall.net 39 26
postbulletin.com 21 33
sellbox.info 25 31
shreveportlouisianaclassifieds.com 54 31
postandcourier.com 62 25
adfreeposting.com 57 33
classifieds.ksl.com 30 30
freeadvertisingexchange.com 40 24
equalifieds.com 63 35
stltoday.com 46 28
fmclassifieds.com 44 32
superads.com 21 25
boatclassifieds.us 22 25
adshunt.com 40 33
classifiedsforfree.com 36 24
buynow-us.com 22 28
usahotads.com 19 35
oregonlive.com 49 29
betterbizlist.com 59 23
ecity.com 42 23
gotoretailer.com 62 25
kedna.com 21 35
multidimensions.net 35 25
freeclassifiedadsusa.com 43 32
planetclassifieds.com 21 25
theflorentine.net/classifieds 49 32
pennlive.com/placead/ 55 27
adpost.com/us 19 31
mitula.in 63 23
palmbeachpost.com 33 26
ponyclub.org/Classifieds 24 32
findermaster.com 46 31
ablewise.com 25 34
orlandodesi.net 60 29
expatriates.com 60 35
usonlineads.com 23 35
freepennysaver.com 45 27
globalclassified.net 35 33
santaclaritafree.com 18 32
classifiedsfactor.com 56 25
dance.nyc/place-free-listings-and-purchase-ads 22 35
addsera.com 59 25
findermaster.com/countries 49 30
doplim.us 47 29
classifieds4me.com 37 29
adsfeast.com 42 25
us.letgo.com/en 36 32
beatyourprice.com 61 26
nopayclassifieds.com 30 33
hpjclassifieds.com 41 28
imakedeal.com 32 23
postfreeonlineads.com 22 29
upostfreeads.com 47 27
freetoclassifieds.com 42 26
newsday.com 58 23
marketplace.dailyherald.com 32 32
classifieds.thefencepost.com 20 23
bestfarmbuys.com 37 31
recycler.com 63 31
nola.com 45 28
classifiedsmate.com 57 28
us.postadverts.com 43 24
giganticlist.com 33 24
globalclassifiedads.xyz 50 33
classifieds.postcrescent.com 52 27
nativelists.com 47 34
myadmonster.com 58 34
classifieds.arkansasonline.com 18 31
racingjunk.com 37 23
workapp.world/classified 53 31
dropzone.com 54 25
apneecommunity.com/classified 58 24
classifiedadsunlimited.com 62 27
olwayz.com 59 34
cheapwb.com 47 26
whereincity.com 22 32
classifieds.stripes.com 54 34
freeadlists.com 58 31
adoist.com 54 33
askmeclassifieds.com 37 23
dance.nyc 52 24
ipostfreeads.com 18 35
adclassified.com 39 28
freeadstime.org 17 25
postonlineads.com 38 25
hoobly.com 19 23
highlightstory.com 41 31
cathaylist.com 52 29
gofreeclassified.com 17 25
gumtree.com 49 34
postads.com 44 24
trovit.com 30 32
freelocalclassifiedads.us 53 34
aladeen.com 60 26
takarat.com 38 26
daccanomics.com 29 24
freeclassified4u.com 43 35
digclassifieds.com 22 32
thesierrareader.com 27 35
pressmania.com 56 31
classifiedads.com 56 26
backpage.com 48 29
classmart.post-gazette.com 24 27
adsinusa.com 20 29
businessrays.com 62 27
biggestclassifieds.com 57 31
worldfreeads.com 54 33
adpost.com 46 30
popularwebads.com 19 23
locanto.com 27 27
us.classifieds.sulekha.com 61 29
freeadsus.com/united-states 30 33
reifreeclassifieds.com 46 26
zalooz.com 39 24
postdailyads.com 62 33
mylocalclassifieds.co 27 35
freeadsinus.com 51 23
us.letgo.com 22 35
tuffclassified.com 27 23
oorgin.com 22 23
apneecommunity.com 41 34
americanlisted.com 48 24
stltoday.com/ads 18 28
postforads.com 32 31
freeadsus.com 30 25
syracuse.com 30 28
free-classifieds-usa.com 19 33
postbulletin.com/classifieds 55 29
cycleclassifieds.us 27 23
kugli.com 34 25

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