5 ways to get more testimonials immediately [with questionnaire]

Testimonials are vitamin boosters for business .

Indispensable for sales pages.

We all know that.

Still, it’s hard to ask.

It feels strange to ask others to say good things about yourself.

In this article, I’ll show you how it will be easier for you to ask for testimonials in the future. You will find out when and where you can best get testimonials and which questions to ask.

Let’s start with the obvious:

1 – Ask your existing customer for a testimonial
We assume that there are some who have already left some of their money with you one or more times. They bought at least one of your great products and it helped them solve one or more of their problems.

Write a personal email to each customer .

If the customer bought less than a month ago, thank him or her for being your customer and ask them directly if they would write a little review for you.

If it’s been a while since they bought your product, it might seem a bit strange when you suddenly want to hear their opinion. – Briefly explain that you are refreshing your sales pages and would like to add some additional customer opinions. Also offer them a link to their website with their testimonial.

You can start today and fresh testimonials will soon be pouring into your inbox.

2 – Take advantage of the honeymoon phase
Every satisfied customer has this brief honeymoon phase. It usually lasts one to four weeks. Depending on what kind of product it is and what personality the customer has.

During the honeymoon phase, the positive feelings your customers have about your product or service are highest. It’s a fantastic time to get in touch and ask for a testimonial. They are excited about your product and the experience is still fresh, so they are more open to giving you a testimonial. And it will be easier for them to formulate something meaningful.

Maybe you have had two or three phone calls with a customer and he is totally happy about your collaboration … or someone recently bought your course and started implementing it and is happy about the first successes …

Now is the moment.

Integrate the testimonial request into your process.
About as:

“Ask the customer for a testimonial after the third call”


“Write an email 12 days after purchasing the product”

If you don’t cement it into your processes, there is a high risk that you will forget it and miss your honeymoon.

3 – Extract the social media
If you are a regular on social media, always be on the lookout for someone to say something nice about you or your products or services.

These can be little things like “Brian’s new blog post is great …”

Sometimes it’s a little testimonial: “I’ve just finished Brian Klanten’s SEO course and it’s great what I’ve learned about search engine optimization .”

If someone has complimented you on social media, respond as soon as possible. Get in touch with him or her. Sometimes you can use chats like this to create a solid customer review for your product; Ask if they agree and offer to link their website.

You can also continue the conversation by email:

“I appreciate the nice things you said about me. Would you be ready to answer a few short questions for a customer review? ”

If you get a “yes”, send them the question template.

4 – Use the fan mail
Sometimes you get fan mail from you for a blog post, video, or product.

No matter what you are excited about, take advantage of the opportunity. Answer them and take you one step closer to another testimonial.

If you get a compliment for your product or service, you can follow up directly: “Thank you for your great feedback, would you be open to answering a few short questions about your experience with my product?”

If the fan mail is good enough, you can also ask directly whether you can use this as a testimonial.

If the compliment in the fan post was more general, do the same as you did with the social media comments: build a conversation. It may take a few e-mails back and forth before you feel ready to ask for a testimonial. Be patient, good comes to whoever makes connections.

5 – The robbery
You have to be a little more sensitive here. It’s the same as asking someone a favor in real life.

Write on your email list and say something like:

“Hello, I would like to add more testimonials to my website. If you are open to saying something about me or any of my products, just reply to this email. I will then send you five short questions that will make it easy for you to give me your opinion. ”

You do someone who likes a favor. This works better than you imagine.

Those who weren’t ready to do so are more open next time to give you a testimonial spontaneously, because you’ve already warmed them up a bit for it.

When someone you respect and like and whose product or service has brought you further asks whether you are willing to give a testimonial, you like to think about it and are open to it.

It’s the same with your customers.

To make it even easier for you and your customers to give you a substantial customer opinion, you will receive my question template for effective customer opinions.

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