7 Strategies For Selling Online and Improving Conversions?

Have you ever heard  of sales techniques? In today’s article instead we will see together 7 strategies widely used to  sell online and  increase conversions , let’s get started!

There are a number of phrases and tools that can be incredibly powerful to  improve conversions and close a sale : it is no secret that there are many books that help salespeople to improve their ability to close a sale, or to transform a quasi-customer. in customer.

In this article I will list seven strategies and  tips (or advice) that you can immediately put into practice to increase your sales.

On this topic you could write a lot, below you will find a brief introduction and 7 simple tips that you could put into practice right away to improve the conversions of your website or your ecommerce.

1 – Scarcity

The English term “scarcity” basically indicates that the product / service we want to sell is available in limited quantities. Have you ever entered a website or landing page where it was indicated that the last xx pieces available remained?

This pushes the user to perform the required action more quickly (i.e. the purchase of a product or service) and can increase website conversions. To understand the importance of scarcity in marketing, just look today at portals such as Amazon, Booking and eBay: all three enter, within their pages (auctions, room reservations, purchase of products), the number of units sold / current availability , putting some pressure on the user who is somehow pushed towards the purchase.

2 – Urgency

Often used together with scarcity, urgency is also used as a marketing lever. Giving a deadline causes people to somehow be forced to make a decision by the deadline.

This is why there are  flash sales ,  24-hour promotions , or offers while  stocks last : three ways to tell the prospect “hurry up, because soon this promotion or this product will no longer be available, and you could stay cut off.

3 – Retargeting

Have you ever heard of retargeting? Probably yes if you’re into online marketing, but have you ever used it to improve your conversions?

Thanks to this marketing practice you can use banners or text ads that are automatically customized based on the user who will view the ad, reminding him that he had visited a page of a product / service but had not finalized the purchase.

In this phase you can offer a dedicated discount or an incentive to buy, and in this way bring users back to your site to sell (consider that they are people who have already expressed an interest in products or services that you wanted to sell).

4 Social proof

People are always looking for opinions, testimonials, reviews, that’s why inserting numbers, data and testimonials (which we will talk about shortly) makes the page more credible and authoritative.

Think of statements like “5 scientific studies show the effectiveness of… in…”, or “93% of consumers said they have increased their turnover thanks to this cash flow management system”.

Clearly, the statements you make must always be truthful and realistic, demonstrable and / or certified.

5 – Reviews

What does someone who has already used the product say about you or your company? Use reviews to your advantage by including pictures of your customers (you will need to ask for permission) and their testimonials, they are incredibly effective in reassuring the potential buyer when they are most hesitant and still worried about concluding the purchase.

6 – Guarantee, Contacts, Secure Payments?

Enter your contact information (or company contact information), if you can also enter a toll-free number or the number of a call center, a  real guarantee and reassure customers about payment, demonstrating that you use platforms that transmit trust ( PayPal for example), or by offering more options (including  cash on delivery , or  payment on delivery ).

7 – Images and text

In your product sheets, or on your sales pages, always try to choose beautiful and captivating images, which show the product, or a text that can really inform and help the person make a decision.

Never try to exaggerate with obviously false information and messages: be realistic and concrete, highlighting the strengths and structuring the page in a complete way, without forgetting to insert, even within the text, some  Call to Action .

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