9 ideas for starting a second job online

You are thinking of a solution to round up at the end of the month, and the idea of open an online business as a second job does it inspire you?

In this guide I will help you understand if creating a website can be the right opportunity for you.

You don’t need to be a developer or a big computer expert, and you don’t even have to have big capital at your disposal. Thanks to WordPress and knowing the right steps to take, your web business can become reality in a very short time.

What it takes to build a website as a second online job

Whatever type of website you decide to open, there are some necessary elements common to all:

  • a domain, i.e. the address of your site;
  • a hosting, i.e. the web space where you can build your site;
  • WordPress the platform that will help you build your site without the need for programming.

The domain and hosting can be purchased together on SiteGround , the most suitable service for those who intend to start from scratch with an online business of any kind.

  1. Go to SiteGround 
  2. Select the WordPress Startup plan;
  3. Choose a domain for your site;
  4. Fill out the registration form;
  5. Complete your purchase …

And you are ready to create your own website that can help you get a steady income.

With SiteGround you can install WordPress on your web space in a few moments and start creating your pages right away.

Ideas for creating a website as a second online job

There are an infinity of types of websites and an infinity of topics to be covered. Let’s see what we think may be the most suitable for a second online job, both based on the simplicity of implementation and management, and in terms of earning possibilities.

1. Create a personal blog

The personal blog is a website where you can publish articles about a topic that is particularly close to your heart.

By choosing a topic you know well, you will use your passions to create yourself a second job tailored for you.

There are many ways to make money with a blog, for example through affiliations. In your articles you will be able to talk about certain products (or services) and, every time a user purchases using your link, you will receive a commission (usually it is a percentage of the sale, other times it is a fixed amount).

The effort required to maintain this activity is related to the production of content. The more articles you publish, the more chances you have to earn.

In addition, you will need to make yourself known to gain exposure and attract traffic. For this, you will need to spend some time sharing your content on social media and creating relationships with bloggers who deal with issues related to that of your blog.

2. Create an eCommerce

Earning online is often synonymous with selling online, and the type of website that allows you to sell physical or virtual products on the web is eCommerce.

You can create an eCommerce of products that you create yourself, such as handicrafts, or resell other people’s products. Furthermore, with WordPress you can sell digital products, such as ebooks, graphics, audio files, and even video courses.

To create an eCommerce you will need WordPress and WooCommerce, an additional feature (called a plugin) that will allow you to create products, set their prices, configure payment and shipping methods.

Running an online store can be quite challenging. You must make sure you have the time to manage orders, ship and respond to any after-sales service requests. If you choose to take advantage of aeCommerce as a second job, carefully consider how much time you can devote to this activity.

3. Create a membership site

Making an online membership is a good idea for a second job. It consists of creating a private section of your site that can only be viewed by subscribers. In this section, you can insert exclusive content, podcasts, courses and video courses.

Thanks to the membership, you can count on a certain continuity in the purchase of the service, since the most common formula is that of monthly subscriptions. Your commitment will be to consistently produce content to deliver new material to your subscribers every month.

4. Create a fashion blog

Fashion blogs are very popular with both female and male audiences. Are fashion and lifestyle your passion? Like a personal blog, it will allow you to make money through something you love.

The most widespread monetization system of this type of blog is affiliation with various brands of cosmetics or clothing.

To avoid becoming too similar to many others and therefore not being able to emerge, try to focus on a specific type of target, for example only talk about organic and cruelty free products.


5. Create a travel blog

Does your first job allow you to travel often? Then take advantage of this great opportunity to create yourself asecond job through the creation of a travel blog.

Talking about the places you visit will not require a lot of effort, as you can write and publish your articles directly while you are on the spot, or even on the plane or train.

You can also earn by opening affiliations with tourist facilities or booking services such as Booking.com. Another idea is that of selling products for travelers, from suitcases to camping equipment.

6. Create a cooking blog

The world of recipes on the web is very popular, from cooking blogs to video recipes on YouTube. To avoid finding yourself diving into an overloaded sector, try to stand out from the crowd by proposing more specific topics.

For example, focus on recipes from your region, a particular ingredient or a specific type of cooking.

Your second job as an “online cook” will be able to earn good income through affiliations, advertising or a membership.

7. Create a photography site

If your passion is photography, you can create your second job online in two ways: through a blog about photography or by selling your photos.

In the first case, you could earn through affiliations with products and equipment for photographers, with a membership or with online photography courses.

In the second case, you can instead sell your photographs to be reused in other blogs and websites, or to create prints.


8. Create a news site

Creating a news site can be a somewhat challenging second job, as it requires a lot of consistency and continuous updates. However, you could create a site that collects news from your city or neighborhood, much less binding than an international news site.

It will allow you to make money with advertising, in particular you could sell advertising space to local businesses, or through a subscription that allows readers to access the complete news.

9. Selling online courses

If you are an expert in anything , you can teach what you know through video courses. The simplest way to sell video courses is through an external platform, such as Teachable or Vimeo. However, you will need a website to present all the details of your courses.

Adding a blog to your website will also allow you to demonstrate your skills and earn the trust of your readers, who will be more willing to buy after making sure you could actually teach that particular subject.


The possibilities for creating a second online job are truly endless. The ones I have presented to you are the simplest to carry out, considering that it would be a part-time activity for you.

Remember that to be successful it is also important to work on SEO , to allow your site to get some visibility on search engine

Do you think creating a second job making a website could be a good idea to round up?

What difficulties do you think you will encounter eqwhat are your doubts?

Do you have any other ideas for opening an online business as a second job?

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