9 reasons to study in the UK

  • World- famed universities
  • The loftiest norms of tutoring
  • inconceivable choice of academic courses
  • drinking multilateral community
  • Fantastic work Openings
  • focus on pupil good
  • Shorter courses and lower costs
  • simple visa operation process
  • The UK’s unique geography and history

1. World- famed universities
The UK is home to some of the world’s stylish universities. It holds a global character for its first– class institutions that foster a creative and academically grueling terrain. All this means a degree from a UK university will look brilliant on your CV.Indeed, 16 of the world’s top 100 are in the UK. For such a small place, that’s seriously emotional .

2. The loftiest norms of tutoring
So, why study in the UK? If world– leading institutions( with world– class academics!) are n’t enough – you also have peace of mind that the tutoring norms will be of the loftiest position.

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education( QAA) regularly check UK universities. They ’re also rated by the Teaching Excellence Framework( TEF) and Research Excellence Framework( REF). All this information is intimately available on the university league tables, so you can apply with full confidence.

3. inconceivable choice of academic courses
The UK boasts over than 395 individual universities and sodalities – immolation over,000 under- graduate position courses. With such an array of options, whether you ’re interested in politics, drugsgospel or photography, there’s commodity for everyone.

still, you can indeed combine subjects to study common or triadic– honours degrees, If you ’re not sure which subdue you want to concentrate on.
4. A drinking multilateral community
One of the most important reasons for applying to a UK university is the exceptional different and welcoming community you’ll be a part of.

The UK is celebrated for its multiculturalism. Living in the UK, you ’ll blend with people from multiple backgroundsNo matter where you study, it’s an incredibly friendly and tolerant place that celebrates the rich and different societies of its props.

5. Fantastic work openings
transnational scholars are allowed to work part– time jobs as part of the UK pupil visa – if they are n’t counting on this income to fund their studies.
UK universities frequently mate with leading employers to offer work placements and externshipsWork experience is a brilliant way to enhance your future employability and practice you with language chops.

When you do move on, the UK’s character for academic excellence will enhance your long– term career prospects – it’s a palmwin all round.
6. A focus on pupil good
Of all reasons to study in the UK, the country’s focus on scholars ’ internal health and good is frequently overlooked. But we do n’t suppose this should anywhere near the case!

utmost first– time scholars live in university halls of hearthstone, which helps scholars make musketeers and settle down snappily. UK universities take pride in their pastoral care and sports clubs, as well as pupil internal health support services.

As part of your pupil visa, you ’re invited to pay a healthcare cargo for NHS services. This is generally around£ 450 a time, but means you have unrestricted access to the UK’s world– leading health service.

7. Shorter courses and lower costs
Undergraduate degrees in the UK generally take three times, and master’s degrees generally take just one time. This differs from countries similar as the USA, where undergraduate degrees take at least four times, with master’s degrees lasting two timesEducation freights are also lower than in America and Australia( starting at£,000 compared to£,000 or further!).

This means you ’ll graduate sooner and save plutocrat on periodic course freightsaccommodation and living charges. A great reason to study in the UK if ever there was one.
There are also several literacy and bursaries available for transnational scholars, which can further help with costs.

8. A simple visa operation process
The UK offers a straightforward and fair visa operation process. UK pupil visa processing generally takes up to three weeks and costs£ 348 – which is also fairly speedy and affordable!

We ’ve formerly written your ultimate step– by- step companion to apply for a UK pupil visa as well as tips for preparing( and passing) your credibility interview. So if you ’re set on studying in the UK, make sure to check these out.

9. The UK’s unique geography and history
The UK is filled with a rich and fascinating history. It’s filled with beautiful townletsinspiring castlesrolling countryrugged strands, and timbers to get lost in.

It’s also home to some of the world’s leading galleries and art galleries. Is English Literature your thing, William Shakespeare’s birthplace of Stratford- upon- Avon or the British Library are a must- visit. STEM degreeVisit London’s Science Museum?
No matter which university city you choose, you ’re sure to find a blend of caffs escapism, and high– end independent shopsSo, whether it’s history or the high– life you ’re looking for – the UK is a smart choice!

So, what’s a better way to encounter up on your English chops than travelling to the UK itself?
There are numerous fantastic reasons for you to study in the UK, from world famed universities to vast welcoming communities and a vibrantrich history. Not to mention the fact it’s lower than two hours from landmass Europe via aeroplane or train – so you can explore the vast countries and societies whilst you are there!

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