Affiliate Marketing: Basic Advertising Strategies and Campaign Selection

How do you  make money without creating a site with affiliate marketing  “simply”  by starting the  campaigns of  promotion in order to receive commissions for people who buy? How do you know  which product to promote ? In this article I will try to address the topic  of basic advertising strategies and selection of affiliate campaigns , are you ready?

For a couple of years now, Facebook has shown a different way of doing  Affiliate Marketing , completely disconnected from websites and blogs, but focused on buying traffic to be conveyed on  affiliate campaigns .

The problem is that today there is a lack of complete resources that explain  how to make money with affiliate marketing by launching campaigns on various traffic sources (and in particular on Facebook).

I myself have read several articles, courses and manuals that address the subject, but the information that is given is often generic, and, for this reason, being able to start on the right foot is quite complicated, so I will try in this article about address the subject from my point of view.

How much budget do I need to have available?

If you want to work with affiliate marketing without a website and without a blog you must clearly have a budget to invest. Whereas  the best affiliate marketers usually launch dozens of campaigns at the same time  to find the ones that  are profitable .

If we think of an initial budget of € 50.00 per campaign, and we multiply it by 10 campaigns, we clearly get an initial budget of  € 500.00 , but before venturing into campaign promotion we should have a number of important concepts clear:

  • There are no affiliate marketers who manage to make a profit with any campaign, there are many variables to take into consideration (customer landing, call center, type of product, sales price, landing page or advertorial created, type of traffic, …)
  • According to a standard average  , 10% of the campaigns launched generate profit, the remaining  90% often do not generate interesting profits or in any case have too high costs to be considered sustainable (example: if I have to spend € 9.00 to get a lead of 10, € 00, with a profit of € 1.00, when I have to work on large numbers and then for example spend € 9,000 to have € 10,000 of revenue with € 1,000 of profit, anticipating € 9,000 of advertising costs, and then waiting for the payment of the network, I must take into consideration that I will not be able to launch other campaigns or that I need financial availability on the current account);
  • For each campaign that I go to launch I have to collect some data (and therefore spend some money) before going into profit: target that interacts the most, type of device used, type of traffic, gender, geographical location, interests, type of ad / banner / video, …), so with small budgets it is not possible to obtain a lot of information.

How to choose a campaign to launch?

As anticipated in the first part of this article, each campaign we launch has many  variables that must be taken into account :

  • Advertorial / Landing Page available on the platform;
  • Type of campaign: White / Gray / Black (which means that it is accepted by Facebook and other traffic sources or that could lead to the  ban of the advertising account );
  • Audience age for the campaign we want to promote;
  • Placement (placements) to be tested for the campaign we want to promote;

Clearly to choose the best campaign we need to  do a lot of tests and, as we gain experience and practice we will be able to understand more quickly if a campaign is good for a specific  GEO or for a specific audience or not.

When it comes to testing, dozens and dozens of factors come into play, and this makes testing one of the most complicated operations in the world of affiliate marketing. Theoretically, in fact, to get the maximum  ROI (Return on Investment) we should be able to understand exactly:

    • Which age group converts best
    • Which country / region / city converts best
    • Which landing page converts best (among those of the network, or perhaps by creating our own landing pages)
    • Which banner / creative converts best
    • Which type of traffic converts best
    • Which  angle works best 
    • Which type of traffic converts best (3G / WiFi / Mobile / Pc / Tablet)
    • Which carrier converts better (TIM, Vodafone, Wind, H3G, Fastweb, …)

That’s why professional affiliate marketers, who have big budgets,  create various campaigns / ad sets to test each variable.

That said, after having spent “at least double the payout offered by a campaign” you can evaluate if that campaign  converts and therefore it is worth investing the time to optimize and scale it, or if it is better to  stop it and try something else.

How to manage all the variables to be monitored for a campaign?

Professionals use special software, such as  Voluum  or  Clickmeter that allow you to automatically collect a lot of data and make detailed analyzes on our affiliate campaigns , in this way it is much easier to do data analysis, but these software have quite high monthly subscription fees, for those who are new to this world …

To  go into profit with a campaign you simply need to earn more than you spend, once this is done you can think of  scaling a campaign  by optimizing it to increase  ROI, using these software can be incredibly effective to “eliminate the superfluous and therefore spend better our advertising budget ”, but, as mentioned before, you will have to face costs for using these extra software at the cost of advertising campaigns.

So making money with Affiliate Marketing is impossible?

Absolutely not. I know dozens and dozens of people in Italy who today, thanks to Affiliate Marketing, manage to earn a lot, but you need to be clear about some points that are often overlooked by many people:

    • Approval to the Affiliate Network: not all networks approve after registration, some ask for screenshots that attest to earnings already obtained with other networks and affiliate marketing
    • Network advertorials / landing pages: they are still used by many publishers or affiliate marketers and therefore may not be the best tools to convert (that’s why professional affiliate marketers create their own advertorials / landing pages);
  • BAN Risk of the Advertising Account : depending on the type of campaigns promoted, creativity or texts used, there is the risk of the advertising account being banned (And consequently it will be necessary to create new accounts, use new cards, …).

That said, in my opinion it will be difficult to find someone who will tell you:

  • Get campaign X from Network Y that works well;
  • Promote it on Facebook or on Channel Z that works well, targeting this age group, these interests and this positioning;
  • Use the landing page F, or create it with the tool G which is the best;

This is simply because if an affiliate marketer finds a campaign that performs on a certain target and on a traffic source, he will want to “squeeze” it to the maximum to monetize it, in my opinion, and, from my experience, no one gives you  this kind of information !

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