All You Need to Know About Trending Courses in The UK For 2022-2023

  • The United Kingdom has been a hub for excellent education facilities for more than 100 years. As a result, one can indulge in various courses available to help boost their career. So, take a step toward a whole new range of knowledge and experiences.After Canada, the United Kingdom is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations. Studying abroad within the UK college or university can help improve your skills and give you great job opportunities at highly reputed companies globally.Though there are more than 100+ programs offered to UK colleges and universities, the top seven courses are trending within the UK for the fall “September” intake.

    1. Business Analytics

    The Business Analytics course mixes data analytics, computer programming, and business intelligence One can find the importance of a business analytics program in almost every organization. During the global Covid-19 pandemic, business analytics played a key role in navigating many companies through difficult times and saved them from getting colossal losses.

    Business Analytics skills helps companies perform better by gaining an understanding of consumer behaviour, gaining a good insight into the competitors, optimizing the company’s various operations, identifying the current market trend, and helping the organization measure the accomplishments of their goals.

    Leveraging machine learning technology and artificial intelligence, business analytics allows organizations to draw insights and interpret from multiple datasets to understand consumer behaviour and overall operations.

    Top United Kingdom Colleges/Universities for Business Analytics:

    · University of South Wales
    · University of West London
    · University of Bradford
    · University of Wolverhampton
    · Richmond University

  • 2. Accounting and FinanceChoosing to study Accounting and Finance is one of the most profitable careers as it is constantly in demand because every organization needs accountants. In addition, the Accounting and Finance course offers the candidates transferable skills that will help them enhance their resumes, allowing them to work with international financial organizations with a high earning capacity.Accounting studies focus on analysing and recording financial transactions, while Finance studies focus on money management and how to allocate company funds to gain maximum benefits.

    The Accounting and Finance combined studies help the candidate develop strategic and analytics skills, helping them develop skills required for the finance industry. In addition, it allows the candidate to make an effective financial decision that helps the company scale.

    Top United Kingdom Colleges/Universities for Accounting and Finance:

    University of Bradford
    Richmond University
    University of Wolverhampton
    Durham University
    University of West London

3. Computer Science

Computer Science studies include the depth study of computers and their systems. Computer scientists course allows the candidates to deal with computer software and the system. In addition, the course includes hybrid studies that enable the students to learn the theory, application, development, and code development.

Computer science’s primary focus is to explore computer systems, networks, programming languages, artificial intelligence, database, vision, numerical analysis, computer theory, graphics, and bioinformatics.

We rely heavily on technology; therefore, the primary reason why there is a heavy demand for computer scientists is that they help to solve complex issues and alert the authorities, such as predicting earthquakes, heavy rainfall, storm, natural disasters, mapping viral seizure maps, making education accessible (online schooling), improving health care (online doctor consultation), and many more.

Top United Kingdom Colleges/Universities for Computer Science:

University of Wolverhampton
University of Chester
University of Derby
Solent University
University of South Wales

4. Economics

Regardless of the industry, the study of economics is all about choices of decision-making that drive human behaviour and the reactions when solving complex situations. In a broad term, Economics explains how businesses, families, various institutions, government bodies, and more decisions with the sources they have without compromising quality.

Economics studies involve dealing with the framework, solving complex data by given evidence, and statistical analysis. Economics allows one to think strategically and make decisions accordingly. The well-developed economics professionals act as a tool bridge between some industries such as health, politics, law, government, education, and many others.

Top United Kingdom Colleges/Universities for Economics:

University of Greenwich
University of Bradford
Middlesex University
University of West London
University of South Wales

5. Medicine and Healthcare

Medicine and Healthcare are one of the strongest and fastest growing industries. Among the ongoing global pandemic Covid-19, the demand for healthcare and medicine professions doubled. Each day, healthcare professionals are helping other people to live healthier lives, and they are working around the clock towards society’s betterment.

In addition to Healthcare, Medicine is one of the profitable industries. Studying medicine and healthcare together ensures you will help others to heal with the power of the knowledge and expertise you gain.

Top United Kingdom Colleges/Universities for Medicine and Healthcare:

University of Glasgow
University of Birmingham
Keele University
Brunel University London
Richmond University


6. Law
The blindfolded Lady Justice is standing, holding a scale in one hand and a sword in another. The Lady Justice is accepted as a symbol of law. This is because it represents the Roman incarnation of justice —the blindfold represents impartiality; the scale represents evenness, while the sword represents that justice is served.

Undoubtedly, a career in Law is another study that offers a large benefit. Lawyers deal with moral issues, philosophical and the complex ethics in real life. Law developed both practical problem solving and abstract thinking. Law is fascinating and promotes a broad discipline as it helps one understand human behaviour deeply.

Top United Kingdom Colleges/Universities for law:

University College London (UCL)
London School of Economics and Political Science
Glasgow University
Durham University
King’s College London



Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery — MBBS, a degree that is a ladder towards becoming a doctor, helping people cure and improve the health care system. Though it is fascinating to study medical science and human anatomy, it is one of the most challenging degrees to achieve.

We cannot ignore the fact that amidst the pandemic, the group healthcare and doctors actively stand as a human shield between the humans and the virus, saving millions of lives by risking theirs.

MBBS is one of the most lucrative careers that will never have a shortage. Therefore, studying MBBS will secure your career and make you feel proud of saving lives.

Top United Kingdom Colleges/Universities for MBBS:

University of Edinburgh
Keele University
University of York
University of Surrey
University of Glasgow
Final Thoughts

The United Kingdom is a pioneer for finance, business, art, science, technology, and law. With more than 60,000 students who opt to study abroad in the UK every year. In addition, the Tier 4 students studying in the UK are permitted to work for up to 20 hours/week, and during holidays or semester breaks, they can work full-time.

Campus group provides in-depth knowledge about the UK college and universities, assisting students in choosing the correct courses that benefit their future.

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