Backlinks What Are They And What Are They For?

The backlinks are an indispensable step when it comes to SEO strategy for a website. In this article we explain what they are and what they are for together with our tips to get results. Before starting, however, you must know that the SEO of a website is the set of many actions that are integrated with each other. If you want to do it yourself this is commendable but, to be sure of the results, you have to invest some of your time in training on the subject.

Backlinks are the necessary step in positioning your website . They are used to scale the serp (ie the list of results that appears when you search for something on a search engine) and to make your site reliable and, above all, clicked. Backlinks are links that send the user from one web page to another. The website is built according to a specific architecture consisting of clickable links that allow navigation from one content to another. Backlinks, therefore, are links that make a user enter your site from another website.

Differences between theory and practice

The theory states that these mentions must be spontaneous, as a graduate student does when he mentions the sources from which he obtained information to write his degree thesis. If this happens it is very positive because it means that someone has found the content they found on your website reliable and interesting. In practice, however, the backlinks can be agreed by establishing the content of the article and the keywords with which your website will be mentioned. Be careful not to run into forced link exchange mechanisms because the consequence will be a penalty on search engine . Advertising must always be honest and as spontaneous and natural as possible.

An example of a backlink to better understand

Let’s give you a practical example to better understand. If you have a website that deals with organic cosmetics you will need to start by looking for the best websites that deal with a topic akin to yours. You will then have to get in touch with the owners of these sites and agree to publish an article where you will be mentioned as the best expert on organic cosmetics.

From theory to practice: how you get backlinks

If the example seems simple and quick to implement, we must warn you that, in practice, this is not the case. Let’s stay for a moment on organic cosmetic products and reflect on how many types of websites they can appear. You will find simple blogs, e-commerce, websites that deal with BIO products and certifications in general, etc… Which ones to choose? The research must therefore be done after devising a basic strategy that must necessarily start from a question: what is the goal of my website ?

If you are in the business of selling products you may need to search through websites that offer industry information. Among these there will be those who, to host your link, will want to proceed to a formal agreement upon payment of a figure to be established. If you are into reviews and recommendations, you may have to search through web magazines that recommend the best products in the industry to consumers. As you can see, an effective strategy that contemplates backlinks is structured on several levels and can also become very complex.

Where to start for visible and measurable results?

The complexity comes not only from the multitude of websites to ask for a mention but also from the keywords with which you intend to optimize the positioning. The keywords, in this case, will be agreed as ” anchor ” or hooks through which users know what they will find by clicking on it. You will need to select anchors before starting an SEO strategy because they are the basis of online browsing and website positioning.

Although the matter is complex, you don’t have to give up. In SEO, as in marketing in general, strategies take time and  consistency in order to enjoy the results. When you have the feeling that you have made a hole in the water you don’t have to give up but learn from the mistake and turn it into a plus point for the next actions to be taken.

Never underestimate the user’s intellect

In conclusion, backlinks are one of the best tools to greatly improve the authority of your website in the eyes of search engines and users. If search engines tend to reward websites with a good diffusion of backlinks in the network, users will also be pleasantly satisfied. Why? Ever heard of User Experience ?

It is the evaluation of how users use the support you offer them. If they find the navigation smooth and easy to understand they will come back to browse your site and recommend it to their circles. Warning! Users are by no means “foolish” and if you are deceiving them something or directing them to a web page without their knowledge, you can be sure they will never come back to your website . Understood?

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