Best Guide: Best Way to Recover Photos from OnePlus Easily

“Hi! I have a problem with how to recover photos from OnePlus. Yesterday I made the biggest mistake of my life by deleting some important family photos from my 1 + 1 phone. I don’t even remember having backups but I know there is it’s a way to recover photos from my device because I don’t know what to do and how to get started. Please help me get them back before my wife knows. Thanks in advance! ”~ User from OnePlus forums

OnePlus is a fast OxygenOS device, a customized version of Android that has one of the best camera features among the extensive list of smartphones on the market today. Unsurprisingly, anyone who uses this phone can fall in love with its specs and features. OnePlus devices are built with premium hardware, A-list specs, high resolution displays, and of course great value for money. OnePlus devices are also experiencing data loss, which is the most common technical problems for all smartphone users around the world. Well, there are recovery programs that are capable of recovering photos , contacts , messagesand any other important files from your OnePlus device. In this article, you will learn how to recover photos from your OnePlus device using third party recovery programs.

Oneplus ImgHow to recover lost photos from OnePlus

Part1. Recover photos from OnePlus device using FoneDog Android Data Recovery
Part 2. Causes of data loss
Part 3. recommendations
Video Guide: How to Extract Photos from OnePlus?

Part1. Recover photos from OnePlus device using FoneDog Android Data Recovery
There is no doubt that OnePlus is one of the best Android-based smartphones ever, but there are still user-caused issues that can cause technical difficulties and affect the user’s convenience factor. For this reason, there are many third-party recovery tools that mainly focus on recovering important files that Android itself cannot do on its own. Unlike iOS which has their ” Recently Deleted Folder. “”It’s okay for 30 days to accumulate all their photos for easy retrieval, whenever times get hard to recover, Android, on the other hand, doesn’t have. Like other Android devices, it has the ability to use Google Photos to an easier restore in case you might lose them in the future or the file transfer option which is the simplest by connecting your phone to the computer and transferring the desired files but this may take some time. However, recovery programs like FoneDog Recovery Android data can help you recover photosand other data without putting too much stress and problems into it. When this data loss attacks you, always remember that you have to stop using the device to prevent the data from being overwritten. Once overwritten, it may be difficult for them to be recovered or worse, cannot be recovered at all. So before it all gets out of hand, read this article and for sure you will get your photos and great memories back in no time.

Step1. Download FoneDog Android Data Recovery on computer and install
If you haven’t downloaded FoneDog Android Data Recovery yet, go online and download the software using Windows or Mac (both are compatible). Then you need to install the program by following the onscreen guides. After the installation is complete, launch the program and start using.

Download for free
Download for free

Connect Android to PC

Step2. Connect the OnePlus phone
Using a USB cable, connect the OnePlus phone to the computer and make sure you have allowed USB debugging on the phone. If there is a pop-up message asking you to allow USB debugging, click OK . Otherwise , you can manually enable USB debugging on the device by following these steps:

Go to settings
Tap on Phone
Find the build number and tap it 7 times. (This will enable developer mode)
Go back to Settings
Find developer options
Find and tap USB debugging and tap enable
Allow Usb Debugging

Step3. File for recovery
After connecting the two devices successfully, you can now see a category list of all file types that you can choose for recovery. From here you can selectively choose to recover photos only or select other files you want to recover such as videos, music, messages, documents and much more. Click Next to continue.

Choose the gallery

Step4. Scan and preview of lost photos
The next step is to scan the entire OnePlus device, so it may take some time depending on the total amount of data that was required to recover. If halfway through and a pop-up appears on your phone for superuser permission, click Allow to continue. You will see the scanned and recovered items on the right side of the program screen and their respective categories on the left side.
You can now preview each photo to make sure what you need is really there. Go to all items and check the boxes next to each one to mark them for recovery or you can select all to recover all scanned files. Click Restore to save the photos to a folder on your computer.

Recover photos on PC

FoneDog Android Data Recovery just gave you the safest and easiest way to recover photos from your OnePlus phone. The intuitive functionality makes it popular with all Android users around the world and the preview and selective restore options are also great bonuses. Now you don’t have to worry about losing photos again. You can simply count FoneDog Android Data Recovery when moments like this happen.

Download for free
Download for free

Part 2. Causes of data loss
When your photos are gone, you can’t blame them on another person or circumstance. There are possible reasons why these photos are deleted or removed from OnePlus phone. Here are a few:

SD or memory card problem – Memory cards are external storage devices that allow smartphones to have another option to store files such as photos, videos, music and other multimedia content in addition to the internal or default space provided by the device. However, a single mishandling of the memory card can lead to file system errors or card corruption. If the SD card or memory card is corrupted, it will not be recognized by the phone or totally unreadable and some severe error warnings may appear.
Reformatted Device – Another big culprit of data loss is reformatting or completely restoring the device without any backup. This can happen during many different events and problems like intentional reformatting of the phone or the operating system may have failed and reformatting is the only last option left.
Freezing or Crashing – When the device is busy executing multiple commands, it may take some time before it can process everything that has been entered. This will cause the phone to freeze and display a screen error such as black / blank screen or white or locked screen. Sometimes it can force quit a running app due to the frozen system.
User Error – This is the most popular error of all, the error caused by the user intentional or accidental. The intention can be as if you deleted a photo thinking it wouldn’t matter soon, but you just changed your mind. Accidental when you intended to delete another file instead of tapping the wrong one. User error can be triggered by so many factors such as the user is in a hurry or the device has been left to a child or another person.
Transfer error – This transfer error usually occurs when transferring files from OnePlus device to computer or it can be vice versa. There might be instances where somewhere in the middle of the process the USB cable may have been disconnected. A power outage can also cause this problem and leave you with a severe headache.
Oneplus Img2Recover deleted photos from OnePlus 5

Part 3. recommendations
To avoid data loss, always make sure you have updated your phone backups. If you haven’t set up a backup yet, do so now before anything else can happen. There are several ways to backup OnePlus devices because it is so flexible just like other Android based devices. But of course, not everyone is lucky enough to have backed up. Some experience data loss, especially photos. The good thing is that FoneDog Android Data Recoveryknows exactly how and what each user needed. It provides the safest and most effective recovery tool for most Android devices and has an intuitive program which is really a big plus for people who have no technical background. So next time you are looking for ways to recover photos from your OnePlus device.

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