Better Buying or Trading Bitcoins?

To answer this question, we have decided to write a guide to buying Bitcoin both for beginners and for those who already know how to operate and move in the jungle of cryptocurrencies . Here are some useful tips for investing in the most famous cryptocurrency in the world. Earning online through the famous Bitcoins is a valid possibility, but be very careful it is not a game of chance or a bet , to invest in Bitcoin it would be advisable to have the basics and a bit of experience in Bitcoin Trading , but let’s go calmly, reading this article we will try to clarify and explain well how to move in the fascinating and intricate Bitcoin market and how towork from home and supplement your salary.

Since you decide you want to invest in Bitcoin , you will first have to decide the type of investment you want, you can invest in Bitcoin in the following ways:

Investing in Bitcoins by owning them , then buying the Currency;
Invest in Bitcoin through Online Trading or CFD Trading ;
Invest in Bitcoin with Bitcoin Autotrading Robots .
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1 Bitcoin, the first Cryptocurrency
2 How Bitcoins Work
3 How and Why to Buy Bitcoin
4 Best Authorized and Regulated Cryptocurrency Exchanges
5 Investing in Bitcoin through CFD Trading
6 Best Regulated Online Trading Platforms
7 Investing in Bitcoin, the advantages of CFD trading
8 The eToro broker and Social trading to invest in Bitcoin
9 What Risks Behind Buying Bitcoin?
10 Profit opportunity or a leap in the dark?
11 How to get BitCoin for free
12 Aren’t Bitcoins infinite?
13 Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Bitcoin
14 Some possible disadvantages of Bitcoins
15 What is Bitcoin Mining?
Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency
The Bitcoin is the first digital currency, created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto , a computer that actually still do not know his true identity, and since its entry into the market, has spread worldwide as a new option to traditional payment systems.

One of the distinctive features is that there is no central body that issues them, but a database distributed among the nodes of the network is used to track transactions, and this process is known as the Blockchain .

The Bitcoin use encryption to manage the functional aspects such as, for example, the creation of new currency.

How Bitcoins Work
With the issuance of Bitcoins, the meaning of cryptocurrency was defined which, as we have already seen:

It is a digital currency;
Decentralized, that is, where no one can control its value.
We wanted to create a currency that is not tied to any type of authority, and that would allow you to make electronic payments that have global value, quickly and above all anonymously, and transfers are defined as a change of ownership of the cryptocurrency.

Since a transaction is made, it will then be impossible to cancel it and, therefore, it will not be possible to regain possession of the Bitcoins that have been transferred, because the transaction is transmitted to the closest nodes of the network, which then propagate the payment through the network. In this process there is no risk of running into scams, even the exchanges made are secured.

In the beginning, the maximum limit of the amount of Bitcoin in circulation has already been defined, that is, it is 21 million ; in this way, inflation can be used by a central body to divide the profits among users.

The system that tracks Bitcoins is called Mining , and takes place either through the purchase of cryptocurrency from other users, or by joining the so-called pool , where everyone contributes by offering a part of the resources of their computer .

By doing so, it will be possible to carry out very complex calculations that will lead to solving cryptographs, the solution of which will make Bitcoins available to be divided among those who have made the resources available collectively, based on the initial contribution.

How and why to buy Bitcoin
Before investing in Bitcoin it is essential to have an “x” amount. Before anything else, an important aspect should be underlined: To carry out transactions in Bitcoin, accept payments, or simply to have a certain amount of it in your wallets, it is not necessary to know how it works, or to have particular computer skills.

Anyone can buy, hold, spend or accept Bitcoin payments.

Cryptocurrencies are born with the need to remove control of money from banks or any other type of authority, and entrust their management to the community of users who take part in the project.

The best way to buy Bitcoin is to register and open an account on one of the best cryptocurrency buying and selling exchanges , we recommend (read the guide on how to register and open an account on ), once obtained an “x” amount of Bitcoin we can decide whether to leave it in our account on ( is safe and secure) or deposit them on an external key also called Wallet bitocin.

The Bitcoin Wallet is unique, but the various addresses that will be created one at a time can be connected to it. The wallet will automatically release a Bitcoin address, but you will also have the ability to generate a new one whenever you need it, now we have made everything complicated, but let’s go step by step and clarify all the points just mentioned.

Do you want to buy Bitocin? follow these simple steps:

Register on ( Click here to register );
Make the account secure ( Enable 2-factor authentication );
Make a deposit in € and buy Bitcoins ( How to deposit );
The procedure to buy Bitocin is really simple, but for those who are beginners with Exchange platforms it can still scare, rest assured we try to recommend only Regulated and Safe platforms and services , for this we have selected the best and safest Exchange in the following table. of cryptocurrencies where it is possible to deposit € (either by credit card or by SEPA bank transfer) and buy Bitcoin in total safety.

Best Authorized and Regulated Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Exchanges tested and selected by our staff to Buy, Sell or Exchange Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies.

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Best Exchange
Binance today is one of the most famous exchanges for cryptocurrencies and with the passage of time the number of users who use its platform to trade cryptocurrencies, especially Bitocin, increases exponentially.
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* Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. There is, therefore, no guarantee of earnings.
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* Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. There is, therefore, no guarantee of earnings.
Invest in Bitcoin through CFD trading
To date, thinking of earning with Bitcoin Trading is an excellent choice, it is advantageous, because it is possible to obtain a lot of money, also because Bitcoin movements are usually predicted more easily in comparison with the forecasts that occur on other financial markets. .

It is advisable, since you decide to operate with Bitcoins, to adopt a good technique and also a good strategy, and not to think of getting success right away.

Making Trading Bitcoin will ensure yield positive economic results, but will also need to invest some of their time, take a rational attitude and that is not conditioned on the emotional state.

Initially, especially if you are a beginner Trader , it will be good to study the theory, but always accompanied by practice, and this can be done by opening a Demo Account, which consists of a real simulation with virtual money.

Then once you have accumulated experience you can finally start trading with your money. The positive aspect is that you can start with just a few hundred euros, and in this way it becomes a financial activity within everyone’s reach.

Another important aspect will be to choose an excellent Broker , who must be authorized and regulated by CONSOB. This indicates that they are subject to supervision by CONSOB itself, thus ensuring maximum transparency and honesty for users who will use the brokers . These brokers are usually all completely free and do not charge commissions of any kind. Brokers usually receive compensation in the form of a spread , that is, the difference between the price at which it is possible to buy and the price at which it is possible to sell. It is recommended to look for Broker who apply the lowest spreads, in order to maximize convenience also for users.

Operating with indirect Bitcoin Online Trading it will be possible to obtain very high earnings, but as we have already seen, it will be good to stay away from unauthorized brokers .

As there are very positive aspects in trading Bitcoin , it will also be important to keep in mind the risks that can be encountered. In itself, financial trading always has its own level of risk, and consequently, trading Bitcoin can lead to losses in your savings.

It is possible, however, to control the risk, through the Trading System , that is, it is an automatic system for processing information regarding a set of financial instruments, which gives operational signals, that is, gives indications on purchase orders and sale to be included in the market.

Therefore, when a transaction is entered into the system, it will be possible to indicate the maximum level of loss that can be faced, which is known by the name Stop Loss .

Since the Stop Loss will be set , the Broker will automatically close the position, returning to the user his capital from which the loss was subtracted.

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