Bitcoin Evolution only promises or reality?

The ultimate method to earn with cryptocurrencies … here we go again here is another method that promises to make you rich in a short time through the use of the most famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin .

There are also ways to make money online with regards to trading .

The difference is to choose regulated platforms that do not use false promises, unlike Bitcoin Evolution , is that they give the opportunity, to bring real profits, to have the greatest amount of information on how the trading .

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1 Does Bitcoin Evolution work?
2 Investing and earning in Bitcoin: real methods
3 Bitcoin trading with ForexTB
4 ForexTB Demo Account
5 Bitcoin Evolution how it works and opinions
6 Conclusions
7 Best Regulated Online Trading Platforms
Does Bitcoin Evolution work?

First we searched the web for reviews and opinions on this method, avoiding the many untrue reviews, such as those found directly on the Bitcoin Evolution website , and what we were able to immediately establish is that all those who have used Bitcoin Evolution have lost the money invested.

According to the promises of the Bitcoin Evolution site , this innovative method would allow you to earn a lot in a very short time (do you remember the promises made by Crypto Revolt ? ).

After testing it, we can confirm that the 250 euro deposit that is requested (the usual amount requested by this kind of site) is mathematically lost.

We have no real evidence that at the moment a single person has managed to earn or even recover the funds invested in this system.

Are we saying that Bitcoin Evolution is a scam? We cannot say this, but we can certainly say that we are faced with a method that does not work and makes promises it cannot keep.

So we strongly advise against investing in the Bitcoin market through this method, you can really invest in Bitcoin with other methods.

Investing and earning in Bitcoin: real methods
alternative methods

There can be various methods to earn with Bitcoin even for free , but the one we want to tell you about is the one through the use of real online trading .

To do this, you only need to open an account with an authorized and regulated broker that is enabled for this kind of operations, which Bitcoin Evolution is not!

Through the use of a regulated broker you can be sure of not being scammed , given that these platforms are subject to controls by the competent European authorities (in Italy it is Consob ).

Once you have chosen a broker through which to invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you will need to be skilled in creating strategies that allow you to make money with Bitcoin .

A broker that we can recommend is eToro ( click here to read our review ) where you can trade with Bitcoin or even with other cryptocurrencies, having the ability to copy in a totally automatic way, and at no cost, the best professional traders , in the case you are still well aware of the sector, obtaining positive and encouraging results from the beginning.

Other information that not everyone knows, for example, is that good profits can be produced with Bitcoin both if the price of the cryptocurrency goes up and if the price of the cryptocurrency goes down.

In fact, regulated broker platforms make available the possibility of obtaining a profit through the use of specific products, Contracts for Difference or CFDs, in which it is possible to carry out two types of operations:

Bitcoin purchase : with this operation you buy the cryptocurrency at a price believing that over the next few hours, days or weeks the price will rise.

Earnings will be made when the cryptocurrency is sold, the actual profit will be represented by the difference between the sale value and the purchase value.

Short selling Bitcoin : called in the sector also short selling is a speculative investment that creates profits only if the price of cryptocurrency down.

Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money quickly due to leverage. Between 74 and 89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

So it is easy to understand that you can earn with Bitcoin both if its value rises and when the value falls, naturally trying to hit the predictions, which is not easy anyway.

Bitcoin trading with ForexTB
ForexTB broker: opinions, review, how it works

ForexTB is a broker that offers CFDs and Forex, for trading on its platforms.

Established in 2010, the ForexTb brand first started in the binary options market before specializing in CFD and Forex trading roughly three years ago.

The broker is operated by Richfield Capital Ltd which is located in Belize.

In Europe it is managed by Rodeler Ltd , a financial investment company based in Cyprus.

ForexTB offers 250 tradable assets in the form of currencies, commodities, stocks and indices. The website available in twelve languages. ForexTB is the official sponsor of the FC Juventus football team .

The broker is regulated by two world-class authorities, CySEC of Cyprus and the IFSC of Belize .

It is part of the trading fund, which provides traders with compensation of € 20,000 in the event of bankruptcy or insolvency on the part of the broker .

ForexTB Demo Account
Most brokers of trading CFDs and Forex, offer a demo account , or accounts demonstration, but most customers to potential customers.

In fact, the demo account offers the user the opportunity to test and learn about a broker’s trading platform in complete safety.

In fact, the demo accounts are provided with a virtual currency deposit.

Most can also be used when deciding to open a live account and start real trading , they are useful for testing strategies or understanding how an underlying asset moves.

We want to recommend the demo account of one of the most popular brokers in the world, we are talking about ForexTB , which offers this functionality completely free of charge, without registration or deposit of money, and with unlimited time.

Thanks to the demo offered, you will be able to learn about the safe and cutting-edge platform of ForexTB , and all its features included, such as the Trading Central , where you can find the technical analysis of all the tradable assets on the platform, news in real time, economic calendar and much more.

In addition to this the demo account, you can also use it after opening one of the live accounts , which the broker makes available , very useful for trying new trading strategies and understanding how an underlying asset moves.

Opening a demo account with ForexTB is quick and easy.

Read the full ForexTB review

Bitcoin Evolution how it works and opinions
bitcoin-evolution works

From the site the functioning of the method is not clear, it should be in the presence of a robot for automatic trading of Bitcoin which according to the creators should work in 99.6% of cases.

Unfortunately, however, all users who have tried to use Bitcoin Evolution with real money have suddenly lost everything.

The creators of Bitcoin Evolution trying to convince people that there is the ability to easily earn money thanks to Bitcoin , have practice of marketing and gain a lot of publicity (on Facebook and other sites web ), in addition to sending a lot of email spam .

Those who are fascinated by promises of easy enrichment, unfortunately leave their data on the site and are called back instantly.

Through the conversation he is induced, with the promise of secure earnings, to immediately make a deposit in Bitcoin Evolution , but unfortunately once the transfer is made, the money can be said to be lost.

In fact, the naive user will soon see his account reach zero.

At this point, a person in charge of Bitcoin Evolution will be ready to call back to provide reassurance to the unfortunate person, with the excuse of technical problems that caused the loss, but that there is the possibility of easily recovering with a further investment … and unfortunately there are many. they fell for losing more money.

Those who want to seriously invest with Bitcoin (or even through the use of other cryptocurrencies) should first select reliable and transparent platforms such as ForexTB .

Bitcoin Evolution has confirmed all our suspicions with all the various promises made by this method and the pitfalls used to persuade users, those who use this software will never be able to get anything.

What must be done to earn serious money? For those looking to make money with Bitcoin , they must first understand that there are no easy earnings.

The only method to obtain profits that last over time is to engage through transparent and functioning solutions such as the ForexTB , eToro or other trading platforms that you can find in the table below.

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