Bitcoin Up, Scam!Opinions and expert reviews 2021

During today’s in-depth study, we will try to understand and deepen some important issues that have caused so much discussion over the last few years.

Today we are going to analyze Bitcoin Up , or an “application” of Bitcoin with artificial intelligence, thanks to which it is possible to invest in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, obtaining, with ad hoc actions , high revenues in a short time.

Let’s start with the basics and answer the key question of this short guide.

But let’s understand why.

How can we differentiate an honest trading platform from a slightly smarter service like Bitcoin Up?

First of all it is good to point out that the platforms used for trading are not all the same, you just need to know how to choose the most suitable but above all the safest.

Security is given by:

The platform must be regulated by European bodies such as Consob, CySEC , or those who protect traders and their movements in Europe;
The registered office must be located within the European territory;
The company must be transparent, since its data, such as name, address and contacts, must be present on the platform.
These are the three points that must make it clear, otherwise, an alarm bell must sound to the registered traders, since, the lack of them, could represent the registration to an unreliable broker.

The reviews speak for themselves and although it is not our custom to draw conclusions, we do not feel like affirming the actual existence of a scam; however we advise you to detach yourself from this service and let’s see why.

If a moment ago we talked about the fundamental points that a good trading platform must have to be considered legal and safe, now let’s analyze the points that characterize the “scam” platforms:

On the homepage of the site there is no reference regarding the name of the company;

Non-existence of a registered office and, if present, it is based outside the European territory.

The crafty sites including Bitcoin Up , in fact aware of their activity that are far from clear, consciously decide to omit their data, name, registered office and all those other elements that could reveal their identity.

Because? In the event of a complaint it would be difficult if not impossible to identify them.

How to register on Bitcoin Up
The slogan “Start your trading campaign with Bitcoin Up today ! ”Throws open the curtain on the platform home page which immediately brings back various curtains available in order to allow a comfortable registration.

Registering is very simple, you have to:

Fill in the various empty boxes by first entering your personal data and your digital addresses (name, surname, telephone number, email )

All done! the registration will be completed once the box “register now” has been clicked.

As happens after each registration, in your e-mail box you will find a welcome email where you will be asked, without delay, to deposit the minimum deposit of € 250 by credit card .

Nothing could be simpler and hasty, the experts identify everything as a mere rip-off in fact, the risk is multiple; not only will you risk losing all the money deposited but you will even risk the cloning of your credit card, used to start the platform.

Is there an alternative to Bitcoin Up?
There are many alternatives that are opposed to Bitcoin Up systems in fact, if you want to start investing through secure trading platforms, it is important to evaluate the features made available by the system.

The most used platform, especially by new investors, is eToro , which, through the Copy Trading service , allows the new user to literally copy, in a legal manner, the trading operations carried out by experts in the sector.

Furthermore, another strong point of the eToro platform is the free Demo account made available to registered users.

EToro is an advocate of training and minimum risk, in fact, the same, by providing a virtual demo account worth € 100,000 (one hundred thousand / 00), it allows users to practice and touch the world of online trading at zero risk. .

Do not use Bitcoin Up as you will risk never seeing a successful investment but above all you will risk never reviewing the capital you invested during the registration phase.

If you are looking for a way to perform good operations using online trading, we advise you to use secure platforms with many interesting services such as eToro which, thanks to the Copy Trading service , has conquered the primacy of use by, not only traders experts, but also by newcomers in the sector.

In fact, its function allows you to achieve real goals without having to do anything except observe the movements of the experts.

What are you waiting for?

Be wary, as suggested by the experts, of Bitcoin Up which is nothing more than a platform that promotes the use of illegal brokers who advertise each other by promising, to the user, the possibility of reaching mind-boggling figures in less than 24 hours. How is it possible?

There is no truth in these random statements which, on the contrary, mean that all those who visit this site almost certainly risk losing the money deposited.

Find out before accessing online brokers , there are many scams but just as many opportunities, just know and inform yourself to understand which is the safest path to take.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

Is Bitcoin Up a scam?
Yes! Bitcoin Up is a scam, be careful, the guarantees of success do not exist especially in this type of investment.

Bitcoin Up is it?
Bitcoin Up is a trading platform, unregulated and illegal Bitcoin.

What is the Bitcoin Up scam?
The Bitcoin Up platform deceives the unfortunate user through fake promises. The trader in fact believes that using Bitcoin Up can get disproportionate profits.

Are there safer alternatives?
Of course! The best solution is to rely on certified brokers able to provide the customer with security and services such as, for example, the Copy Trader function provided by eToro.


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