Building backlinks for affiliates through blog comments

By posting comments on other blog posts, an affiliate can stimulate natural (back) link building for their own website or blog . Commenting on blog entries should therefore be part of the daily craft of every affiliate. In addition to the positive effect that the affiliate reveals something about himself, his business and his knowledge, he gives the visitor to the blog information on topics that are important to him. The visitor will take this information positively and, with a bit of luck, click on the link in the comment. So the author of the comment has one more visitor (prospect) on his own affiliate website / blog.
Rules at Verf a required to leave comments
In order to gain the trust of the blog operator, to get good backlinks and, last but not least, to positively influence the evaluation of the Google ranking, you should absolutely adhere to certain rules of the game when writing a comment. The most important thing is that you should use your own correct name when filling out the contact form (!). Do not use a fake name, keyword or other phrases – this allows the blog operator as well as the readers of the blog to recognize that a real person is behind the comment. It should also be taken into account that

the building of trust in the blog operator and the readers should be built through good, factual, honest comments with added value
the selected blog matches the topic of your own website / blog
Comments in no case only contain empty phrases like “cool post”, but should address the respective blog post individually
not only in blogs that allow “follow” backlinks, but also commented in blogs that have a “no-follow” attribute set
Participation in discussions builds trust in the blog operator and the readers and can encourage them to click on the link
Through the exchange in the comments, the development of other collaborations with the blog operator or his readers can come about
Questions should be left in the comments in order to receive answers on the topic, but also feedback.
Questions asked in comments encourage other commentators to write in the comment and a valuable discussion can arise
Comments are not all created in one day, but better always allow a few days to pass before new comments are written
The comment is about the text, for example what you particularly liked or what information may be missing or should be added
the author is shown that the article has actually been read and that his work is valued
It all depends on the quality and quantity of comments
The quality of comments has top priority, because only comments with contentthe added value for the blogger and the readers, causes a positive response. As already mentioned in the rules of the game, you should carefully choose the blogs in which you want to write comments. In no case should you choose a blog that, in the worst case scenario, has nothing to do with the topic of the target website. The quality of a blog, how many followers it has, whether spam has already surfaced and how high the added value of the content is, must also be right when selecting the blog. There is no point in leaving comments on a blog that is dubious or spam that does not generate trust in your own website that is linked to. Better to publish a few comments, but of high quality.

Are blog comments also useful for SEO?
The question actually has to be answered with a “no”, which should not be rated negatively at all. Because building a backlink should not only be done for the search engine optimization of Google, Yahoo, Bing and the like, but the aim of building backlinks should be that visitors also find their way to the advertised website via other platforms such as other blog posts. Nevertheless, backlinks generated by comments in blog posts should not be left out, because the comments give you “good” backlinks, especially if they come from blogs that have a “Follow” attribute set.

Comments with “Follow” or “No-Follow” attributes
What exactly is the “Follow” or “No-Follow” is all about, I have explained in more detail in the blog post SEO Backlinks . Since it is important to consider whether it is worth writing a comment and thus getting a backlink from a “Follow” or “No-Follow” blog, I will briefly address the topic here.

The first consideration should always be how high the quality of a backlink should or must be. A “follow” backlink is always of much greater importance to the search engine crawlers than a “no-follow” backlink.
A ” Fol lo w ” link tells the crawler:

I recommend the website / blog, be sure to follow the link! This is a really good site!

A ” no-follow w ” link tells the crawler:

Stop, the link is irrelevant and uninteresting, you don’t need to follow it!

From these two statements you can quickly see why which link is the one with the highest quality for SEO and why the rating is more important. But the “no-follow” backlinks are also part of a natural backlink structure and thus the backlink profile of a website or blog, but they do not have as much weight as the “follow” backlinks. Google would not rate it as credible if an affiliate website or blog only had “follow” backlinks.

Spam in the blog comment
When writing blog comments, there are many important factors to consider that are ultimately responsible for the quality of the comments and the resulting backlinks. Blog comments should not be written aimlessly and without added value content, and you should definitely not spam blogs with your comments. Neither the blog operator nor Google will rate the spamming of blogs positively, but rather punish them. If a blog owner notices this, he will delete the comments. Blog operators have the option of recognizing spam comments with the help of a plugin and thus keeping the blog free from spam. Such plugins are often not only offered free of charge and free of advertising, but also GDPR-compliant for download.

When building backlinks using comments on blogs, you should proceed with caution. Blog comments are definitely useful for building backlinks for affiliates, but this is the only way an affiliate can rely on. Generating backlinks using blog comments is just a small fraction of what defines a natural backlink profile. A backlink can be obtained from many different websites or blos, it just takes a little hard work.

Anyone who posts comments on blogs should keep an eye on them. Because a blog that seems good and helpful for building backlinks today can be a blog tomorrow that is rather counterproductive. This can happen, for example, if the blog operator “gives up” the blog, i.e. no longer cares. Accordingly, neither the blog nor the comments are maintained, filled with new high-quality content, and care is taken to ensure that no spam is scattered in the comments.

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