Click Tip 2021: The big test with lots of tips and tricks

Klick Tipp is one of the few German-language e-mail marketing tools on the market and promises its customers to avoid the well-known “e-mail list mess”.

But not only that.

Klick Tipp describes itself as “the first learning email marketing solution” with a “groundbreaking tagging system”. Whether I, as a long-time user of the platform, can agree to this, as well as a detailed test report on all Klick-Tipp functions can be found in this post.
Klick Tipp wants to score with these functions
Tool developers promise a lot. Terms like “super simple” and “revolutionary” are words that keep coming up on product sales pages. Klick Tipp is of course no exception.

In this Klick Tipp test I will go into detail and individually on all the important functions of the KlickTipp newsletter program .

For each function, in addition to my personal click tip experience, you will also find a small table at the end in which I rate the following points with 0 – 5 stars:

The idea
The rating here is intended to express what I think of the idea behind the function. Zero stars stand for a completely superfluous function and five stars for a really brilliant idea.
Implementation of the function
At this point, I rate the implementation of the idea at KlickTipp. Zero stars should express that the idea was implemented in a miserable way, while five stars stand for perfect integration into the tool.
The benefit in e-mail marketing
Here I rate how important I consider this function for e-mail marketing. Zero stars mean that I think this function is superfluous, while five stars mean that it is a really useful function.
A central ContactCloud with tagging
Individual tagging makes it possible for Klick-Tipp to manage different customer groups (even from different websites) in a central email list. Klicktipp declares war on the “messy email list”.

But does that also work in the Klick Tipp practical test?

Yes! Of course, I don’t want to do without this function anymore. Tagging is very easy and can be done either by using a form or by entering it manually.

So tags can be assigned
If I want to add a contact manually, I click on “ContactCloud -> Add” in the navigation. Then I can store an email address and easily choose a tag from my existing tags or enter a new one. This is then also created automatically.

Create contact at click tip
Tagging works fully automatically when entering via forms. When creating a new form, you can easily specify the desired day. This is then automatically assigned to the email address entered.

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Incidentally, this also happens if the email address is already available in the ContactCloud. So you can always see exactly who entered which form. An e-mail address can therefore also be found over several tags.

Set tags for Klick Tipp when registering
Another advantage of tagging is, of course, that you can address users specifically in your emails. If a user has entered a post on the topic of “website traffic”, you can send them specific information on this topic or similar topics.

A user who has signed up on the subject of “e-mail marketing” is usually not so interested in the information that the user gets to generate traffic. This is why the user is also sent relevant information here.

Klick Tipp learns with you – the SmartTags
Whether you like it or not, Klick Tipp automatically assigns the so-called SmartTags. These tags indicate, for example, whether email XY was opened by the respective contact or whether they clicked on the link in the email.

When I came across this function during the first KlickTipp practical test, I was not particularly enthusiastic. I already feared the absolute day chaos in my ContactCloud, about which I can do absolutely nothing.

Fortunately, things always turn out differently than you think, so in this case too. In this KlickTipp experience report, I can really say that the SmartTags really make my life a little easier.

The SmartTags are not displayed in the tags of the contacts like the tags that you create and assign yourself. So every contact is still very clear and in your tag overview you really only find the tags that you have actively created.

When this shock was overcome, I dealt a little more with the SmartTags from Klick Tipp and realized how important these tags are for email marketing.

But let’s look at that in detail.

KlickTipp distributes various SmartTags for every email sent to a contact. Basically there are always three different statuses:

The statuses are actually self-explanatory.

“Received” means that the mail has been delivered. “Opened” means that the user has called up the email and “clicked” means that a link in the email was clicked.

As already mentioned, these tags are (luckily) not displayed in the general view when “Edit contact”. In the tag line, you really only see the tags that you manually assigned yourself or those that were assigned automatically when you entered:

The tags at Klick Tipp
If you would like to take a look at the SmartTags, you can do so in the “Contact history” view when editing a contact. It can look like this, for example:

The SmartTags in the contact history
But what do these SmartTags do for you, besides the fact that you can see which contact has opened which links or emails?

If you use this function correctly, you can, for example, increase the opening rate of your newsletters.

Let me briefly explain to you how I proceed here: I
recently sent out a newsletter to make my newsletter subscribers aware of a new case study from me. The newsletter was sent to a total of 779 interested people.

As is unfortunately often the case with newsletters, the opening rate is not very high. Incidentally, my opening rate for this newsletter was particularly low. This was just 26.4%.

Opening rate chart
Of course, I wasn’t satisfied with that. That’s why I thought about what could have been the reason.

Three options occurred to me:

The subject didn’t inspire everyone to open it
The newsletter got lost in the mass of emails
The user has “forgotten” the newsletter (for example postponed reading until later, but then no longer thought about it)
Here we come to the Klick Tipp practical test:

In order to get these people to click on the email, I used the smart tags.

First of all, I created a new newsletter. For the point “Marked with day” I have now not selected a day, but rather worked with the SmartTag filter “E-mail received” and selected the corresponding e-mail.

For “Not marked with tag” I have now selected the SmartTag filter “E-Mail opened” and selected the corresponding mail. It looks like this in the settings:

Filter contacts with SmartTags
With the first setting, I made sure that only those people receive my newsletter who have already received the first newsletter for the case study. This means that all irrelevant contacts are already excluded.

Of course, I don’t want to annoy those people who have already read the mail with another e-mail on this topic. That is why I excluded exactly those people in the second option by specifying that the newsletter should not be sent to people who have already opened the mail.

Now it’s time to create the newsletter. First I thought about writing a new newsletter. But the people I am writing to have not yet read the newsletter. So you don’t know the content. But what you probably know is the subject. That’s why I only changed this one. And these are the results:

163 new openings at the repromotion
Only by sending the newsletter out a second time and changing the subject was I able to get 163 more people to open the newsletter. Without this repromotion, I would not have reached a large number of these people.

Because of this option alone, I’m a big fan of SmartTags.

My rating of the ContactCloud with tagging
As you can already read, the central ContactCloud with the tagging function is really practical and maintains an overview, even with large mailing lists.

Tagging makes it possible to send out newsletters in an even more targeted manner and thus to offer users better information.

I’m also very enthusiastic about the SmartTags at KlickTipp. The function has been integrated into the tool in a practical and uncomplicated manner and can be used for a wide variety of areas.




The KlickTipp ContactCloud – all contacts in one place
The ContactCloud was already briefly mentioned in the description of functions for tagging. The ContactCloud from Klick Tipp should make it possible to save all contacts from a wide variety of third-party systems in an e-mail list.

This is a function that is definitely only possible through individual tagging. A list in which all contacts are saved and nobody knows how which user actually came to this list would be more than useless.

Klick Tipp has combined two important functions here.

In order to collect the contacts via various third-party systems, Klick Tipp has created an API interface that enables “docking” to a wide variety of systems. Klick Tipp itself shows the following providers on your website as examples:

Providers who work together with Klick Tipp

Of course, the connection also works with many other programs. For example, we use the forms from T hri ve Leads . Here you can either use an HTML code to insert the form code or you can use the API connection via click tip.

In the beginning, the API connection was not yet possible with Thrive Leads (but now Thrive Leads supports that too). Inserting the code from Klick Tipp worked without any problems.

We have already tested various connections to the Klick Tipp ContactCloud on the online marketing site and have so far been completely satisfied with the function.

In the ContactCloud you have different options to filter the contacts. For example, you can use the tags, the entry date or the email status. This is also a very easy way of exporting a popular list.

Filter contacts in the ContactCloud
My rating of ContactCloud
The ContactCloud makes my work very clear. For example, I use a Klick Tipp account for various web projects and still don’t have to worry about a newsletter being sent incorrectly, as every contact is automatically marked with the correct day.

Thanks to the many filter methods within ContactCloud, I can also quickly and easily find contacts on a particular day and export them if desired.

The ContactCloud does what it should and the connection to various third-party programs always worked without any problems for us.




Send professional newsletters
Klick Tipp is an email marketing tool, which is why you can of course also send newsletters. The use of tagging is particularly important here. So you can always address your target group very precisely with a newsletter.

Information from the ContactCloud, such as the name, can be dynamically integrated into the newsletter. Newsletters can also be planned so that they can be sent reliably, even when you are on vacation, for example.

A newsletter can be created quickly at Klick Tipp. In the navigation you can find the point under “Campaigns> New Newsletter”.

First you enter a name and select the tags to whose contacts the newsletter should be sent. Here you have the choice whether the user should contain at least one of the tags or whether the contact must contain all specified tags. This allows you to define a target group very specifically.

Of course, you also have these options for tags that a contact is not allowed to have.

Once you have successfully created the newsletter, the actual creation of the newsletter can now begin. You can either start over or you can simply copy the content from another Klick Tipp e-mail.

What is very convenient, especially for beginners, is that when creating the newsletter you will find a small question mark behind each field, which you can use to display an explanation of the respective field. You can find such “help functions” in almost every place at Klick Tipp.

The help at Klick Tipp
The content of an email
There is a large text field at the bottom of the page for the actual content of the email. You can work with a visual editor here, but you can also enter your email in HTML format. You can switch between the two editors with just one click, similar to the WordPress editor.

The visual editor at Klick Tipp has all the important functions. You will of course find various labeling options here, you can specify the text alignment, adjust the font color, type and size, but also insert tables and images.

You also have the option of working with DIV boxes at Klick Tipp. These can also be displayed visually in the editor. The boxes can be created quickly and easily and you can also easily use your own style templates.

Insert container for design in the editor of Klick Tipp
The click tip Spam Score
Spam is a big issue in email marketing. A newsletter ends up in the recipient’s spam folder far too quickly and you actually don’t know exactly what you’ve done wrong. Klick Tipp tries to prevent this by calculating the so-called Spam Score in the next step.

The result of this test also tells you how much an email looks like spam. The higher the value, the more likely it is that the email will be classified as spam. With a value above 4, Klick Tipp recommends revising the email.

The Spam Score at Klick Tipp
This is what the result of our KlickTipp test email looks like. The weighting always shows you how strongly the spam score is influenced by the error. You will also receive a detailed explanation of where the error is.

Define the time of sending
Define the sending time for your newsletter
As already mentioned, you also have the option of setting different shipping times with Klick Tipp. You can of course send every newsletter immediately, but you can also choose a specific day and time.

You also have the option to select “pause” first. This will save your newsletter as a draft and you can make further changes later before you choose a delivery time.

Newsletter templates at Klick Tipp
Perhaps you have already asked yourself where you can find newsletter templates at Klick Tipp that you know from many other newsletter programs.

There are no such templates at Klick Tipp.

Not because the team couldn’t create this one. Klick Tipp does not want to offer any newsletter templates, as the “elaborately designed newsletters are immediately classified as advertising or spam by the ISP (Internet Service Provider)”. This is how Klick Tipp justifies not offering any newsletter templates itself.

A decision that I can understand.

Klick Tipp tries to make the emails sent look as natural as possible. This not only prevents your own newsletters from constantly ending up in the spam filter, but also increases the opening rate of the mail.

For example, take a look at the following email from Sebastian von Bonek, which flipped into my mailbox on Monday:

Bonek newsletters sent with a click tip
Basically, this could also be a completely normal e-mail. At first glance, nobody notices that this is an email that was sent via an email marketing tool.

This is exactly the trump card that Klick Tipp recommends to its users. A newsletter should always look personal. Just like a normal email. This way you can convince the recipient much faster to open an email from you.

My rating for sending the newsletter
I personally understand why Klick Tipp does not offer any newsletter templates. Every now and then, a designed newsletter doesn’t do any harm. Especially if you want to send Christmas or birthday greetings, a visually appealing newsletter would certainly not be a bad idea.

With the HTML function and the DIV boxes you can design some things yourself, but if you lack knowledge of HTML and CSS it will be rather difficult.

Nevertheless, I am convinced by how natural the e-mails look that we send via Klick Tipp. This is definitely a big plus. I am also enthusiastic about tagging, as it gives me the opportunity to specifically address individual subject areas in my emails.

The built-in tool that checks the spam score is really handy. This way you quickly get a feel for writing newsletters that do not immediately end up in the spam filter. In addition, the tips teach you to understand what you did wrong and you can correct these things if necessary.




Send follow up emails with a click tip
Follow up e-mails (or autoresponders) send e-mails fully automatically when a certain action occurs. Of course, Klick Tipp also offers this function.

Until recently, Klick Tipp was working here with a Galaxy. For example, a series of emails looked like this:

Create autoresponders with the Klick Tipp Galaxy
Apparently it was not only for me, but also for Mario Wolosz – the “inventor” of Klick Tipp, that this tool was too confusing, which is why a new tool was developed.

The new tool is called “Marketing Cockpit” and can now be found under “Campaigns”. It’s super clear and easy to use. Even creating long follow-up campaigns is fun again;).

Such a comprehensive tool is really difficult to explain in words, so it’s best to just watch the following video:

My rating of the Marketing Cockpit from Klick Tipp
Basically, I like the Marketing Cockpit very much, because even complex campaigns can be developed quickly and easily. The “if – then” conditions are particularly helpful for us. We use these regularly at the online marketing site in order to always send targeted e-mails in such a campaign.

Here I have a small excerpt from my very complex campaign for the online marketing site for you:

Click tip Marketing Cockpit
One point that bothers us a bit about the campaigns, however, is that after the campaign has started there is no longer any possibility to revise the campaign. Of course, the contents of the e-mails and the time intervals can be edited, but subsequent deletion or the addition of further “stations” is not possible during an ongoing campaign.

The owners of Klick Tipp also explain how individually and flexibly the Marketing Cockpit can be used in a recently published video. This is where the many possible uses for the Marketing Cockpit become clear:




Email analysis with one click tip
In email marketing it is always important to know what works well and what works less well. This is the only way to work steadily to reach even more people. That is why there are various ways to measure your success at Klicktipp. This also includes, for example, the graphic for the open rate of an email that I showed you at the beginning.

You can also follow your entries with a click tip. You will find a graphic on the start page that shows you exactly how many people have signed up or left.

Entries and deletions of the e-mail list
By the way, you can not only display the opening rates of individual newsletters, you can also view the detailed data for an entire campaign from the Marketing Cockpit. You can always find this directly under the respective email.

Analysis of the newsletter in the Marketing Cockpit
My rating of the evaluation options
The evaluation options at Klick Tipp are solid, but not groundbreaking. All important data are clearly displayed, although a graphic would be desirable that shows the email for which the respective user clicked the “Unsubscribe” button.




Find out with split testing what the readers are jumping on
Every target group is different, so there is no 100 percent guide to successful email marketing. Rather, you have to find out for yourself what your target group jumps at and what doesn’t work so well.

Klick Tipp has not only developed a system with which you can carry out simple split tests, you can virtually carry out a live split test, which can immediately lead to more sales or calls. This can be done, for example, as follows.

To create a split test, you simply create a newsletter and select “Split this campaign” before saving. A few more fields then appear:

Settings for the click tip split test
With the test size, you can now specify how many percent of the contacts should take part in this test in equal parts.

Below you can determine how long the split will run and which variant should be used to choose the winner. Here you have two options:

Variant with the most openings
Variant with the most clicks
In order to understand the special features of split testing with Kick Tipp, I would like to briefly explain how such a test works.


KlickTipp randomly selects two groups, each with half of your specified test size. With a test size of 20%, 10% of the selected contacts would receive e-mail A and 10% e-mail B.


Once the contacts have been selected, Klick Tipp will now send out the e-mails. To see which subject works better, you can only change the subject, for example.


Klick Tipp now waits for the specified time before the results are automatically evaluated.


Immediately afterwards, the winner email, depending on the selection, the one with the most clicks or the one with the highest opening rate, is sent to the other contacts.

My rating for split testing at Klick Tipp
At the latest with this function it becomes clear that the developer of this tool really has a clue in the area of ​​email marketing and knows exactly which functions are really needed.

Split testing with click tip is easy to set up, precise and saves a lot of time. The automatic evaluation and the automatic sending of the winner newsletter to all selected contacts makes my life a lot easier.




Collaboration with Facebook
Klick Tipp also offers the option of allowing users to enter their email lists directly via Facebook. This is done with just two clicks, saves a lot of typing and is therefore super fast.

But not only can the “Register via Facebook” button be integrated into forms, Klick Tipp also offers the option of creating an opt-in page directly on Facebook.

When registering via Facebook, the following fields are transmitted:

First name
last name
e-mail address
You can see exactly how this works and what a finished opt-in page looks like on Facebook in this video:

At this point I would also like to briefly mention that Klick Tipp offers detailed video instructions for almost every function. If there is an explanatory video for a function, you can easily call it up by clicking on the red play button on the right-hand side of the screen.

Videos and webinars from Klick Tipp
To get started, you can also take part in a click tip webinar and learn important basics of email marketing.

My rating of the collaboration with Facebook
Here, too, Klick Tipp has once again thought of everything. Creating opt-in pages is very easy and works without any problems. For me this doesn’t mean a lot of extra work, but for my users it’s clearly a relief, which is why I am very satisfied with this function.




Create optin forms with just a few clicks
Another function that Klick Tipp offers is the creation of opt-in forms. As already mentioned, we use the Thrive Leads plug-in for our optins. The connection is very easy via the API interface from Klick Tipp.

For those who do not want to use an extra plugin, Klick Tipp also offers the option of creating such forms directly in the tool and then integrating them on their own website.

It is particularly important to the developers that even beginners can easily create high-converting forms and therefore offers a design template that has been designed on the basis of years of experience.

Create a form at Klick Tipp
To create a new registration form, simply create a new list building and select “Registration form”. After you have assigned a name you will automatically be taken to the generator with which you can now create a form.

Create surface for the form at click tip
The registration form offered by Klick Tipp is very modern, but can of course still be customized. You can choose predefined color templates here, but you can also adapt the colors yourself to match the design of your own page.

Furthermore, you can of course add further fields yourself and optionally mark them as mandatory fields.

Here is a recommendation from my side:

Make it as easy as possible for your users to register. Nobody wants to fill out 5 fields to receive your newsletter. We always limit ourselves to the email address. If you want to work with a personal salutation in your newsletters, you should of course also ask for the name.
Of course, you can also determine the text for the button yourself. Here, too, Klick Tipp offers you a variety of different text templates, but you can also enter your own text.

Then you can simply call up the “embed code” and place it on your website.

Create my evaluation of the forms with a click tip
Creating a form at Klick Tipp is really very easy. All important elements can be adapted very easily and quickly, thus enabling individual forms.

What bothers me a bit is that despite the adjustments, each form looks very similar. There is no way to choose a completely different design here.

That was also one of the reasons why we switched to forms that we create with Thrive Architect and the templates from Thrive Leads . You simply have a lot more options here.

Nevertheless, the form generator from Klick Tipp can be used in any case and in most cases it is completely sufficient.




Which functions I also like at KlickTipp
The functions shown above are only a selection of the most important functions at Klick Tipp. Of course, KlickTipp can do a lot more. Going into everything would go beyond the scope at this point (even more). Therefore, I would like to briefly introduce you to the functions that I really like.

Klick Tipp is designed for the German market
I often run into legal issues with foreign tools. With my email marketing tool, it was important to me that this is precisely not the case.

At Klick Tipp everything was paid attention to in order to be legally on the safe side. For example, a contact (unless it was entered manually) must have gone through the double opt-in process before e-mails can be sent.

In addition, Klick Tipp provides information about the required information, for example when creating signatures. If there is no information, the signature cannot be saved:

Warning if signature content is missing



Individual page design
It is very important to me that I can adapt all of my email marketing to my website. This also includes, for example, designing thank you or confirmation pages individually.

With Klick Tipp there is the possibility to deposit your own links to the corresponding page. Of course, you can also use the ready-made pages from Klick Tipp. For example, the information page for confirming click tip looks like this:

The Klick-Tipp confirmation page indicates the next steps



Automatic bounce management
Bounce management is very important these days. But what is it really?

With Bounce is basically meant that e-mail could not be delivered to a mailbox. This can have various reasons, for example:

The email address does not exist (hard bounce)
The email is temporarily unavailable (soft bounce)
If you often send to such e-mail addresses, in the worst case scenario you might end up on the backlist and, depending on the provider, e-mails will no longer be delivered.

Google, Yahoo and Co. say that e-mails to such addresses are a waste of capacity. That is why they have introduced “penalties” for this.

Graphic for the bounce rate at Klick Tipp
With the Klick-Tipp newsletter program, this bounce management takes place automatically. E-mail addresses with hard bounce are immediately entered in the global exclusion list, while soft bounce addresses are initially only deactivated for two weeks.

If there is an error, you can also reset the corresponding status manually.




The Klick Tipp pricing models at a glance
You can use Klick Tipp for less than one euro a day. In order to offer the right package for everyone, Klick Tipp has four different offers, some of which also contain different functions.

By the way: Klick Tipp can be canceled at any time and you can also switch between the individual packages. You also have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so that you can take a look at everything at your own pace.


simple e-mail dispatch

30 days money back guarantee
10,000 contacts
Split testing
API interface
List building with Facebook
Split testing club
Dedicated mail servers
€ 27 / month


Automation & segmentation

30 days money back guarantee
10,000 contacts
Newsletter split testing
API interface
List building with Facebook
Split testing club
Dedicated mail servers
€ 47 / month


Optimization & list building turbo

30 days money back guarantee
10,000 contacts
Newsletter & follow up split testing
API interface
List building with Facebook
Split testing club
Dedicated mail servers
€ 67 / month


Dispatch via dedicated mail server

30 days money back guarantee
up to 1,000,000 contacts
Newsletter & follow up split testing
API interface
List building with Facebook
Split testing club
up to 60 dedicated mail servers
from € 149 / Month

Deviations possible

This is what other users say about Klick Tipp
Thomas Klein
For a long time I was looking for a newsletter software that firstly can do more than just send newsletters and secondly is still affordable in terms of price-performance ratio and remains even if I have more than 1000 contacts in my list. Most other tools just lure you in with free shipping up to a contact count of 200 or so, and then hit the leads later. Just like the guys from NewslettertoGo do. No matter how low your budget is, you should be able to afford professional software today. The e-mail marketing software that can best meet the price and performance demands of customers in the future will be the winner in the long run, because it will ultimately generate the highest customer loyalty, satisfaction and thus profit.

Dieter Schäfer
I also think Klick-Tipp is great and I recommend it to everyone for professional email marketing.

Creating registration forms is very easy indeed. I can create forms for all purposes, e.g. for the normal website, for blog widgets, for embedding in emails etc. However, the smallest opt-in form is still too big for the right column of my blog. One would have to be able to make this even smaller.

If you have created many registration forms, however, it quickly becomes confusing. It is therefore important to assign unique names to the respective form.

I think the whole opt-in process is very successful. I can include my own confirmation page and my own thank you page. This is very well suited for individual marketing, e.g. for downloading the freebie.

Creating and sending follow-up emails and newsletters is also very easy to implement. I can even choose the days of the week and the time for shipping. Analyzing the emails also provides information about what I can improve on my emails. This is of course absolutely helpful.

The tagging system initially seemed a bit confusing and complicated to me. However, once I used it a couple of times, it quickly became understandable. The tagging system makes it possible to send emails to specific recipients who have been given a special tag. This function is very valuable because it allows me to write to my subscribers individually. This also prevents an unnecessary amount of emails, since I don’t have to send everything to the entire list.

Very useful: the spam score. This tool prevents me from sending emails with spam content. Because I can use the value to tell when the email is at least relatively spam-free. I usually don’t send anything out beyond 2.0. The displayed value -1.5 gives me a big smile. Because that means my email is free of any spam.

What sometimes bothers me about the spam score is the message: “Email contains repetitions”. Without a specific indication of which repetitions are meant, it is often difficult to find out. Otherwise, the spam score is a great tool that ensures that my mail ends up in the inbox and not in the spam folder.

Pretty much everything has been thought of at Klick-Tipp. What strikes me in particular is that Mario Wolosz and his team try very hard to constantly improve Klick-Tipp. That deserves a full five stars for me. Also the fact that the Klick-Tipp support regularly answers questions from users via video and then sends these videos to all users by email.

Overall, I would give Klick-Tipp four and a half stars.

What I particularly like about Klick Tipp is the sophisticated options for creating email campaigns. In the Marketing Cockpit, through TAGS and tagging pixels, among other things, I have very good opportunities to address my e-mail contacts in a targeted manner.

Sebastian Czypionka
I’ve been using Klick-Tipp for a number of years and by and large I am satisfied with the email marketing solution. The TAG-based saving of e-mail contacts in particular has enormous advantages compared to the usual list-based saving. For me, the user interface is also simple and intuitive to use and offers many options, features and valuable integrations. Points are only deducted for the delivery rate and support – Klick-Tipp definitely has room for improvement here.

Eric Promm
In my opinion, Klick-Tipp is the only autoresponder on the German market that can measure up to its big competitors from the USA in terms of performance. It offers all the really important functions for the professional.

Daniel Hünermund
I used GetResponse before Klick Tipp and initially found the price to be significantly too high. If I pay so much money a month, then something should also be offered to me and I didn’t see that at Klick Tipp at the beginning. A good business partner then became a Klick Tipp consultant and thus had access to all possible, successful e-mail funnels that he could simply take over. I found that very cool, as it means you no longer have to try things out. As a staunch GetResponse user, I have to say that I love Klick Tipp! I can only recommend it and here it is extremely worthwhile to dig deeper into your wallet! Thumbs up! Daniel

Your testimonial for Klick Tipp will be rewarded with a backlink
Do you use Klick Tipp for your email marketing yourself? Then just share your click tip experience with our readers! Here you have the opportunity to submit your testimonial.

Conclusion: pros and cons
That was a whole lot of tips and information about the email marketing provider Klick Tipp . Therefore, I would like to briefly summarize the advantages and disadvantages that we have already discussed in this Klick Tipp test.

I like that:

ContactCloud with individual tagging
API – interface for many common tools
Connection to various payment providers
Opportunities with Facebook

I do not really like it that much:

Follow up campaigns cannot be revised while they are active
Missing newsletter templates
No further form templates
I hope I was able to give you an insight into the email marketing tool Klick Tipp and thus help you with your purchase decision.

If you need further information on email marketing, I recommend you to attend the free Klick Tipp webinar by Mario Wolosz .


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