Connection Problems After Updating To Android 12? How To Fix In 3 Seconds

Especially the Google Pixels are experiencing connectivity problems after updating to Android 12. If you also have no signal, follow these tips.

The recent update to Android 12 by Google is huge and has been received quite well by users, despite a not very linear release policy and a few more bugs than usual. We also addressed the issue of the new privacy settings and how to deal with them. It is now becoming quite clear that Android 12 is also causing some connectivity / signal issues on the Google Pixels, including the newly released Pixel 6 series.

A growing number of Pixel 6 owners on Reddit and official Google forums are reporting that their phone is having connectivity issues , leaving the device without a mobile connection. Some have found that a simple restart is enough to fix.

The problem appears to take two forms:

on the one hand with the SIM showing an active connection, without however being really connected to the LTE and / or 5G network and an exclamation point appears while connected to another network.
in other cases, the phone simply signals that there is “no SIM” present.
Same issues on other older Google Pixel models as well . There are also reports of connectivity problems on the Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4a, after the update to Android 12. Although most of the reports seem to concern the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Connectivity Problem On Android 12: How To Fix?
There is no official solution, but you can try two things:

A temporary remedy could be the classic restart of the mobile phone
Try disabling the “Adaptive Connectivity” feature found in the WiFi and Networks Settings menu. This option is meant to extend battery life by managing network connections, but for those who know what reason it seems to cause some issues with Android 12 . Many users have solved this.

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